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  • Hollywood’s latest lesbian couple has finally come out of the not-very-well concealed closet. Lindsay Lohan and her longtime girlfriend Samantha Ronson may have more than a love of music in common, they may have a future in plastic surgery together. Samantha Ronson has long been open about her sexuality, dressing in a less than feminine [...]

    Hollywood screen legend Paul Newman passed away over the weekend at the age of 83. The handsome actor and notorious philanthropist died at home after losing a bout with cancer. Make Me Heal remembers him fondly and recalls rumors of his plastic surgery. Paul Newman was known throughout his long career for his stunning good [...]

    See Iris’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album. Even since she was in middle school, 21 year old Iris (friendname: bigshnoz) had been insecure about a bump on her nose. Because her nose was one of the few ways to differentiate between her and her twin sister, it was often mentioned and was hard [...]

    Richard Gere and Diane Lane are once again falling in love onscreen in this weekend’s opening of Nights in Rodanthe, a film based on popular author Nicholas Sparks’ novel. The most interesting part of the film is that despite being older than much of Hollywood’s most popular actors, neither Richard nor Diane appears to have [...]

    Paul McCartney’s ex-wife, Heather Mills, looks like she’s had some recent plastic surgery, maybe breast implants or a breast lift. She was looking particularly busty as she prepared to leave England’s Heathrow Airport for New York. Former model and former Beatle wife, Heather Mills looked far bustier than usual as photographers captured her strolling through [...]

    Last week, Victoria Beckham premiered her new pixie cut at Fashion Week, setting the Internet abuzz with photos of the favorite fashionista. But eagle eyes also thought they spotted another change in the posh dresser’s appearance via plastic surgery, and specifically, a nose job (rhinoplasty). Posh Beckham has already had plastic surgery, most notably on [...]

    By Karen M. Horton, MD, MSc, FRCSC What is the “Mommy Makeover”? Mothers devote so much of themselves and their resources to their children, from time and energy to money and miles on the car. Moms feel good about this, knowing that every sacrifice is more than worthwhile to keep their family healthy and happy. [...]

    Could singer/actress Katharine McPhee be keeping a plastic surgery secret from her fans and public? In a recent appearance at New York Fashion Week, Katharine caught the attention of many onlookers with larger-than-usual cleavage flowing out of a very low-plunging pink dress. Her “accentuated” breasts left many wondering whether or not she has joined the [...]

    It has been a busy week for actor Charlie Sheen. His TV show Two and a Half Men returned to air, the DVD of last season was released, and he was nominated for an Emmy. Not to mention his hectic personal life, from tabloid interest in his ex-wife, Denise Richards, to his pregnant current wife, [...]

    Sunday’s red carpet Emmy event was full of Make Me Heal celebrity plastic surgery alums, from nominees to winners to supporting cast members and celebrity hangers-on. Jeremy Piven won in his category for best supporting actor in a comedy series for his work on Entourage. Make Me Heal has previously reported about Jeremy’s hair loss [...]

    See Beladie’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Pictures Album. Since her college days, 39 year old Beladie (friendname: beladie) has always known that she would get plastic surgery as soon as it became affordable. She lost 75 lbs through her hard work at the gym and her self-confidence was at an all time high. When [...]

    Meg Ryan was America’s sweetheart When Harry Met Sally. But when the cute blonde star entered her forties, she made a big mistake and had unnecessary cosmetic surgery to enhance her lips and is now nearly unrecognizable in her starring role in the recent remake of the 1939 classic The Women. In approximately 2005, now [...]

    “Scary Movie” actress Anna Faris recently starred in the newly released film “House Bunny”.  But this Playboy bunny was not always a feast for the eyes, as her old photos suggest that plastic surgery may have had a role in her ascent to fame. There are some seeming structural changes to Anna Faris’ nose foundation [...]

    When Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama revealed his running mate for the upcoming election, he also revealed Senator Joe Biden’s ancient hair transplants. Make Me Heal explores Joe’s hair loss history and how it can be improved in the future. 65-year old Joe Biden has been fighting hair loss for many years. In the 1980’s, [...]

    Former N’ Sync boy band wonder Lance Bass will soon be making television history as the first openly gay contestant on the popular television show Dancing with the Stars. Like many singers, Lance Bass has had plastic surgery. The 29-year old pop star used to have a wider nose with a longer tip. After a [...]

    Dannii Minogue, sometime pop star and sister of pop singer Kylie Minogue (See Make Me Heal’s story on Kylie Minogue’s Reconstructive Plastic Surgery) has had some plastic surgery of her own. The popular judge of Britain’s X-Factor has admitted to having several different plastic surgery procedures, although none of them have left her feeling happier [...]

    George Clooney, the perennial prankster, has come clean about having plastic surgery. The handsome actor is starring in a movie with friend and co-star Brad Pitt in this weekend’s Burn After Reading. Make Me Heal reported last year on the 47-year old’s admission to having plastic surgery. (See Make Me Heal’s story on George Clooney’s [...]

    MAKE ME HEAL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! For 36 years, swimming legend Mark Spitz held the record for winning the most gold medals in one Olympics. Although Michael Phelps may have eclipsed this record in the Beijing Olympics this year, Mark Spitz remains a timeless inspiration. Putting the medals aside, Make Me Heal interviewed Mark about his [...]

    By Michael A. Persky, M.D., F.A.C.S. Fraxel re:pair is the newest and most innovative laser skin rejuvenative system to hit the market in the history of lasers. What is Fraxel re:pair? It is a fractionated carbon dioxide (CO2) laser developed by Reliant Technologies, Inc. in Mountain View, CA. Reliant is the pioneer laser company in [...]

    Jennifer Garner is making headlines again as one of Hollywood’s possible soon-to-be mommies. While all eyes will be on Jennifer once she gives birth to see if she gets a Mommy plastic surgery makeover, Make Me Heal has discovered that the popular action star might already have a plastic surgery past. Part of Jennifer’s charm [...]

    This past weekend, Rihanna shimmied on stage as a performer at the Video Music Awards, losing out on the Moonman for best female video to Britney Spears’ triumphant return to the VMA stage. In the past, Make Me Heal has speculated as to whether or not Rihanna has had any plastic surgey. (See Make Me [...]

    Everyone has probably at one time or another wondered “Should I Get Plastic Surgery?”. For those of you who have taken the question more seriously than a fleeting thought, there is an exciting new tool from Make Me Heal that helps you make up your mind on this question.  Launched yesterday by Make Me Heal, [...]

    Christina Applegate is no stranger to going under the knife, as Make Me Heal has previously reported on Christina’s plastic surgery. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Christina Applegate’s plastic surgery). But when the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer, Christina joined the ranks of women who opt for double mastectomies as their preferred treatment. [...]

    MTV helped Britney Spears redeem her perfect pop-star image by allowing Britney to return to this year’s Video Music Awards ceremony as the opening presenter. Britney’s appearance at this year’s VMA’s was a far cry from last year’s performance debacle where the out of shape star sleepwalked her way through her song. Make Me Heal [...]

    See Katy’s Before & After Plastic Surgery Photo Album After years of contemplating a breast reduction, Katy (friendname: lilkt ), finally decided to go through with the procedure. With a lot of help from her family, friends, and Make Me Heal, Katy’s procedure was a great success. While preparing for her procedures, Katy used the [...]

    Has TV’s bad girl Shannen Doherty has returned home to Beverly Hills 90210 with a brand new look? 37-year old Shannen’s return to TV and the show that made her famous has put Shannen back in the spotlight. The Post Chronicle reports that Shannen has ruled out plastic surgery, saying “These are my looks, whether [...]

    Musical legend and sometimes actress Cher has returned to the stage for a three-year engagement at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.  But before taking on the Strip, Cher dropped back in at the surgeon’s office for some more plastic surgery. After being spotted leaving medical buildings on Bedford Boulevard in Beverly Hills, CA and [...]

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond is renowned for the rhinoplasties (nose jobs) that he achieves with a technique that he has perfected over years of experience.  In this personal article written by Dr. Diamond himself, he discusses all the intricacies associated with achieving a natural result.  Dr. Diamond also lets us know his opinions of [...]