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  • Order Kamagra MasterChef Valtrex cheap Order Furosemide judge Graham Elliot revealed last year that he underwent weight loss surgery in an effort to live healthier. After weight loss surgery, once a goal weight is safely reached, many people opt for plastic surgery in order to tighten up any loose skin.

    At 36-year old, the 6’2″ chef had a sleeve gastrectomy procedure as he began tipping the scale at 400 pounds.

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    “Weight is something I’ve battled all my life,” Graham explained to PEOPLE just days before the laparoscopic surgery. “It’s hard to get in and out of a car, tie my shoe or play with my kids.”


    With three young sons, Graham said, “This is what I need to do for my family.”


    “What’s going to make me healthy is the most important thing right now so I can enjoy my kids and be around long enough to see them grow up.”


    Graham didn’t take the decision to undergo weight loss surgery lightly. He discussed his options with his doctor and eventually opted for a sleeve gastrectomy. The procedure takes about an hour and removes roughly 80% of the patient’s stomach, leaving behind a sleeve-shaped stomach approximately the size of a banana.


    Although there are other options for weight loss surgery, Graham felt that the sleeve procedure worked best for his occupational needs.


    “I will feel full quicker because my stomach is that much smaller,” explains Graham. “I won’t need six cheeseburgers to feel full.”


    “Because of my line of work, the doctor specifically thinks this is the surgery best suited for me,” he says. “With gastric bypass and other surgeries, there’s some ingredients you can’t eat because it will cause you to get sick. This procedure will allow me to still taste and try everything.”


    Graham said he had been considering the operation since 2005 but finally decided to go ahead with it after talking with his doctor and learning about the health risks he faced by remaining hefty.


    Prior to the surgery, Graham prepared for the operation by talking with a psychologist and consulting a nutritionist about a drastic 1,000 calorie diet plan.


    “I’m used to eating four times the amount. I’m tired and cranky but at the same time I’m more focused and driven than I’ve ever been.”


    The doctors predicted that Graham could lose as much as 100 pounds in six months. With that drastic of a sudden weight loss, Graham will likely be left with a lot of loose skin and while running may help him keep off the weight and strengthen his heart, loose skin cannot be cured by exercise, but must be removed surgically.


    Chaz Bono is another celebrity that also opted for weight loss surgery to get rid of the pounds that had plagued him since childhood. After he was happy with his weight, he was still unhappy about the loose skin and underwent abdominoplasty and liposuction to tighten up his tummy and enhance his jawline.


    Graham may opt for similar procedures eventually, although a Chef’s coat does tend to be very forgiving.