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    Australian ex-swimmer Ian Thorpe recently made waves about more than just his swimming.  In a  brave interview broadcast on Australia’s Channel Ten, the five-time Olympic gold medal winner came out as an openly gay man.  After years of denying rumors about his sexual orientation, the swimmer finally decided to come clean.

    “I’m comfortable saying I’m a gay man,” he told British interviewer Michael Parkinson.  “And I don’t want young people to feel the same way that I did. You can grow up, you can be comfortable and you can be gay.”

    While Make Me Heal applauds Thorpe’s brave decision, we can’t help but wonder if Thorpe will ever be equally as brave about coming out about his numerous plastic surgeries?

    Speculation about Ian Thorpe’s plastic surgery over the years has been almost as persistent as the rumors about his sexuality.   Rumors have especially buzzed over the years about the evidence of his changing nose.

    While the Thorpedo has always had a prominent nose, the bridge of his nose seems to have mysteriously lessened over the years.   In Thorpe’s recent television appearance, photographic evidence seems to indicate that he no longer sports the same elevated bump on his nose that he used to have when he was younger.  While the tip of his nose appears to have remained the same, the overall effect seems to be that Thorpe’s nose has gotten smaller.  Although this discrepancy could be due to lighting and the angle of his face, this doesn’t explain Thorpe’s changing nose over the years.

    Thorpe most likely has had one or two nose jobs.  He may have also likely used a rhinoplasty recovery kit soon after his surgeries to help reduce the swelling and pain.  A product such as Make Me Heal’s Rhinoplasty Recovery Kit could have gone a long way in reducing the swelling, bruising and possible scarring sometimes associated with rhinoplasty surgery.  The overall effect has been that Thorpe has had a tasteful nose-job.

    If Thorpe did in fact get a nose job, he’s in good company:  Fellow Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington has also admitted to undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure.  The British gold medalist admitted in a revealing interview:

    “Every day I look in the mirror and go, ‘God, I’m not pretty. I’ve got a very big nose’.

    “That’s what most of the negative comments on Twitter are about – my nose.”

    Adlington eventually underwent surgery to have her nose reduced and bump removed.

    In addition, Thorpe may have also opted for cheek fillers and a jaw augmentation to help shape his jaw and make it more square-shaped.  Thorpe’s appearance at the British royal wedding had fans wondering what was different about his face.  The change in Thorpe’s jaw profile was so drastic that his manager was forced to release a public statement:

    “No, he doesn’t have time for anything like that,” said Dave Flaskas when asked about plastic surgery.

    Make Me Heal suspects that Thorpe may be still in the closet when it comes to going under the knife.  Thorpe will hopefully one day be brave enough to admit to his fans that he’s had numerous plastic surgeries.