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  • No, it’s not a scene from Total Recall. But it’s probably the latest Internet hoax to make the rounds. A woman calling herself Jasmine Tridevil claims to have had a breast augmentation to add an extra breast to her chest.

    21-year old Jasmine Tridevil drew attention to her unusual request by calling in to a radio station to say that she had spent $20,000 to have a third breast implanted. The implant reportedly includes a nipple and she says that she had the areola tattooed on. According to Jasmine, it wasn’t easy to find a plastic surgeon willing to do the unusual procedure and she had to call around to several doctors before finding one that agreed to the procedure.

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    Jasmine is reportedly trying to tell her story via MTV and has already appeared on some tabloid television shows and is booking late night appearances as well. However, Jasmine says that she had the procedure because she was tired of looking so darn good.


    “I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don’t want to date anymore. Most guys would think [the extra breast is] weird and gross. But I can still feel pretty because if I wore makeup and cute clothes, I can still, you know… feel pretty.”


    Jasmine never named the plastic surgeon that she finally found to do the work. However, she did get called out by Snopes who says that everything from her name to the procedure is fake.


    Plastic surgery experts have said that the whole thing is a hoax because it would take numerous procedures to create a third breast.


    On his blog, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn explains, “Wow. This is crazy. In interviews, she claimed that she saw 50-60 plastic surgeons before she could find one who would create a third breast for her. Creating a third breast is possible, but difficult and would likely necessitate several surgeries. The skin of her chest would have to be slowly stretched using a tissue expander, then a permanent implant would be placed in a second surgery after the new ‘breast’ is created. A nipple / areola could then be tattooed onto her breast.”

    “I doubt that any real, board-certified plastic surgeons in their right mind would perform this deforming procedure. I certainly wouldn’t. The doctor who did perform this operation on her should be ashamed of himself or herself. What a creep, indeed.”

    Most likely, Jasmine is seeking fame via a viral Internet story. Snopes says that Jasmine’s real name is Alisha Hessler and she has been charged with using a fake ID in the past, when she was under the legal drinking age. Jasmine found fame when instead of pressing charges against a man that beat her, she had him stand on a street corner for 8 hours wearing a sign that read, “I Beat Women Honk If I’m A Scumbag.” Valtrex cheap


    Despite admitting that Snopes got much of her story right, Jasmine claims to have video of her plastic surgery procedure.
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