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  • Since her arrest for shoplifting back in 2001, Winona has remained out of the limelight until recently, when two incidents back to back put her in front of the paparazzi’s lens, giving Make Me Heal the opportunity to revisit her past plastic surgery.

    When an airline made an unscheduled landing a couple of weeks ago to allow a sick Winona to be taken to a hospital, she once again appeared in the gossip rags and stayed there while accusations were made that the actress had “lost” some very valuable jewels on loan to her.

    In between being a child actress and reaching adulthood, 37-year old Winona had a well-done rhinoplasty that left her with a significantly narrowed nasal tip, helping her look much more grown-up.

    Winona Ryder, Plastic Surgery

    (Left: Before, Right: After)

    On his blog, plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia reveals, “Winona Ryder looks really improved. The pre-op picture looks old. Maybe she should tip her surgeon. LOL. He did a really nice job.”

    Since that first nose job, which helped launch her career as one of the world’s most beautiful faces, more plastic surgery rumors have stirred.

    As Winona nears middle age, she still looks much the same as she did when she was a young twenty-something, indicating that she has had more than a nose job, including a possible browlift to help her big brown eyes remain the focal point of her face.

    There have also been rumors that the troubled actress has undergone a breast augmentation, but as her bust size varies depending on what she is wearing, that likely indicates different bust boosters at work, including tape and push-up bras, rather than implants. If she did have implants, she chose a very conservative size that she continues to augment with various breast-enhancing devices.

    All in all, Winona seems to be aging fairly naturally, with fine lines beginning to creep around her eyes. She likely has always used an excellent skincare line and avoided the sun to keep her creamy complexion freckle-free, which also serves as an excellent aging deterrent.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Winona Ryder on Plasticopedia, the web’s largest celebrity plastic surgery.

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