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  • Make Me Heal, the world’s largest internet website for plastic surgery and anti-aging, announced today that it has launched Plasticopedia, the first online, wiki-style encyclopedia for plastic surgery, anti-aging, and beauty that is written, edited, and reviewed by anyone. Biggest Directory of Celebrities Who Had Plastic Surgery Given the public’s fascination with celebrities, the initial [...]

    Cameron Diaz is shocked by ordinary people who want to undergo plastic surgery to look more like Britney Spears or Brad Pitt. The 34-year old star has also vowed to never have any additional cosmetic surgery in her life to improve her looks beyond the rhinoplasty (nose job) that she had in early 2007 and [...]

    Janet Jackson’s nipple slip at the SuperBowl may be the origin of the term “wardrobe malfunction”, but some celebrities are taking the concept to a new level with breast implant malfunctions. There is nothing worse than having your breast implants announce to the world that they are fake. The typical tell-tale signs of breast implants [...]

    Beauty and the Breasts

    May 29, 2007 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by thebreastcaresite.com | Leave a Comment

    It’s tough being a woman. Images of women’s faces and bodies are used to sell everything from cars to holidays. The ‘personal care’ industry, with its make-up, firming lotions and slimming products, seems determined on making us dissatisfied with what nature gave us. With physical beauty – judged by ridiculously artificial standards of perfection – [...]

    British model Jordan (aka Katie Price) is planning to have a plastic surgery mommy makeover following the birth of her third child, including a breast reduction of her 32G breasts, lip augmentation, and vagina rejuvenation. Jordan is planning to go straight from the delivery room to the operating room for her cosmetic procedures. Expecting her [...]

    George Clooney’s dramatically refreshed appearance at Cannes has reignited old rumors that the 45-year old star had plastic surgery. Back in February of this year, Clooney said in a television interview with Julia Roberts that he had his eyes done to get rid of the “tired” look. “I had my eyes done. Can you tell? [...]

    Weekly Make Me Heal Column It’s been a fun week in the world of Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery news. Here’s the latest and greatest… Boza: Beer That Grows Your Breasts A Bulgarian beer by the name of Boza is rumored to increase breast size. It has become a popular gift for men [...]

    (Click to enlarge) Is Lindsay Lohan getting more plastic surgery? Lindsay Lohan, a successful rehab graduate and the 2007 Winner of the Maxim Hot 100 Women, was spotted at Anchor Bar a few nights ago nursing a bottle of vodka. Although onlookers were mesmerized by Lohan literally “drinking vodka straight from the bottle,” some were [...]

    The question of the moment is whether or not American Idol winner Jordin Sparks is completely natural or has she had any plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancement. The only rumor currently circulating is about Jordin Sparks’ full lips possibly being augmented by lip injections such as Restylane or another dermal filler. While we would be [...]

    Victoria Beckham may be considering plastic surgery again, although this time it’s not another breast augmentation but rather a procedure to tone up her sagging arms. According to an English gossip site, sources close to the super thin star say that Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham is feeling paranoid about her imminent arrival in Los Angeles [...]

    It seems that from the dawn of time people have always been trying to lose weight. There is nothing wrong with that. It is always right for someone to be taking care of themselves by keeping in shape and staying physically active. There are many health-related risks to obesity and so losing weight when someone [...]

    Every plastic surgery patient despises scars, as scars are tell-tale signs of having had cosmetic surgery. For this reason, patients are most preoccupied about how they can reduce their scars following surgery. Fortunately, there are various effective solutions that can significantly help you reduce your surgery scars and minimize their appearance. Silicone Gels & Sheets [...]

    Sharon Osbourne, one of the most outspoken celebrity advocates for plastic surgery, has had enough of it and is now saying that she will never again go under the knife. “I was following a dream. I’ve had enough,” Sharon Osbourne says about her love affair with plastic surgery. Apparently, now that Sharon Osbourne is getting [...]

    Hugh Hefner, the oldest sexually active womanizer on the planet, is planning to go under the knife soon for a face lift. The 81-year old founder of Playboy believes that there is nothing wrong with men wanting to have plastic surgery. Hefner has already had a neck lift and teeth implants. “I’m thinking of having [...]

    Jessica Simpson is the frequent subject of rumors about her copious breasts being the product of a breast augmentation. Life & Style magazine’s current issue meditates on the question of whether Jessica Simpson’s recent appearance at different social functions with seemingly larger breasts than before is due to breast implants. Life & Style goes on [...]

    Weekly Make Me Heal Column It’s been a downbeat week in the world of Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery news. We did try to pepper the sad stories with some fun cosmetic surgery factoids. Here’s the latest and greatest… Patient Suffers Infection And Loses Eight Fingers And Both Feet Tampa Bay, Florida. Sally [...]

    The future of plastic surgery according to renowned plastic surgeon Richard Ellenbogen, M.D. will be all about injecting stem cells into the target body areas and procedures will have no scalpers or scars and require no surgical operations. But you’re still going to need a surgeon and you’d be lucky to be in the hands [...]

    One unsolved mystery in the celebrity plastic surgery world is whether or not Courteney Cox had a breast augmentation. Recent photos of “Dirt” star Courteney Cox show the actress with fuller breasts perpetuating rumors of a possible breast augmentation. (click to enlarge; read more below pictures) The customary weight gain excuse has been given as [...]

    Plastic Surgery Recovery & Preparation Most patients who have plastic surgery are worried about post-operative swelling and how they can minimize this unsettling symptom. As swelling can remain for days, weeks or longer, being prepared and knowing the key recovery tips will greatly help to minimize swelling. Below is a must-have proactive list for anyone [...]

    Kellie Pickler is not admitting to having breast implants, but she is certainly not denying it either. After being booted off the show “American Idol”, the former contestant returned to the stage in March with a shorter blond hairdo and a low-cut blue dress that revealed an obviously more buxom bosom that is unlikely to [...]

    Singer-songwriter Lily Allen has got the blues about her weight and is contemplating gastric bypas surgery and liposuction to reduce her weight. Appearing to be suffering from mental exhaustion during her American tour, the normally strong-willed 22-year old singer wrote candidly in her popular Myspace blog that her being overweight has gotten her down to [...]

    Chloe Sevigny is not one to turn down plastic surgery. The 32-year-old star says she would consider having injection fillers if she starts seeing signs of aging in the future. While Chloe is hardly going out on a limb by making this statement, it is a healthy sign to see stars “fessing” up and not [...]

    Becky Moreau (member name: travelbuf72) is a 34 years old travel agent who had a breathtaking journey. Becky turned to tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and breast augmentation after gaining a lot of weight from her 2 pregnancies. Various diets did not help her to lose this extra weight and she finally decided to have a gastric [...]

    Mary-Kate Olsen no longer looks like her twin sister, as there is speculation that she had a rhinoplasty (nose job). Appearing at a party in New York Monday night, Mary-Kate’s nose looked smaller than before. Make Me Heal reported a month ago that the Olsen Twins planned to get matching noses after having a consultation [...]

    With bikini and short shorts season nearing, the 95% of women who have cellulite may have a small prayer in the form of acousic sound wave therapy.  A few doctors are now using acoustic wave therapy device to smooth out the dimpling effects of cellulite. Wave therapy is a new treatment that works by by [...]

    Chat about the verdict on the Celebrity Plastic Surgery Message Boards. Oprah Winfrey is often the subject of plastic surgery rumors and particularly her having a nose job (rhinoplasty) early on in her career. We thought we’d take a closer look at Oprah’s nose. The prosecution says… Oprah’s look has changed dramatically from the mid [...]

    Meet our favorite bad boy of plastic surgery who dubs himself as the “biggest fat sucker” in the industry, plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Ersek. Dr. Ersek has more than a few controversial claims to fame, having performed liposuction on the youngest patient alive, a 12-year old girl who at 5-foot-5 weighed 230 pounds. Dr. Ersek [...]

    Even though Antonio Banderas has forbidden his wife Melanie Griffith from ever having plastic surgery again and even threatened to leave her if she were to go under the knife again, it seems that she may not be listening to her hubby’s warning and might have succumbed to her cosmetic surgery addiction again. Melanie’s appearance [...]

    Newly transplanted Los Angeles resident David Beckham has been bitten by the local plastic surgery bug and appears to be dabbling in Botox and other filler injections to get rid of his wrinkles and has even donned a blonde surfer hairdo to blend in his new surroundings. The 32-year old former captain of the England [...]

    Weekly Make Me Heal Column In this week’s Weird, Fun, Strange & Tragic Plastic Surgery news we focus on stories involving abusive husbands and plastic surgery and they are on the more tragic tip of things. Our hearts go out to these women. But we leave you off with one story about finding Mr. Right [...]

    Moments ago Sara Jean Underwood was crowned Playboy’s 48th Playmate of The Years by a white suited Hugh Hefner. The 23-year old Underwood, whose official measurements are 32B-24-31, may have one of the smallest breasts of any previous playmate winners. Upon hearing the news, the question that some bloggers immediately had on their mind was [...]

    In what is likely to be the biggest art imitating reality moment of the year in entertainment, Nicole Kidman is set to get a nose job in the fictional plastic surgery TV show “Nip/Tuck”. Kidman will sport a prosthetic nose that will render her unrecognizable to the audience, much like the nose she wore in [...]

    Before After One Month Stem cells are becoming more widely used in plastic surgery for breast augmentations, as fillers for wrinkles, and to enlarge any body part where more fullness is sought. With the European Union and Britain having just approved the use of stem cells for cosmetic surgery this month, this move is likely [...]

    Kevin Costner’s full head of hair is raising some questions about whether the actor has gotten plastic surgery by way of a hair transplant in the last few months. Pictures of the 52-year old actor show a hair-raising change from the actor having a significant receding hair line as late as seven months ago (as [...]

    Rumer Willis, the genetic offspring of famous ex-couple Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, is looking a lot better these days and some people are wondering if she had any plastic surgery done. Rumer’s new look reveals a dramatically thinner chin, narrower jaw, and more proportioned face relative to her former days when her jaw was [...]