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  • Make Me Heal reported when Sylvester Stallone’s ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen planned to go under the knife on German TV (See Make Me Heal’s story on Brigitte Nielsen’s plastic surgery). Now she’s out of the operating room and back on the street, looking better than ever. On the show, Brigitte received multiple cosmetic procedures, which according [...]

    Convicted French plastic surgeon Michel Maure, 59, is believed to have fled France on his yacht after the French state prosecutor of Marseilles recommended he go to jail for four years. buy vardenfil fast delivery Brand Viagra Dr. Maure was recently found guilty of illegally carrying out dozens of plastic surgeries, including liposuction and breast [...]

    Fans of Bravo’s reality television show, Shear Genius, will recognize judge and celebrity hairstylist Kim Vo. Others may know him for his prevalence on celebrity gossip shows and his appearances on E! The Daily 10. Make Me Heal purchase Prozac knows that it takes a lot of plastic surgery work to get Kim looking the [...]

    We’ve all heard how most of the skincare products that we apply on the skin never actually penetrate through to the deep layers of the skin, which results in very little delivery of the product’s active ingredients to dermis. Now, there is a hot new at-home device that solves this problem called the skin roller. [...]

    If you don’t know who Phoebe Price is, you’re not alone. The tabloid frequenter seems to turn up at every red carpet event and in the pages of every tabloid, although nobody knows why she gets so much exposure. More of a mystery than who she actually is, however, is how much plastic surgery she [...]

    It takes a lot of work to be the First Lady of France. Just check out all the plastic surgery work Carla Bruni has had in order to rise to the top to be popular French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s new wife and is said to be following in the footsteps of American Presidential wife fashion [...]

    Wendy Williams is a larger than life entertainment personality that recently made the transition from radio to television. She recently made the news for trading plastic surgery based barbs with her guest, reality show villain Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth of “The Apprentice.” Although both women have intensely strong personalities, Wendy wins when it comes to having plastic [...]

    46- year old Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has been compared to that of the Kennedy’s. But would the democratic candidate be quite so handsome without a nose job in his past? Make Me Heal looks at the rumors of plastic surgery in the Obama camp. Early pictures of law student Barack Obama reveal a geeky [...]

    Rock-n-roller Alice Cooper is not allowed to get plastic surgery because his wife Sheryl will not let him go under the knife. cheap Cialis The 60-year old star once considered getting a rhinoplasty (nose job), but his wife of 32 years stopped him from doing it because his signature nose is so unique that changing [...]

    While the state of the economy is making people think twice about opening their wallets, Londie Bowman found a creative way to pay for her plastic surgery makeover. Bowman, 32, has just been busted for using a stolen debit card to pay for her Mommie Makeover, which typically consists of a breast lift, tummy tuck, [...]

    By Babak Azizzadeh, M.D. Modern 21st Century facial rejuvenation has evolved tremendously especially in the last decade. Historically, the aging process was considered to be secondary to laxity and gravity, which resulted in sagging skin. However, over the last decade research and physician experiences have revealed that the aging process has multiple components. The primary [...]

    Alicia Duvall is another Jordan-type glamour model from Britain (See Make Me Heal’s story on Jordan’s plastic surgery get Paxil Order Retin-A online order diflucan ). Although she has already had several breast augmentation surgeries, she is going back for more. Moreover, she seems to have passed on her love of plastic surgery to her [...]

    While a lot of focus has been placed on bad plastic surgery on women, it appears there are just as many male celebrities who were once handsome but who have been so surgically enhanced that they have become unappealing shadows of their former selves. Couture designer Thierry Mugler was once a handsome designer but now [...]

    See Mia’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album. After having her twin girls in 2003, 29 year old Mia (friendname: bellydancingmama) knew that she would get a tummy tuck in the future. After her son in 2006, Mia started seriously considering a tummy tuck by checking out books on plastic surgery from her local [...]

    Young girls are just as susceptible to feelings of inadequacy as the rest of the world, finds a study. At as tender an age as 10, young girls report feeling depressed and even considering plastic surgery as a result of the media attention focusing on the looking as perfect as celebrities. The girls feel pressure [...]

    Around two weeks after giving birth to Sunday Rose, Nicole Kidman’s back on the streets looking like she’s already regained her former, pre-pregnancy body. But it doesn’t look like the popular actress had a plastic surgery mommie makeover to shed the pounds — or at least not yet. During her pregnancy, Nicole was frequently seen [...]

    Some people just can’t seem to learn from their mistakes and actress Melanie Griffith seems to be one of them. Despite criticism over her plastic surgery, at a recent public appearance, Melanie appeared more overdone than ever. Melanie will turn 51 next month and has already undergone admitted collagen injections in her lips. What she [...]

    When Hollywood gets a hit, they make more shows in the same vein. With the success of TV shows like Dr. 90210, Nip/Tuck and Extreme Makeover continuing to get good ratings, it must be time for the latest installment. Enter Momlogic. Momlogic is rumored to be the next wave of plastic surgery TV shows. Momlogic [...]

    By Leonard M. Hochstein, MD The perfect breast augmentation begins by choosing the right plastic surgeon. I think by now everyone understands board certification and some of the fake boards that are out so I will not dwell on these issues, but talk about more specifics as I have seen in my experience. I believe [...]

    Sex symbol turned animal rights activist, Bo Derek, is looking good for her 51 years. esomeprazole online Make Me Heal wonders if the actress has gone under the knife, and possibly owes her smooth skin and bright complexion to plastic surgery. buy Albendazole Famous for he amazing beach body in the 1979 movie “10,” Bo [...]

    Jennifer Aniston is 39 and looks better than when she made a name for herself on the television show “Friends” years ago. Many have wondered what the superstar’s secret to looking so good is and now the answer may have come out. The National Enquirer reports that a source tells them that since Jennifer began [...]

    58-year old actress Cybill Shepherd hasn’t had Botox yet. But despite her plastic surgery fears, In Your Face blog is reporting that the blonde is about to take the next step. Cybill Shepherd is best known for her television roles on Moonlighting and Cybill, but she rose to stardom playing a sex kitten in the [...]

    As Entourage fans are eagerly awaiting Ari Gold’s return to premium prime time, Make Me Heal is eager to see what new toupees Jeremy Piven wears. Jeremy is notorious for wearing toupees in lieu of receiving plastic surgery for hair restoration. Paparazzi captured very soon to be 43-year old Jeremy’s wig getting prepped for shooting [...]

    When Make Me Heal saw the pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker without the mole on her chin that is part of her signature appearance, we wondered if she had decided to cover it up or if she had had it removed like other celebrities with famous moles. 43-year old Sarah Jessica recently appeared without the [...]

    In a world where height is greatly valued, some people are willing to undergo brutal, greatly painful and enormously expensive leg lengthening plastic surgery to gain an extra couple of inches. Leg lengthening is often done in other countries, with regulations that are different from those in the United States. The cost is often upwards [...]

    Hollywood has always been a place for gorgeous faces, and tight bodies. The real trick is to make them last as long as possible. Recent photographs of Helen Mirren in a bikini have brought about some questions as to how the 63-year old can still look so hot in a bikini. For a woman of [...]

    Last year, Make Me Heal reported on British glamour model Jordan’s decision to undergo more plastic surgery to decrease the size of her breast implants. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Jordan’s New Plastic Surgery). Last year, Jordan was quoted as saying, “[My breasts] have already gone saggy after three children so I want them [...]

    No matter which candidate you plan to vote for in the next presidential election, one thing is certain, Senator John McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain is for plastic surgery. At first, Make Me Heal thought that style guru Tim Gunn had it right when he was reportedly quoted as saying, “Cindy McCain looks like someone has [...]

    An Irishman, convinced he was so fat and ugly that his decade younger wife would leave him, died while undergoing elective cosmetic surgery overseas. Pierre Christian Lawlor (33), of Belarmine Place, Stepaside, Dublin, married Venezulean Andrea Galeano, who was 23 at the time of her husband’s death, traveled to Colombia to have plastic surgery because [...]

    Ellen Barkin is an unconventionally pretty actress who often portrays sexy, rough around the edges characters. At 54, she is certainly at a stage in her life and career when many women have had plastic surgery to maintain their looks. However, Make Me Heal thinks that Ellen is aging with minimal cosmetic surgery. As Make [...]

    By David M. Amron, M.D. As a physician and surgeon, one of my main responsibilities is to honestly guide, educate, advise and protect my patients. As liposuction surgery is the only major cosmetic surgery I perform and I have done this procedure for 14 years for thousands of patients, I have a lot of opinions [...]

    Tina Turner is a rock n’ roll icon, but she may also be a plastic surgery icon. The 68-year old keeps on rockin’ and so do her good looks, which may be due to a face lift and other procedures like Botox and chemical peels. When the multi-Grammy award winning singer was up on stage [...]

    What do all the women in Alexander Rodriguez’s life have in common? While some might wonder if this is another A-Rod joke, the punchline is true: they all had plastic surgery. While everyone is focusing on A-Rod’s extramarital relationships, few may have noticed an interesting fact that has been overlooked with all of them — [...]

    Anna Kournikova may better known for serving up steamy photos than being a great tennis player. But the hot 27-year old is already saying no to Botox and breast implants. Anna is still young, so she may not realize how harsh the aging process can be, and it is even harsher on those in the [...]

    Last night crowned Miss Universe 2008. Miss Venezuela Danyana Mendoza took home the crowning honor. Miss USA slipped and fell for the second year in a row, with a video seen round the Internet. And many of the contestants seemed to be all natural. This could be because some countries have rules about contestants with [...]

    Australian singer and actress Olivia Newton-John celebrated America’s birthday on July 4th by wedding her boyfriend, Australian entrepreneur John Easterling. Make Me Heal thinks that Olivia has been keeping up with her plastic surgery to help her look younger than ever, especially now that she has a husband 3 years her junior. Last year, Make [...]

    Carrot Top is frequently cited as a top ten contender for most awful plastic surgery disasters, along with familiar faces like Michael Jackson, Jocelyn Wildenstein, and Kenny Rogers. The curly-haired comedian has become better known for his over-the-top appearance than he has for his comedy. Make Me Heal takes a look at this funnyman’s funny [...]

    Jordan is a famous voluptuous English model who has had multiple plastic surgery procedures, most notoriously to make her breasts a size 30G and more recently, a breast reduction to make them more manageable for her non-modeling career (read about Jordan’s Plastic Surgery). While Jordan is looking to move away from plastic surgery, one British [...]

    Meryl Streep and Julie Walters are veteran actresses in their late 50′s from opposite ends of the pond. Besides co-starring in next week’s film Mama Mia! the two stars have recently made statements to the media about how they feel about going under the knife. Meryl Streep recently said that she hasn’t had plastic surgery [...]

    Brendan Fraser has long been a sex symbol and his lush, full head of hair has been the focus of many of his roles, from Encino Man to the Mummy series. This Friday marks Brendan’s return to the big screen in the family-friendly remake of Journey to the Center of the Earth and provides a [...]

    Sheryl Crow battled breast cancer and won and now it looks like she may be winning the battle with aging as well. Sheryl successfully beat breast cancer by opting for breast preservation therapy, which is when the surgeon takes the tumor out, leaving the breast behind but intact. Sheryl Crow is 46-year old but looks [...]

    Jeremy Jackson played teen heartthrob Hobie on the popular 90′s television show, Baywatch. Now, it looks like the 27-year old actor has had more plastic surgery than his TV dad, David Hasselhoff (See Make Me Heal‘s story on David Hasselhoff’s Possible Plastic Surgery). If Jeremy was seeking to revive his acting career by going under [...]

    Corey Feldman, 80s child star and recent comeback kid on the reality show “The Two Coreys” has reportedly had plastic surgery after being inspired by his wife, Susie. Reports say that 36-year old Corey was so inspired (or aroused) by his wife’s breast augmentation that he decided to go under the knife himself. He reportedly [...]

    Make Me Heal has long held the opinion that German model Heidi Klum’s good looks aren’t all natural. But now that Heidi is speaking out against plastic surgery, Make Me Heal is calling her bluff. Heidi Klum is pulling a move and has come out blasting plastic surgery, saying “There’s something odd when you’re 35 [...]

    The dermal fillers market is about to get even more crowded with the arrival of Elevess, a hyaluronic acid-based injectable filler for facial wrinkles. Although it was approved in July 2007 by the Food and Drug Administration for sale in the United States, Elevess has since remained relatively unknown compared to popular competing hyaluronic acid [...]

    Sophia Loren has often been hailed as aging gracefully and naturally. But after Sophia Loren surfaced in the headlines recently after speaking out about the garbage pile-up in the city of Naples, Make Me Heal realized that over the years, the Italian beauty has most likely had some plastic surgery to help her retain the [...]

    Pharmaceutical company giant Johnson & Johnson has big plans for penetrating the plastic surgery market that until now has been dominated by companies like Allergan and Medicis. J&J has just received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance to market Evolence, a new collagen injectable for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, correcting moderate to deep facial [...]

    26-year old tattoo artist Kat Von D clearly has no fear of needles, as much of her body is covered in artwork. But does the star of reality TV show “LA Ink” also have work done below the skin? An early picture of Kat reveals not only a lot less make-up and fewer tattoos, but [...]

    Pussycat Doll lead singer Nicole Scherzinger has a perfect body. But it doesn’t look likely that it’s the one she was born with. Make Me Heal looks at the rumors about Nicole’s plastic surgery. Just-turned 30, Nicole’s breasts look like the result of a breast augmentation. Although they fluctuate in size, depending on the Doll’s [...]

    South African beauty Charlize Theron stars with Will Smith in the much-anticipated movie Hancock this week. But has the 32-year old had any plastic surgery? Make Me Heal takes a look at the evidence. Since her early days, Charlize definitely looks a little different than she used to, although below the neck, her B-cup breasts [...]

    38- year old Uma Thurman got engaged last week to Arpad Busson, a financier. Uma has previously been married to actors Gary Oldman and Ethan Hawke, with whom she has two children. Seeing Uma in the news, Make Me Heal wondered if there any truth to the long standing prumors of the Pulp Fiction actress [...]

    Jennifer Lopez’s body changes as often as the multi-career hats she wears, from Fly Girl, To Jenny From The Block, to fashion designer. A few months ago, Make Me Heal reported on Jennifer’s possible plastic surgery mommy makeover. It now seems that those rumors can be put to rest as being untrue (See Make Me [...]

    Less than a month after giving birth to Honor Marie Warren, Jessica Alba’s back on the streets looking like she’s well on her way to regaining her former, pre-pregnancy svelte curves. But it doesn’t look like the popular young actress had a plastic surgery mommie makeover to shed the pounds — or at least not [...]

    54-year old supermodel Christie Brinkley is in the middle of a bitter divorce battle. But does the mother of three also battle aging with plastic surgery? Make Me Heal investigates. Christie Brinkley looks so much like she did back in her modeling heydays of the late 70s and 80s that Make Me Heal suspects that [...]

    In this edition of Weird, Fun & Tragic Plastic Surgery, we turn to the morbid side of plastic surgery, as we wanted to make everyone aware of plastic surgery gone bad from around the world to reinforce the importance of getting the right plastic surgeon and also getting your research and physical examination done ahead [...]

    British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is best known stateside for his craggy and cranky appearance on his reality cooking show, Hell’s Kitchen. But some viewers think the tough guy has gone soft. Make Me Heal investigates Botox is a dermal injectable that relaxes muscles, to give the face a softer, smoother appearance. Usually Ramsay’s face [...]