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  • order albuterol In the never-ending drama that is the demise of the marriage of Linda and Hulk Hogan, new allegations have arisen that Linda has spent $14,000 on a single visit to the plastic surgeon. Linda currently gets $40,000 a month but wants more, reportedly for her young boyfriend to go to school. Hulk has [...]

    As the current season of the popular celebrity-filled “Dancing With the Stars” comes to an end, Make Me Heal explores whether or not the three finalists, singer Lance Bass, host and model Brooke Burke (and winner) and former NFL-er Warren Sapp have had plastic surgery. Lance Bass has certainly gone under the knife, as Make [...]

    With the phenomenal popularity of the teen vampire flick, Make Me Heal thought we would explore allegations of whether or not British heartthrob Robert Pattinson has had plastic surgery. 22-year old Robert Pattinson is new to the film scene, but his recent appearance in Twilight has been nothing but successful. The teen first caught the [...]

    Does anyone know a woman who wouldn’t want to trade shaving and waxing regularly for a few painless treatments that will leave her hairless with silky skin? Because the answer for most women is a resounding no, the hottest present for this holiday season may just be a home laser hair removal device that keeps [...]

    Victoria’s Secret models are supposed to be the most perfect creatures to walk the catwalk. But newcomer Karolina Kurkova is lacking something all the others have: a bellybutton. Is plastic surgery the cause of her lack of a belly button? Apparently, fashion magazines actually airbrush a belly button in for the 24-year old beauty because [...]

    Hard rock band Guns N’ Roses has had a dizzying array of members come and go during its over 20 year history. Only lead singer Axl Rose, notorious plastic surgery victim has remained the same. Now, with the most anticipated album in history Chinese Democracy finally dropping this weekend, Make Me Heal wonders how many [...]

    As Jessica Simpson’s latest album drops to the bottom of the country music charts, it seems the once pop princess has again used plastic surgery to blow up her lips in an attempt augment her career. 28-year old Jessica has long been the subject of plastic surgery rumors that most center around her large chest, [...]

    As the popularity of the reality television show, The Hills, continues to grow it seems that the chest of one of the cast, Audrina Partridge, continues to grow as well with the help of plastic surgery. Audrina is the only brunette amongst a sea of blondes and it seems she has used her stunning figure [...]

    Being the father of six kids under the age of 10, including twin newborns is sure to take a toll on the appearance, even a world renowned sexy man like actor Brad Pitt. While Brad hasn’t been looking his best for a while, he recently began sporting a mustache and a much more refreshed face [...]

    John Cleese has been a celebrated actor and comedian for many years on both sides of the pond. But before he made it big with Monty Python, John Cleese began losing his hair. Now, the funnyman and actor has admitted to having hair transplants. 69-year old John Cleese has been the victim of hair loss [...]

    Noses come in all shapes and sizes and lend character and interest to the face. Yet many young stars, especially upon first arriving in Hollywood, succumb to the knife and end up sporting the same nose as everyone else. Which is why it nice to see an up and coming actress like Vanessa Lengies not [...]

    Actress Elizabeth Banks, last seen as Laura Bush in the new Oliver Stone film “W”, may have a plastic surgery secret. Current photographs of the thirty-four year old petite and perky blonde show the kind of flawless nose that may have been produced by an experienced plastic surgeon. If she had gotten a nose job, [...]

    By Sherrell Aston, M.D., F.A.C.S. Rachel A. Miller, PA-C The holiday season is quickly approaching, and we are all eager to celebrate with family, friends, and colleagues. But some of us are, at the same time, wishing we could have a little more time to get “holiday ready.” That is, we know that our holiday [...]

    47-year old Julianne Moore has always been outspoken about her negative feelings about plastic surgery. But recently, it seems the Oscar-nominated actress has had a change of heart. In the past, Make Me Heal has reported on Julianne Moore’s thoughts about plastic surgery (See Make Me Heal’s story on Julianne Moore’s opinion on plastic surgery). [...]

    Buy Topamax on line Ever since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen got matching nose jobs last year, the Internet has been ablaze with rumors of what plastic surgery procedures the fashion-loving twins will do next. After Make Me Heal reported on the billionaire’s plans to get matching rhinoplasties, (See Make Me Heal’s story on the Olsen [...]

    Plastic surgery seems to run in the family for many celebrities and Olivia Newton-John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi is no exception. While 60-year old Olivia’s plastic surgery appears to be fairly natural-looking (See Make Me Heal’s story on Olivia Newton-John’s plastic surgery), the results of her 22-year old daughter’s journey under the knife look decidedly fake. [...]

    Singer Natalie Imbruglia rose to fame with her hit single “Torn.” Now the once pretty brunette is a blonde that looks like she has been torn apart with plastic surgery. The 33-year old singer has the overall wrinkle-free look of too much Botox. Natalie’s perpetual look of surprise could also be the result of “Botox [...]

    Lindsay Price can currently be seen on television’s Lipstick Jungle, where Make Me Heal suspects the Asian American landed as a result of some excellent plastic surgery. 31-year old Lindsay co-stars alongside Make Me Heal alum Brooke Shields (See Make Me Heal’s story on Brooke Shield’s Plastic Surgery) as one of New York City’s most [...]

    Kathie Lee Gifford has been a talk-show host staple since the 1980′s. No longer starring on her own talk show, the 55-year old host has made her way to the “Today” show, where she looks younger than ever. The aging process creates a loss of laxity in the skin as well as wrinkles, especially horizontal [...]

    With the historic presidential election at a close, Make Me Heal wonders what plastic surgery procedure would our newly elected president, Barack Obama,  most benefit from? And how could his opponent, John McCain have benefited from going under the knife. Make Me Heal consults a panel of experts. The first African-American president to be elected [...]

    As the popular TV show Scrubs prepares to switch channels and it comes to end, Make Me Heal investigates the plastic surgery of one the show’s wittiest characters, Christa Miller, who plays the ex-wife of caustic Dr. Cox. Since her turn on the Drew Carey Show, Christa has begun to appear increasing plastic, from breasts [...]

    When actress Jennifer Tilly turned 50 this year, fans were floored. The poker player looks just as good as she did when she began her rise to fame, nearly 20 years ago. Usually, when actresses her age look that good, they also look as if they are made of plastic, but Jennifer has a very [...]