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  • Former child star Tatum O’Neal is all grown-up, but she somehow manages to look younger than her age. Make Me Heal explores whether the former Dancing With the Stars contestant, who is also a recovering cocaine addict, is also addicted to plastic surgery. 44-year old actress Tatum O’Neal made tabloid covers when she was arrested [...]

    Daisy Fuentes may be better known for hosting television shows than for her acting. But either way, she is notorious for her hot bod. But Make Me Heal wants to know if she owes some of her famous curves to plastic surgery. The Cuban-born 41-year old uses Pilates to stay in shape. But we think [...]

    60-year old singer and actress Bernadette Peters doesn’t look a day over 40, leading Make Me Heal to wonder what her secret is. Is it good genes or good plastic surgery, or both? At a recent book-signing event, Bernadette appeared with the same smooth, freckle-free skin and curly hair she has always had. The multiple [...]

    The plastic surgeon that had operated on Donda West, Kanye West’s mother, before she died has been arrested on a DUI charge. Dr. Jan Adams was arrested in the wee hours of Thursday morning after the California Highway Patrol received calls reporting a Jaguar traveling south in the northbound lanes of Interstate 680 near Benicia [...]

    58-year old songstress Natalie Cole is following her “Unforgettable” duet with her dad, Nat King Cole by again using technology to record another duet with the deceased legendary singer for her upcoming album. But Make Me Heal suspects that while producers are working on the music, plastic surgeons are working on the singer. Although Natalie [...]

    British actress Jane Seymour’s 26-year old daughter Katie looks like she could be a sister of her 57-year old mother. So Make Me Heal wants to know if Katie will inherit more than just her mother’s natural beauty, and inherit her mom’s plastic surgery penchant as well. Jane famously got breast implants which she displayed [...]

    The Queen of Hip-hop Soul, Mary J, Blige is much loved for her music, but much criticized for her obvious breast implants. Mary J Blige was nominated at this year’s BET Awards for best Female R&B vocalist (see Make Me Heal’s story on Plastic Surgery at the BET Awards). While Alicia Keys walked away with [...]

    MAKEMEHEAL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen is very open about her choices in life, including her use of Botox and Juvederm. While other Hollywood figures busy themselves with lying about getting plastic surgery, Virginia feels that there is no need to hide what she sees as just another choice she makes to express herself. [...]

    The pyrotechnics that opened Usher’s set at this year’s BET Awards didn’t have nearly as much shock value as the plastic surgery onstage, which was chock full of Make Me Heal‘s plastic surgery alumni. Nearly all the nominees for Best Female R&B Artist have had plastic surgery. Mariah Carey has had more procedures than you [...]

    Tyra Banks may just be one of the savviest models around, having forged a new career after the runway in talk show television. Tyra recently won a Daytime Emmy award for her television talk show, “The Tyra Banks Show.” On her show, she often dispels rumors and myths not only about women in general, but [...]

    She may be ready to pop out twins with her husband, Brad Pitt any moment, but that hasn’t made Angelina Jolie any less Wanted. Plastic surgeons have often reported that patients most often request Angelina’s nose. In Angie’s new flick Wanted, which hits theatres this Friday, it is easy to see why it is so [...]


    June 24, 2008 in Uncategorized by ericharatz | Leave a Comment

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    Jamie Lee Curtis has been openly against plastic surgery (See Make Me Heal’s story on Jamie Lee Curtis’ Plastic Surgery). But now it seems the 49 year old star might have a new reason for hating it. After undergoing eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) when she was 35, the True Lies actress became hooked on pain pills. [...]

    The Internet was abuzz last week when tabloids reported that Sex & the City co-stars Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis checked in to St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital for some double plastic surgery, a breast augmentation and varicose vein removal, respectively. Cynthia has since stated, “I was at St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital for my three- monthly [...]

    Mischa Barton, star of the now-ended Fox drama The OC has been fighting a losing battle with cellulite for some time. While the tabloids and fans obsess over how unsightly her cellulite appears, Make Me Heal offers Mischa some solutions. The 22-year old actress has an otherwise good body, but seems to have a chronic [...]

    A Hollywood actress just revealed that the large majority of African American women in Hollywood have gotten plastic surgery. In an unusual move, actress and former 50 Cent sidekick Elise Neal just opened up about the prevalence of plastic surgery among black female celebrities. She also fesses up to having gone under the knife herself. [...]

    Kim Looks Great After a Face Lift

    June 20, 2008 in Personal Interviews by Makemeheal.com Staff | 4 Comments

    See Kim’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album. 63 year old, Kim (friendname: kimk27) has always known that she would get plastic surgery when she started to show facial aging. As soon as she saw her friend’s success with a facelift, she knew that it was time. Kim spent hours online, researching for the [...]

    Popular television show Weeds returned this week, although without twin Mary-Kate Olsen and her perfect nose job. The show’s star, Mary Louise Parker has had more than enough work done to satisfy Make Me Heal’s plastic surgery cravings. The 43-year old actress recently adopted a daughter; she already had a son from a previous relationship. [...]

    Taylor Dayne is a pop artist who recently found herself in trouble with the law after being pulled over in March for driving erratically, resulting in a recent DUI conviction. Reading the story, Make Me Heal noticed how plastic the 46-year old looks, from her breasts to her face. Since hitting the pop charts in [...]

    Twenty-something’s will fondly remember Meagan Good from her small role on The Disney Channel Original Series The Famous Jett Jackson. Since then she has gone on to star as the hot girlfriend in countless movies. This Friday, she and her breast implants join the cast of the film The Love Guru alongside Mike Meyers, Justin [...]

    Gabrielle Union isn’t the most famous actress around, but she is one of the most recognizable black actresses working in Hollywood today. As she moves up the ladder of success, Make Me Heal suspects she may have had a rhinoplasty to help her fit in. 35-year old Gabrielle has always looked younger than her age; [...]

    Former Disney star Anne Hathaway will be back on the big screen this coming Friday in the movie version of popular television sitcom Get Smart. Before the movie hits theatres, Make Me Heal investigates whether or not the 25-year old actress and her co-stars Steve Carell and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have had plastic surgery. [...]

    At 45 years old, Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson is still holding true to her nickname, “The Body.” When Make Me Heal learned that Elle Macpherson’s breasts have gone from a C-cup to a D-cup during her long modeling career, we wondered if that was really a natural spurt or the work of a clever plastic [...]

    A decade after the Spice Girls all-female singing group broke out, the ladies are still in the news. After recently spotting all except Posh at a red carpet event in London, Make Me Heal took note of a question that evaded us all this time: Do all the Spice Girls have breast implants? We examine [...]

    When George Clooney broke up with model/showgirl and possible escort girlfriend Sarah Larson, the world wasn’t surprised. She wasn’t an actress or a Hollywood fixture and the Ocean’s star is a notorious life-long bachelor. Recently, rumors have begun to spring up that the reason for the couple’s break-up was due to a disagreement over Sarah’s [...]

    If you’ve ever wondered what a celebrity dermatologist has to offer, meeting Beverly Hills-based Dr. Stuart Kaplan makes you understand. In this intimate interview, Dr. Kaplan tells Make Me Heal about some of the treatments, beauty secrets, and skin care tips that have made him the go-to cosmetic dermatologist for film, music, and television stars. [...]

    It has been a while since Catherine Zeta-Jones has been plastered all over the media, advertising a new movie. But when Make Me Heal saw photos of Catherine looking much thinner than her usually curvaceous self, we wondered if the Welsh beauty has gotten a little liposuction to achieve her new shape. In the past, [...]

    The Hulk Hogan family used to seem like the only celebrity family that was normal back when their reality TV show Hogan Knows Best first premiered a few years ago. Since then, their family has fallen apart and Mama Linda Hogan seems to have taken it upon herself to put them back together, one plastic [...]

    Shauna Sand is more famous for the Lucite stripper shoes she wears on every occasion than for anything else she has done. Shauna is a former Playmate and the ex wife of Lorenzo Lamas, with whom she has three girls. With rumors of a Shauna Sand shoe line and a possible reality TV show swirling [...]

    Vanessa Williams, the former beauty queen currently starring on ABC’s hit TV show Ugly Betty has proudly declared herself to be a Botox user. But Make Me Heal suspects that Vanessa’s use of plastic surgery to maintain her looks goes a little further than a couple of injections. 45- year old Vanessa Williams told Barbara [...]

    Recently, Giselle Bundchen just said that she will never consider having plastic surgery. But Make Me Heal has known for years that the highest paid supermodel in the world has had a breast augmentation to boost her chest and career. Known mostly recently for her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, 27-year old Giselle recently [...]

    67-year old legendary actress Faye Dunaway has been spotted out and about with some new additions to her face. With a career that spans over 40 years, Faye Dunaway has often spoken out against Hollywood’s ageism, but it appears that as she has felt the pressure, she has tried to reverse the aging process through [...]

    Sylvester Stallone’s ex-wife, Brigitte Nielsen, was most recently seen on the reality TV show, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew trying to cope with her alcoholism. Now, the 44-year old model and actress is planning on undergoing numerous plastic surgeries while a TV crew films the operations for a three-part program to be broadcasted on German [...]

    It seems like every few weeks there’s more evidence that former pre-teen queen Hilary Duff and newly grown-up movie star has had a breast augmentation. With Hilary’s breast looking bigger and bigger by the month, some are wondering if the star has undergone multiple breast augmentations to achieve her latest breast size. Make Me Heal [...]