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  • This year, more male stars succumbed to plastic surgery and the results didn’t always please their fans. Here’s a look at some of the plastic surgery gone wrong that Makemeheal.com uncovered in 2012:

    50-year old Axl Rose disappointed legions of Guns N’ Roses fans when there was no reunion of the legendary band when lead singer Axl Rose declined his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Instead of making an appearance, Axl was probably getting more plastic surgery as he has had multiple procedures that many believe to include a rhinoplasty, a facelift, and hair plugs (See Make Me Heal’s story on Axl Rose’s plastic surgery).

    62-year old Bruce Jenner has long been ridiculed for his looks, the results of plastic surgery back in the day. Since then, Bruce has corrected his appearance somewhat with a corrective facelift (See Make Me Heal’s story on Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgery), but his original facelift and consequent surgeries have left him such a feminine look that he has alienated fans.

    63-year old Steven Tyler has long been a source of plastic surgery, with a somewhat feminine appearance that has led to rumors of plastic surgery including dermal injectables like Perlane or Radiesse injected into his face to soften some of his deeper wrinkles, and may even have had a facelift as well (See Make Me Heal’s story on Steven Tyler’s plastic surgery).

    Despite 60-year old Mickey Rourke going under the knife multiple times to the detriment of his looks and career, it seems that Mickey hasn’t given up on plastic surgery (See Make Me Heal’s story on Mickey Rourke’s bad plastic surgery), after the leading man posted a picture of himself in what appears to be the midst of plastic surgery recovery or facelift recovery.



    52-year old John Elway has polarized fans because the former QB look to have had Botox injections to smooth his forehead and space between the brows. Although he doesn’t look bad, he doesn’t really look like the same John Elway either (See Make Me Heal’s story on John Elway’s plastic surgery).

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