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  • Actress and old school rapper Queen Latifah misses the old breasts that she had reduced by a few cup sizes through plastic surgery. The 37-year old Latifah got a breast reduction in 2003, which downsized her F size breasts to a double D cup size, as a way to reduce shoulder and back pain from [...]

    For four years Lisa (member name: futuremsw) exercised and ate healthy by using Weight Watchers to lose a sensational 160 pounds. After losing the weight, her skin did not drape over her new body and she experienced considerable sagging in her skin. She contacted exercise trainers and plastic surgeons to find out what she could [...]

    Britney Spears appears to have donned a new set of blown-up lips to celebrate her first outing with her kids since losing custody of her children. Seen this past Sunday with her two kids and a court-appointed chaperon driving in the San Fernando Valley, Britney sucked on a Starbucks latte while revealing freshly puffed lips [...]

    John Schneider, a guest star on Nip/Tuck and the star of the wildly popular 1980′s show “Dukes of Hazzard”, has apparently done a bit of tucking in his real life. The 47-year old star who is also a lead star in the TV show “Smallville” revealed that he had a liposuction on his stomach after [...]

    First, she was crowned Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire and FHM Magazines. Then, she was voted to have the best pair of breasts in Hollywood by In Touch Magazine. Thereafter, she was honored with the award of having the second most-kissable lips, following Angelina Jolie. A British poll even found her to have the best [...]

    All throughout her adolescent years, 24-year old Veronika (membername: veronika_7) watched enviously as her friends developed. Like any young woman, she wanted to be able to feel comfortable in a bathing suit and to be able to fill out a dress. Veronika always felt self-conscious about her 34AAA breasts and at the age of 16, [...]

    Kimberly Stewart, fashion model and socialite, but better known as singer Rod Stewart’s daughter, is in the news with a new plastic surgery rumor. It seems that the prominently large nose she inherited from her father was not to Kimberly’s liking and she decided to downside it to a slimmer, more refined version with a [...]

    Ashlee Simpson may be the youngest person on the planet using Botox, at least according to what one magazine says.  The 23-year old singer has been a poster child for plastic surgery ever since going under the knife for rhinoplasty.  Now, some insiders are speculating that Ashlee is using Botox injections as frequently as once [...]

    By Lillie Shockney, RN., BS., MAS Director of Education and Outreach The Johns Hopkins Breast Center I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992 at age 38. Our daughter, Laura, was twelve. When I told her that I had breast cancer and needed to have a mastectomy, she was distressed. She was worried that her [...]

    Nicole Kidman showed the world yet again how glamour and plastic surgery can mix effectively. Stepping out to a film premiere at the New York Film Festival just days ago with her husband Keith Urban, Nicole was a wrinkle-free sight to behold. Dressed in a cream white body-hugging dress, the svelte 40-year old looked so [...]

    Back in the plastic surgery gossip scene again, Hilary Duff is raising a few brows after being spotted unusually busty and beautiful at the City of Hope’s 2007 Spirit of Life dinner on September 28. With breast implants almost being a prerequisite in Hollywood, Duff giving into the trend is not so far off from [...]

    Leola’s (member name: Almostfine) life-long ambition has always been to get a stomach to match her petite frame. Ever since her teenage years, Leola was self-conscious about her stomach and vowed to get a tummy tuck when she was rich. Motherhood only made matters worse for her stomach. Watching a tummy tuck episode of the [...]

    When it comes to Madonna’s seemingly ageless body and face, many have been quick to pawn off her miraculous natural physical attributes to some freak of nature occurrence like the unfair will of the beauty gods or her so-called “lucky” genes. This explanation can only go so, as Madonna’s unsightly hands tell another story. Only [...]

    Joanne’s F To DD Breast Reduction

    October 1, 2007 in Personal Interviews by Makemeheal.com Staff | Leave a Comment

    Joanne’s (member name: xojoanox) life got a boost in late 2006 when she decided to undergo a plastic surgery that she has contemplated for nearly two decades. Having 44F breasts has been a major burden to Joanne in her life and ever since her early 20’s she thought about getting a breast reduction. The motivations [...]