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  • leonardo dicaprio, nose surgery, plastic surgeryLate Friday, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted outside a Beverly Hills plastic surgery center sporting a bandage around his nose, confirming rumors that he required plastic surgery following a hotel bar fight in Los Angeles a day earlier that left DiCaprio with a broken nose and a black and blue on his eye. Stitches were also made in the star’s temple due to a cut. Exclusive photos obtained by Make Me Heal, show a bruised and battered DiCaprio.

    The apparent fight was induced by a fight between DiCaprio and another man over a woman who was in DiCaprio’s company. The man who attacked DiCaprio “beat Leo to a pulp,” before jetting out of the bar in an Escalade. At presstime, no information was available other than the name of the plastic surgeon being Dr. Raj Kanodia. Beverly Hills-based Dr. Kanodia has operated on countless stars, including Jennifer Aniston, Ashlee Simpson, Cameron Cruz, and is now set to perform matching nose jobs on the Olsen Twins next.

    Our hearts go out to Leo as we hope that the rhinoplasty (nose surgery) will not jeopardize the actor’s looks. Nose jobs can often change a person’s look and have made or broken an actor’s career. As an example, Jennifer Gray of Dirty Dancing fame ended her career promptly after a nose job completely changed her look and rendered her unrecognizable to her fans.

    Happy April Fool’s Day.

    This story is completely fictional

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