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  • Buttocks augmentation seems to be all the rage these days as women strive to add curves. But actress Zoe Saldana says that even without plastic surgery, skinny women can still get the guy.

    36-year old Zoe Saldana has a dancer’s body, which is how she landed her first film role in Save the Last Dance. And she’s proud of it. The outspoken Avatar actress recently said, “Look at me. I’m skinny, I have a big nose, no tits and no ass, but in a room full of beautiful women, I would still leave with the most gorgeous guy.”

    Zoe’s self confidence is commendable and she recently did marry her gorgeous guy, Marco Perego, whom she secretly married last year. Recently the couple announced that Zoe is pregnant with their first child, which has Make Me Heal wondering if Zoe will decide to go under the knife after she has the baby.


    Before marrying and getting pregnant, in a televised interview on “The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet,” a Lifetime chat show, which is produced by Demi Moore, Zoe discussed motherhood and whether or not she would have plastic surgery after having kids.


    “I would,” she said frankly. “The same way an old man who is having a midlife crisis can buy a Porsche and dates a 17 year old, I can buy a pair [of new breasts] and be the sexiest soccer mom you’ve ever seen. Why not? I am okay with people trying to do whatever it is they need to do to feel better.” And she’s down with women flaunting what they have. “It doesn’t matter how flat or how big or saggy or crooked or whatever, just be proud of them and just show them. Go up and down the stairs without a bra and just let them hang. I think it’s so sexy and empowering.”


    The Guardians of the Galaxy actress worked out with trainer Steve Moyer who revealed the star’s typical workout and diet plan in an interview with Shape magazine that allows her to wear skintight futuristic costumes without unsightly bulges.


    Shape: What does a typical workout with Zoe entail?
Steve Moyer [SM]: Generally speaking, we work her full body with an emphasis on staying lean and strong. I like to combine three or four exercises in a row to keep the workout moving and take advantage of the time. When she’s in town, sometimes workouts last a full hour, sometimes it’s 30 minutes. I’ll do lots of cardio and core if I know I won’t be seeing the client the next day. If I know we are working out on consecutive days, I split the workouts according to body parts. For a full body workout, I like to do a leg exercise like squats followed by a core exercise like plank pushups (which also hits the triceps) followed by a cardio exercise, which also targets the legs like Jumping Lunges. That’s a great series that will build strength and endurance and can be a major aid in leaning out and shedding unwanted pounds.


    Shape: Do you help Zoe with her diet as well?
SM: She has used my meal delivery business before, MoyerMeals. My service is gluten-free, no added sugar, nothing artificial—balanced meals that taste great too. Every meal is a lean protein mixed with complex carbohydrates and vegetables in a perfect balance.



    2 Comments so far

    1. BRUCE on August 19, 2014 1:51 pm

      Some times we as a race of people that we are human, we like to be able to do as we please. Even though we claim that we are not trying to impress any one That is a lie ,and for what ever reason we tell our self, that it is a good thing, and you do not want to be seen ,with out that look that you claim to have come by natural if beauty is skin deep I like to be that one. And be natural. We all fall short in one thing or another, so to look your best be your best eat well when possible natural when and eat as much of what is god as well as what is good for you.

    2. tish on November 26, 2015 9:09 am

      Did you mean her first movie role was Centre Stage? I’ve seen Save The Last Dance nearly 200 times I’m sure, and i dont remember her in a single scene 😕

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