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  • Make Me Heal (www.MakeMeHeal.com), the leading portal for plastic surgery and anti-aging, announced today that they will be launching the first ever cosmetic surgery and anti-aging awards event celebrating natural beauty with enhancement, The Beauty Enhancement Awards (BEA). The Beauty Enhancement Awards allow women and men of all ages and races to compete for various [...]

    These days the burning question for a woman does not seem to be what to wear or what to have for lunch that will not immediately tip the weight scale. The question today is not whether to have plastic surgery or not – but rather when is the right time to do it. Michelle Pfeiffer [...]

    Porn star Jenna Jameson, who has been trying to turn her best-selling book “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star” into a movie, has not been showing up to her Hollywood studio meetings because of an ill-fated vaginoplasty that has left her very unhappy with the results. Since the vaginoplasty, the star of hundreds [...]

    ‘NoTORIous’ and ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ star Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott are so close they even get plastic surgery touchups together. New parents Tori and Dean reportedly celebrated the birth of their new son by booking an appointment for Botox injections to fill facial wrinkles. Tori Spelling is also reported to have undergone [...]

    Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen are supposedly planning to get matching noses. The Olsen twins recently had a consultation with Dr. Raj Kanodia about getting nose jobs together. The idea for getting a rhinoplasty was apparently Ashley’s (the blonde half of the twins), according to a source that spoke with In Touch Weekly. “Ashley has always [...]

    While far from needing any plastic surgery in the near distant future, 21-year old actress Scarlett Johansson bluntly said that believes in plastic surgery and is open to the idea of going under the knife once the signs of aging appear. Citing that there’s no “fun” in looking like an “old hag” as a reason [...]

    OK. So it didn’t exactly go down like that, but lovers rocker Gene Simmons and former playmate Shannon Tweed did get matching facelifts together. They actually got them back in November, however, and the whole process was filmed and will be part of Simmons’ hit reality TV show “Family Jewels”, set for premiere on March [...]

    The bodacious Pamela Anderson who appeared in the film Borat has sparked a trend among Australian women to get massive breasts like the actress, according to local plastic surgery practices. This trend has led to Australian plastic surgeons needing to import mega-size 1000ml implants from the only available country for such sized implants, the United [...]

    Shelby Coriaty Gets To The Finish Line

    March 25, 2007 in Uncategorized by thebreastcaresite.com | Leave a Comment

    Everyone knows that dealing with breast cancer can be a long and often treacherous road, but for Shelby Coriaty it became a six year test of endurance and the ability of the human spirit to overcome monumental adversity. Not only did Shelby manage to survive, she did so with enormous patience, compassion, and humor. “I [...]

    Dr. Michelle Copeland is a renowned biochemist and plastic surgeon, who advises the US Congress on health issues affecting women. Dr. Copeland’s background in chemistry and expertise in cosmetic surgery offers a unique understanding on how the skin is affected by different products and treatment and reveals in this interview that daily or weekly alterations [...]

    Actress Halle Berry is lately having trouble finding head or tail of her story. Well, not so much story as a decision she is willing to announce to the public. And what else about than plastic surgery? Although she denies having a nose job done earlier, we find that hard to believe. From a picture [...]

    It is no secret that Jessica Simpson’s career has had its ups and downs. Splitting with long-time boyfriend turned husband Nick Lachey after a three-year marriage hasn’t made it any easier for this pop princess turned actress. She’s still belting out tunes of late, especially from her newest album ‘A Public Affair.’ When has her [...]

    by Kathy Steligo A woman considering reconstruction after mastectomy has one concern foremost in her mind: how “real” will her reconstructed breasts be? Will her surgical outcome be worth the effort? Will she look good as new? How closely will her new breast match her natural breast? From an aesthetic viewpoint, good reconstruction recreates the [...]

    Dr. Linda Li specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, utilizing a rich surgical background guided by a gentle, feminine touch. In this interview, Dr. Li, the only female plastic surgeon that has her own surgery center in the highly competitive area of Beverly Hills, explains the different techniques involved when performing a breast reconstruction process, [...]

    World famous supermodel Naomi Campbell was born in England to a Jamaican mother and a part-Chinese father. These are well-known facts for all Naomi fans. But life has not been easy for this mixed races model. She was spotted by a modeling agent at the age of 15 and immediately appeared on the cover of [...]

    Hugh John Mungo Grant certainly has a long full name to match his equally long career as a British actor. Girls croon over his accent, but especially over his charming good looks. He made his film debut in 1982 with the film, Privileged. He is bold and courageous, not afraid to take on different roles. [...]

    Expectations of Reconstruction

    March 13, 2007 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by thebreastcaresite.com | Leave a Comment

    by Kathy Steligo For many women, losing one or both breasts is the price of preventing or curing breast cancer. Fortunately, those who face mastectomy have several options to rebuild their breasts. Over the last decade, reconstruction has evolved into sophisticated surgical procedures that can be customized to a woman’s individual needs. Reconstruction basics Not [...]

    The impact of suddenly confronting a life-threatening illness like breast cancer can overwhelm the most disciplined brain. The mind enters fight or flight mode, where every decision is about survival with little thought for details. Breast cancer survivors who have undergone surgery as part of their treatment often describe the entire period between diagnosis and [...]

    We think yes. These days Ray Liotta cannot stay away from the rumors. The rumor mill seems to attack everyone, with no solution for escape. He has already suffered rumors of treating all women badly except for, of course, his own wife. Well, who would ever want to be rumored for mistreating his wife? Unfortunately, [...]

    Way back in October of 1999, Matthew was arrested for noise pollution and possession of drugs. The drug accusation was dropped, but he did plead guilty for being too noisy. He was playing the drums. Well, for this How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star, it is about that time again–those drums weren’t [...]

    Celebrities should know better than to try to hide their beauty secrets from the world. Sooner or later we will all find out, one way or another. Madonna could use a few pointers because despite her publicist trying hard to cover it up, she has obviously had some plastic surgery done on her face. Her [...]

    Even though most people understand what a Tummy Tuck is, not all know the different procedures available to make it happen and what connection the Tummy Tuck has with the conditions of the skin. Dr. Brent Moelleken, a board certified plastic surgeon part of the ABC’S hit show “Extreme Makeover,” and Discovery Health Channel shares [...]

    If you haven’t heard already, you must be living in a cave. John Travolta has had his hair redone. Lately, he has been sighted wearing wigs and hair maintenance doesn’t come cheap. Even the most basic operation costs about a good few thousand a year to maintain. Unfortunately for this charming actor, it has come [...]

    A look at John Travolta, Jack Black & Harrison Ford’s Expanding Chests Hollywood stars have a tendency to search for physical perfection in their appearance but there is a trend of late for male celebrities to embrace what nature has given them. ‘Man boobs’ seen on actors such as John Travolta, Jack Black and even [...]

    Cameron Diaz recently had a nose job that she says was performed to repair a deviated septum and alleviate breathing problems that she’s been having in light of having broken her nose four times. Looking closely at Diaz’s new look, though, it appears the nose job that she had done was not only for medical [...]