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  • Welcome to Make Me Heal‘s new column on Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery Column. Here are this week’s news bytes:

    Write Off Your Breast Implants On Tax Return: If your body is your business, modifications like breast implants can be written off. One exotic dancer was allowed to deduct her breast implants after a judge ruled they were stage props. Exotic dancer Cynthia Hess — better known as “Chesty Love” — made tax law history in 1994 when she successfully sued the IRS to take a $2,088 deduction on a boob job that left her with a size-56FF chest. U.S. Tax Court Judge Joan Seitz Pate noted that Hess increased her income as a result of the surgery and that her cumbersome breasts, weighing 10 pounds each, were so large that she could not derive personal benefit from them. Hess had undergone the surgery “all for the purpose of making money” at an Indiana strip club, and the tax court allowed her to deduct the expense as a “stage prop.” (Source: ABC News).

    Radio Station Offering Free Breast Implants For Girl Who Parties The Hardest On Contest: 104.1FM Radio in Orlando, FL, dubbed as “Real Radio”, is recruiting willing women to party for 30 hours straight for a shot at free breast implants. No one will say what the “partying” might include, but it will all be broadcast live on the Internet. The rules: Spend 30 hours with radio personality Tiffany in front of a camera broadcast live on the Internet. The station website only says “the girl that parties the hardest” wins. The only problem is that the plastic surgeon who is to perform the procedure on the winner is on probation with the Health Department. Dr. Barry Kaplan was not willing to speak on camer, but off-camera said the complaint against him was based on clerical mistakes with medical records and said he’s worked with the radio station before (www.wftv.com)

    21-Year Old Woman Dies Following Liposuction: A young woman has died from undetermined causes after undergoing liposuction surgery in a private clinic in Utrecht, the Netherlands.Health care officials were investigating the 21-year-old woman’s death at a private clinic. Liposuction is not commonly seen as excessively risky surgery, but a 2004 health report in the Netherlands said conditions and quality of care varied greatly at such private clinics. The report said that many of the clinics, which are growing in number in the country, did little to meet hygiene standards for medical procedures (www.earthtimes.org)

    Burn Cellulite While Riding The CelluBike: The CelluBike is a futuristic-looking, stationary bike that has been used in Europe for years and claims to soften cellulite while you ride the bike. While peddling on the bike, some infrared lights will be positioned directly on your problem areas. The infrared energy penetrates the surface of the skin up to 1-1/2”and warms and softens the hardened cellulite and liquefies it. Then, very simply, the increased cardio activity of the bloodstream combined with the accelerated metabolic processes of vital organs and endocrine glands flushes the cellulite away through the digestive system and through the elimination system. You will see these residues leaving your system through the sweat glands as well as your excretion system within several hours after a session. In addition to aiding in flushing cellulite from the body, infrared helps in ridding toxins from the body that are stored in the fatty tissue. The treatment costs up to $100 a session. The best results can require three visits a week (source: www.cellubike.com).

    Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery is a weekly Make Me Heal column with news bytes of weird, sad, and funny tidbits about cosmetic surgery.

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