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  • Valerie Bertinelli is once again in the spotlight, thanks to her weight loss adventures on Jenny Craig. With her newly rockin’ bod, many have wondered if Valerie has had plastic surgery on her face to get that cover ready as well. Although Valerie is 49 and doesn’t seem to exhibit many of the usual signs [...]

    Linda Evans may not have appeared on television in a while, but that doesn’t keep her from being talked about. Unfortunately, it’s not for her acting skills as much as it is for her obvious and excessive plastic surgery. 66-year old Linda rose to fame in her role on the legendary soap Dynasty. Since then, [...]

    It seems that former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner and stepdad to Kim Kardashian and her sisters has gotten tired of making the list of worst celebrity plastic surgery and has decided to go under the knife again. 59-year old Bruce is the stepfather of the the Kim Kardashian clan and is probably the family member [...]

    By Lois W. Stern, Editor-at-Large, Makemeheal.com   The world of plastic surgery seems poised for innovation once again! How about a facelift without surgery? Sounds too good to be true? Stay tuned.   By lifting the ban on federal funding for promising stem cell research, on March 9, 2009 President Obama brought this highly charged [...]

    Christian Slater used to be a Hollywood bad boy, landing him in the tabloids as often as jail. Now it’s his possible tinkering with plastic surgery that’s making headlines. At 39-years old, Christian Slater seems to have reformed his bad boy ways, but his famous eyebrows look more arched than ever, thanks to some Botox [...]

    Through the years Heather Locklear has remained one of Hollywood’s most beautiful blondes, thanks to some plastic surgery. At 47, Heather continues to hold her own with some of Hollywood’s much younger bombshells, with a little help from plastic surgery over the years.   Since her television debut in the early 1980s, Heather has been [...]

    The Kardashian clan is anything but shy, as little sister Khloe proved in a PETA ad, where she boldly proclaimed, “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.” 24-year old Khloe often gets a lot of flack for being less attractive than her big sisters Kim and Kourtney. But just like them, she’s likely done her [...]

    Since becoming a “Gossip Girl,” blonde beauty Blake Lively seems to be turning her fictional role of a New York socialite into reality, which also includes having plastic surgery. 21-year old Blake Lively was nearly falling out of her gown at the Met Costume Gala, leading many, Make Me Heal included, to wonder if the leggy [...]

    Since his role in Sling Blade, which earned him an Oscar, Billy Bob has drawn as much attention for his personal life as he has for his acting skills. Although he remains a controversial character, the 54 year old ex-husband of Angelina Jolie is looking better than ever, possibly thanks to some plastic surgery.   Married [...]

    With summer blockbusters just around the corner, Make Me Heal takes a look at some of the plastic surgery currently playing in theaters, before the studios bring out the big releases. New father Matthew McConaughey is known for his killer abs and receding hairline. In his new movie, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, both are readily [...]

    By Anthony Youn, MD With the recession as bad as it is (I’m hearing that some plastic surgery practices are down 80%!), I thought I’d think up some ways people may still want to get their plastic surgery… but on a budget. Here are my Seven Plastic Surgery Tips to Survive the Recession: 7. Try Saline Implants Instead of [...]

    Not to be confused with an adult film actress, Cindy Margolis has reached fame for her stunning good looks and more than a little plastic surgery help. Beginning life as a brunette, Cindy’s bottle blonde hair color has helped to enhance her career, taking her from a “Barker Beauty” on the popular TV game show [...]

    Fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm will recognize Cheryl Hines as Larry David’s much-maligned ex-wife. But this year, when the actress debuted on network TV, Make Me Heal wondered if the actress hadn’t had some plastic surgery to stay looking so young. 43-year old Cheryl Hines recently took a step behind the camera and took a [...]

    By Patty Kovacs, Editor-at-Large, Makemeheal.com Want to increase your breast size and slim down your mid-section at the same time? After years of medical research, specialty trained plastic surgeons are successfully increasing a woman’s breast size using the patient’s own fat along with fat stem cells. This revolutionary plastic surgery procedure is opening a new [...]

    Frolicking on a beach in Hawaii, actress Julia Roberts revealed some very un-airbrushed skin in a teeny-weeny polka dot bikini. Looking at photos of the middle aged mom, Make Me Heal wondered if the Pretty Woman actress had had liposuction plastic surgery to achieve her flat stomach. On a family vacation, 41-year old Julia chased [...]

    After being half of one of the longer lasting marriages so rare in Hollywood, controversial actor Mel Gibson is finally getting a divorce and has a new trophy, remarkably younger girlfriend. Make Me Heal thinks the bigoted Braveheart actor may want to get some plastic surgery to keep up with his new lady love who [...]

    Just last week, Make Me Heal was certain that the recent Miss USA pageant would give rise to a scandal even juicier than Miss California Carrie Prejean’s views on gay marriage. Now it seems that not only were we right about a scandal, but we were right about a breast augmentation as well. At the [...]

    Dancing with the Stars alum Lisa Rinna is as well known for her plastic surgery enhanced appearance as she is for her dance moves. But when Lisa posed for Playboy for the second time, Make Me Heal decided to explore her cosmetically enhanced changes over the past decade. When the 45-year actress first posed for [...]

    Daisy De La Hoya, the runner-up from the VH1 reality dating show Rock of Love 2 is now on her own reality show, Daisy of Love. While Daisy looked like she’d been under the knife a few times the first time she appeared on TV to win the heart of Poison singer Bret Michaels, this [...]

    British glamour model Jordan, now better known as Katie Price when she’s not modeling, has a long history with plastic surgery. So why is the lingerie-loving mom, whose face has mysteriously gotten plumper recently, now denying her latest foray into the land of needles and knives? Katie has formerly been as open about her plastic [...]