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  • Hollywood is a tough place to age, but some stars manage to handle it better than others. While competition to look good is fierce, some female celebrities have gone overboard in their attempts to be camera ready. Here’s a look at some of the ladies who have had too much of a good thing:

    Courteney Cox

    Back in her Friends heyday, Courteney Cox was amongst television’s most beautiful leading ladies. But somehow her move to Cougartown transformed her into a plastic surgery cougar, rather than a gracefully aging star. While Botox is a great way to help eliminate wrinkles, Courteny has overdone the injectable and also used a few too many fillers to have a natural look. Instead, her smile has become Joker-ish and she has even gotten a few comparisons to Cat Lady Joceyln Wildenstein who deliberately went under the knife for a feline look.

    Janice Dickinson

    Although Janice Dickinson was forced to declare bankruptcy after spending a fortune on plastic surgery and being unable to repay all her doctor’s bills, she still hasn’t learned her lesson. Janice resembles nothing of the beautiful young woman that used to grace magazine covers and is now recognized solely for her plastic surgery, which includes bolted-on looking breasts and a face that is so harsh it could be made of granite. Although Janice is regularly mocked by tabloids for her overdone plastic surgery, she is still evidently searching for the fountain of youth. The former supermodel recently revealed going to China to receive a controversial stem cell treatment to enhance her skin.

    Tameka “Tiny”

    While singer/writer Tameka “Tiny” Cottle earned her nickname because of her petite size, there is nothing small about her plastic surgery these days. Tiny is rumored to have undergone breast augmentation, buttock augmentation and a possible nose job. While she looks cute and curveaceous, she no longer looks natural. In fact, some have compared her new use of facial fillers to rapper Lil Kim, a known recipient of too much plastic surgery. Unlike Janice and Courteny, Tiny has never openly admitted to plastic surgery, but fans suspect that cosmetic surgery is the reason for her sudden blossoming over the years.

    Tatum O Neal

    Tatum O Neal was once a cute child actress, but these days she is looking very different than the young Oscar winner she once was. As the daughter of legendary actor Ryan O Neal, Tatum has always been exposed to Hollywood’s obsession with beauty and it seems that she has gotten in on the plastic surgery action as well. After displaying a face that looked to be enhanced with fillers, many drew comparisons to Renee Zellwegger as Tatum’s eyes look to have become very tiny in contrast to her very full cheeks.

    Portia di Rossi

    Portia di Rossi has more than just the typical glow of a newlywed in love. When her much loved television series Arrested Development returned after a long hiatus to Netflix, many fans felt she must have taken the time between seasons to go under the knife for procedures including a brow lift, upper and lower eyelid lift, either cheek implants or copious amounts of fillers placed in her cheeks as well as lip fillers, laser treatments a facelift, and maybe even a nose surgery.