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  • As more and more women wear belly shirts, low-rise jeans, and other fashions that bare the navel, the previously overlooked belly button is the new hot item on the growing list of body features that women obsess about. As more people engage in navel-gazing, those who don’t like what they see are increasingly going under [...]

    Photos just obtained of George Clooney sporting a fresh scar across his stomach has prompted insiders to wonder if the Ocean’s 13 star has gotten plastic surgery and specifically if it was a tummy tuck or liposuction. Could the 46-year old “Sexiest Man Alive” title holder be trying to keep his good looks with a [...]

    For 21-year old Emily Simmons (member name: lil_em20), getting a breast augmentation has been the best decision she has taken for herself. Emily is simply irresistible with her new twins and feels much more confident and sexy. See Emily’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album. After years of feeling boyish with her 32A breasts, [...]

    Recently Make Me Heal was the first to coin the term plastic surgery wardrobe malfunctions (much like Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction) in honor of phenomenons where celebrities’ cosmetic surgeries reveal their tell-tale signs in aesthetically unappealing ways. Most frequent occurences of malfunctions are with breast implants which ripple and dimple in the chest area, causing [...]

    Besides honoring the best of black and minority entertainers, the 7th Annual BET Awards on Tuesday was also a celebration of the best and worse in plastic surgery. The evening proved to be entertaining and educational for Make Me Heal, as some new nominees came up on our “did-she-have-plastic-surgery” radar, including Jennifer Hudson, Selita Ebanks, [...]

    The ever-sexy frontwoman of Blondie Debbie Harry will be celebrating her 62nd birthday this Saturday, July 1. The punk diva has managed to keep up her sex appeal and coolness factor for the last four decades and it seems that plastic surgery has been a prime vehicle for this success. Debbie Harry has candidly admitted [...]

    When movie stars, rockstars, models, playboy playmates, and politicians need plastic surgery, one top surgeon that is often requested is Dr. Frank Ryan. Most recently, Dr. Ryan was in the news for performing a couple cosmetic surgery makeover on KISS lead singer Gene Simmons and his wife Shannon Tweed and having the surgery filmed for [...]

    Make Me Heal (www.makemeheal.com), the world’s largest internet website for all things plastic surgery and anti-aging, announced today that it has surpassed over 25,000 plastic surgery before and after picture albums being uploaded to its website by users. Web’s Largest Library Of Before & After Plastic Surgery Photos Accessed by over 30,000 people daily, Make [...]

    For those of us who are struggling with weight loss, Melissa House (member name: angeliquestarsmommy) is an inspiring example of a wonderful plastic surgery makeover that saw her through a drop from a 32 dresss size to a size 14 and a similar change in her life and personal relationships.  See Melissa’s Before & After [...]

    Thanks in part to plastic surgery, 50 is the new 30, 40 is the new 20, and now Barbara Walters shows us that 77 is the new 50. The daytime TV anchor has somehow avoided the ravages of aging and looks about 20 years younger than her actual age. But it’s not natural age-defying genes [...]

    Victoria Beckham along with new best friend Katie Holmes and husband Tom Cruise showed up to cheer on David Beckham in his last game for the Real Madrid soccer team before his imminent move to Los Angeles. Looking happy and intimate with one another, the two couples went to top restaurant El Xistu after the [...]

    Actress Liv Tyler has had a change of heart about having plastic surgery and is now considering going under the knife in the future to extend her career and restore her pre-motherhood figure. Liv Tyler, 29, previously slammed plastic surgery, calling people’s faces who had plastic surgery “creepy”. Only two years ago, the “Lord of [...]

    Some sources are speculating that Beyonce Knowles has gone under the knife again and gotten a liposuction. Appearing this week scantily clad on the beaches of St Tropez, France in a yellow swimsuit, Beyonce revealed fresh curves, an eye-popping washboard stomach, and rear end assets that were truly bootylicious. (read rest of article below) Beyonce’s [...]

    Rachel Roth (member name: so_ready) is a happy mom who was hoping to regain her youthful figure after the birth of her fourth child. No matter how many diets she tried or how much she worked out, she could not achieve the body shape she desired and deserved. That’s when she knew that plastic surgery [...]

    Ocean’s 13 Star Ellen Barkin has mixed feelings about plastic surgery. While the 53-year old actress thinks cosmetic surgery is a dangerous trend for society, she still regularly treats herself to some cosmetic procedures such as Thermage and Fraxel. Ellen Barkin feels that women who go under the knife are sending out a destructive signal [...]

                      Tonya Craft (member name: Crafty1) is a pretty 33-year old woman who could barely breath after breaking her nose as her teenager. While looking at her best friend’s wedding pictures, she realized that her nose was completely deviated and looked crooked. On March 21, Tonya elected [...]

    Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson’s breasts are an enigma worth exploring, as some rumors have been swirling that the actress may have gotten plastic surgery to increase her bust. While in 2004, Jennifer’s breasts did not seem to fill her tops, since late 2006 and onwards Jennifer’s breasts seem to overflow out of her dresses. [...]

    American Idol judge Simon Cowell has been aging gracefully until now and is never going to have plastic surgery when he gets older. The 47 year old Cowell believes that cosmetic surgery looks unattractive on men.”I wouldn’t have plastic surgery, it looks ridiculous on guys,” said Cowell. Simon Cowell says that his youth regimen consists [...]

    Bruce Willis is adored by fans for being the ultimate rugged real man, someone who ages gracefully. So it goes without saying that the words Bruce Willis and plastic surgery do not typically coincide in the same sentence unless his ex-wife and cosmetic surgery proponent Demi Moore is being mentioned. But this may be a [...]

    While numerous presidential candidate debates rage on, the most interesting political debate may be whether or not Hillary Clinton had any plastic surgery. Everyone was riveted by Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Presidential Debate held last Sunday, June 3, 2007. But it was not her campaign ideas that got everyone excited, but rather her amazing [...]

    Busting out on stage at the MTV Film Awards on Sunday in a Dominatrix-inspired black outfit and pink umbrella, Rihanna wowed the audience with her performance of “Umbrella”. The performance only confirmed Rihanna reign as the new darling of the R&B world. Being at the center of attention, Rihanna is frequently in the middle of [...]

        Michelle Goldstein (member name: chelle229) is a young and active person who exercises regularly. Michelle turned to liposuction after seeing that her lower abdomen and her flanks (love handles) did not respond to regular exercise. Michelle did not want to lose her perfect hips and breasts by endlessly dieting and choose the plastic [...]

    There was plenty of music, movies, and plastic surgery at the MTV Film Awards this past Sunday. Everything from boob jobs, shapelier noses, lip injections, and botox graced the faces and bodies of Hollywood’s hottest stars. While Jessica Biel may have chosen the wrong dress to wear, the unflattering outfit did little to detract attention [...]

    By Becky Zuckweiler, MS, RN Facing sexuality again after breast surgery can be a particularly fearful and despairing time for a single woman. Many single women feel as though no one will ever want them sexually or be attracted to them after learning they have had a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. While this is a [...]

    Plastic Surgery At The 2007 MTV Film Awards Appearing at the MTV Awards on Sunday in a short black dress, Jessica Biel presented an award with Adam Sandler and Kevin James. From “Seventh Heaven” television star to major film actress and girlfriend to sexy crooner Justin Timberlake, Biel’s looks have catapulted along with her scorching [...]

    Plastic Surgery At The MTV Film Awards Nominated for Best Performance at the MTV Awards tonight for her role in “Pirates of the Caribbean” but losing out to co-star Johnny Depp who snapped the award, Keira Knightly has admitted to having had a lip augmentation to enhance her upper lip after being spotted leaving a [...]

    Plastic Surgery At The MTV Film Awards Mandy Moore, a presenter at the MTV Film Awards this Sunday, has a plastic surgery secret that she does not want fans to know about. When Mandy Moore made her entrance at the MTV Awards tonight in an elegant red dress with her “Licensed To Wed” co-star John [...]

    Silicone got a lot of bad press in the 90′s because of health issues surrounding breast implants. But it is important to point out that none of the health concerns which arose from use of these implants apply to breast prostheses or “breast forms” as they are commonly known. After breast conserving surgery, where malignant [...]