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  • Shakira, the coveted pop princess of “Hips That Don’t Lie” and “Breasts Like Mountains” may be under a little bit of questioning lately for possible plastic surgery rumors of her having a possible nose job. The world most fondly remembers this belly dancing singing sensation for her constant referral to her body in most of [...]

    A fan of blown-up, lip augmented lips for years, 43-year old Courtney Love is planning to have more plastic surgery to fix her enhanced lips and restore a natural look. Love had enhanced her lips a number of years ago with what appears to be a semi-permanent filler like Gore-tex or silicone, the result of [...]

    Iconic sex-pot Kim Kardashian can be spotted just about anywhere a flashing camera, red carpet or where Paris Hilton is propped. This Armenian bronzed brunette beauty has caused quite an uproar and gained serious Hollywood status for her choice in entourage ranging from Paris, to just about anyone in the spotlight at the moment. In [...]

    Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Wednesday appearance on the David Letterman Show in a scintillating golden mini skirt that boasted decidedly larger-looking breasts renewed rumors that the Welsh actress may have gotten breast implants. Make Me Heal first reported on this breast augmentation rumor in January of this year when the 37-year old actress was seen on the [...]

    Make Me Heal’s Plastic Surgery Police has got a warrant out on Jack Nicholson, who is in desperate need of the knife. The 70-year old actor can be found sporting his five decades in the business like that of an outworn tattered, but somewhat hopeful pair of jeans. You know the pair- the ones you [...]

    Just prior to getting arresting for driving under the influence this week, Lindsay Lohan spent the past weekend in Malibu partying with her friends and trying to play low-key at a beach barbeque. That was until she stripped down to a red-hot bikini that revealed her large overflowing breast implants. Although the 21-year old actress [...]

    These last 10 years, April Larkin (member name: retiree54) has been thinking very seriously about having liposuction but she was frightened to go under the knife. Approaching her 55th birthday, she decided that it will be “now or never” to remove her self-described “huge Buddha belly”. See April’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album. [...]

    Olivia Newton John may need to write a follow-up to her popular 1980’s anthem song “Let’s Get Physical” and call it “Let’s Get Plastical”, as the Grammy award-winning 58-year-old actress-singer sure seems to love the knife. Back in 2005 Olivia Newton-John said “I haven’t had plastic surgery yet, though I would never say never. However, [...]

    Victoria Posh Beckham may have finally admitted to having breast implants. Forever in denial about having plastic surgery, Victoria may have unintentionally slipped up during her NBC television special “Victoria Beckham: Coming to America“ and fessed up about having fake boobs. During the intellectually numbing show, Victoria is seen at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball [...]

    Kris Renigar (member name: krisren) is 45 years old and has a stunning silhouette that drives her husband crazy and…many others in Forrest City, Arkansas. But who would believe that this beautiful mom and successful working woman was sad and obsessed with her tummy for about 15 years? See Kris’s Before & After Plastic Surgery [...]

    [Photo removed at celebrity rep's request.  You may find photo at: http://poponthepop.com/gallery/tameka-foster] This is the fuss most frequently heard around Tameka Foster, in today’s social swarm. The 35-year old fiancee of hip hop and R&B sensation Usher – who is 7 years her junior – has drawn quite the attention by unwisely bearing her stomach [...]

    Women looking for a minimally invasive, virtually scarless breast augmentation may find hope in a new and innovative procedure called Celution that has just gained approval in the European Union. The new plastic surgery technique achieves breast enlargement by injecting a supercharged fat mixture into the patient’s breast. Fat is taken from a woman’s stomach [...]

    Over the past few months, rumors have been growing about Paris Hilton‘s increasing bust size being attributed to breast implants. Some sites even included the 26-year-old socialite in their list of top 10 best celebrity breast augmentations. With Paris monopolizing the airwaves, half of the world has been wondering if her breasts are implants or [...]

    By Breanna Lebsack Seen bouncing around in an itsy-bitsy bikini in Maui, Hawaii on an early July weekend, reality star and pop singer Brooke Hogan was a sight to behold as her bust appeared to have grown overnight. It seems that wrestling champion Hulk Hogan’s daughter has opted for plastic surgery to boost her once [...]

    “Desperate Housewives” actress Eva Longoria’s wedding ceremony last July weekend on the lucky date of 07-07-07 with newlywed husband and basketballer Tony Parker was instantly billed by everyone as the Wedding Of The Year. The new Mrs. Parker was quite satisfied with her multi-million dollar ceremony and new ring, and who could blame her, with [...]

    Being large breasted is seen as an asset by most of us, but when your 40 Double D breasts causes you endless neck and back pain…you start to think differently. Veronica’s story is one of the best example how plastic surgery can help improve one’s life from physical and emotional respects. See Veronica’s Before & [...]

    Ashlee Simpson’s boyfriend Peter Wentz, the “Fall Out Boy” bassist/lyricist, is planning to take Ashlee’s advice and go under the knife. Ashlee, who recently had a nose job, has apparently recommended her own rhinoplasty plastic surgeon to give Paul a matching nose. An insider reveals that Pete Wentz is self-conscious about his nose and wants [...]

    Make Me Heal is excited to announce the names of the winners of the first-ever “Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Breast Implants”, which features the celebrities who people believe have the most attractive boob jobs. Make Me Heal polled its members and professional advisors from the plastic surgery and beauty industry (spanning plastic surgeons to stylists) [...]

    People constantly ask Makemeheal if solo singer and “No Doubt” frontwoman Gwen Stefani had any plastic surgery in her past. It’s high time these rumors are put to rest. The 37-year old rocker and mom Gwen Stefani, has always been recognized for her eccentric beauty and fashion style. It seems that Gwen had a nose [...]

    Amy Rueter (member name: Forca) from Bothell, WA is a 32 years old young woman that feels and looks sexy as ever. This mother of two adorable girls chose to have a full tummy tuck last September and since…dropped 6 sizes – from a 14 dress size to a size 8 in less than 13 [...]

    “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” premiered last night at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood to rave reviews. But chances are that most fans did not notice some other sort of magic brewing off the screen. J.K. Rowling, the 41-year old author of the famed Harry Potter fantasy series, is magically looking younger [...]

    Close-up photos of Jessica Simpson’s legs as she leaves the gym in a pair of small shorts has got some people speculating that the plastic surgery-friendly celebrity’s toned thighs, legs, and calves are the result of liposuction. The so-called damning photos show what some believe to be irregularity in the shape of Jessica’s thigh and [...]

    In what may be the biggest plastic surgery rumor of the year, it is now being speculated in some major gossip rags that Brad Pitt may have gone under the knife. But before everyone bawls over in front of their computer monitors, a moment of reflection is needed. The media has been wrong before countless [...]

    Carly (member name: diditall) has been on a quest for youth for the last 10 years. At one point, she couldn’t recognize herself in the mirror and wanted to reconnect with her real self. See Carly’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album. After intensive research on the internet and on Make Me Heal‘s website [...]

    Academy Award winning actress Cate Blanchett believes that parents should not allow their young children to get plastic surgery despite the pressure these children, namely girls, may feel to change their bodies according to media standards. The Australian actress confesses her relief that she is the mother of two boys (Dashiell, 5, and Roman, 3) [...]

    The eight-page nude pictorial of seven-time Olympic medal winner Amanda Beard in Playboy’s current July issue has got some aroused fans asking Make Me Heal if the swimming champion’s breasts are real or the result of plastic surgery. A look at swimmer Amanda Beard’s body reveals a naturally toned and muscular woman who clearly works [...]

    Everyone has seen advertisements for products and devices that claim to instantly melt your fat away. Now, there is a procedure called Lipodissolve that claims to do just that without plastic surgery. Thanks in part to popstar Britney Spears who allegedly had various Lipodissolve sessions recently, the procedure has been gaining wide interest from people [...]