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  • By Patty Kovacs, Editor-At-Large, Make Me Heal Laser (Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is a “light pump” which applies principles of radiation physics to very narrowly segregate light of selected wavelength and then “pump” the light radiation to high intensity. These beams of selected wavelength are varied in intensity and in duration [...]

    Joan Jett is an 80’s rock icon that has retained her cool and her signature black locks. But how cool would the lead Blackheart be without plastic surgery? 51-year old Joan is so cool that Hollywood has chosen her life to be the centerpiece of a biopic starring none other than Twilight star Kristen Stewart [...]

    Donny Osmond has the dubious honor of being named the winner of the past season of Dancing with the Stars. But Make Me Heal wants to know whether he and his fellow finalists would have qualified to be stars on the show without plastic surgery. 51-year old Donny Osmond still has the same boyish good [...]

    Amy Winehouse seems to have checked out of rehab and headed right into the plastic surgery clinic. Since the rumors of a breast augmentation were first circulated and then confirmed last month (See Make Me Heal’s story on Amy WInehouse’s breast augmentation), the 26-year old singer has also undergone lip injections to create a trout [...]

    The Hills television show is known nearly as much for the copious amounts of plastic surgery as it is for the staged drama. Although she isn’t totally a newcomer to the show, Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole may have been under the knife more than the other stars combined. At 23, Jayde Nicole has already been [...]

    Plastic surgery is nothing new for retired porn star Jenna Jameson. But some procedures might be, as she is looking even more plastic than usual in a recent appearance on Oprah. 35-year old Jenna has been open about her breast implants and vaginoplasty, undergoing breast augmentation and removal. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Jenna [...]

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    Despite persistent rumors of financial woes, Real Housewife of Orange County Lynne Curtin has invested in a facelift. Although Lynne has never openly admitted her age, she is likely in her early 50s, about the right age for a first facelift, which is not her first plastic surgery procedure. In the past, Lynne has had [...]

    As vampire inspired stories continue to spew onto the big screen, some diehard Twilight fans have been inspired to undergo plastic surgery in order to look like their heroes. Apparently fans of Twilight have been asking for plastic surgery to get the strong features of New Moon’s top stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Mark [...]

    Fans of Bleeding Love singer Leona Lewis have noticed more than a slight change in the hit singer’s bustline, which many have attributed to plastic surgery. When the change in 24-year Leona Lewis’ bust first occurred, Make Me Heal was among the first to investigate whether it was a breast augmentation or the natural result [...]

    Miranda Kerr hasn’t been a Victoria’s Secret Angel for very long, but Make Me Heal wonders if she has followed in the footsteps of other models and invested in plastic surgery to boost her career. 26-year old Australian Miranda Kerr has some high heels to fill as she struts along the same catwalk that has [...]

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    By Dr John Saia MD Times are tough and money is tight. Budgets for cosmetic surgery and even reconstructive plastic surgery are down. Women are actually choosing not to have reconstruction after breast cancer surgery. People were trying things out for themselves before the economy tanked. They just seem to be pushing it a bit [...]

    Marie Osmond may still be best known for being part of the corny song singing Osmond family, but recently she’s developed a look that’s all her own, thanks to some plastic surgery. Marie Osmond is one of Hollywood’s busiest women. At 50, she has accomplished more than a lifetime’s worth of work, singing and acting [...]

    By Peyman Solieman, MD & Jason Litner, MD By all accounts, cosmetic plastic surgery is on the rise in America for ethnic patients. In fact, in 2007, ethnic minorities accounted for 22 percent of the nearly 11.7 million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures performed in the United States, an increase of 105 percent from 2000. [...]

    Katie Price has become just as famous for her plastic surgery as for her alter ego Jordan. Recently, Katie made one of her trips to Los Angeles for some plastic surgery touch ups. 31-year old Katie Price has been in Los Angeles for a round of facial fillers and Botox injections before she headed back [...]

    Last week at the CMA’s, not only country stars were displaying their plastic surgery, but fans as well. Make Me Heal thinks that no fan showed her support more than Nicole Kidman. At 42, Nicole Kidman has already shut down years of rumors of plastic surgery, saying her flawless complexion is due to healthy living. [...]

    In the UK, Cheryl Cole is a household name. And thanks to her great looks and quirky sense of style, she is becoming a name on the other side of the pond as well. But Make Me Heal wonders how much of Cheryl’s new look is due to an interest in fashion and how much [...]

    It isn’t the first time V has tried to make an impact on primetime television, but it may the most successful. The same can be said for the stars that Make Me Heal recognizes from series past, but still look great thanks to some plastic surgery. You might know her name, but you surely know [...]

    At 51, Alec is the best known of the Baldwin Brothers family of actors, currently starring on the hit television show 30 Rock. While Alec is usually busy in front of the camera, he recently revealed that to remain camera-ready, he is strongly considering under going some improvements, in the form of plastic surgery. In [...]

    Everybody’s favorite vegetarian actress, Natalie Portman recently admitted that she is open to having plastic surgery when she is older. The 28-year-old smarty-pants recently posed for W Magazine, revealing more than just her stunning good looks. When asked about how she will face aging in the future, Natalie acknowledged that women in Hollywood over 40 [...]

    By: Make Me Heal Staff Just in time for the holidays and for consumers looking to keep looking their best at an economy budget, Makemeheal.com has just launched  Classifieds, which aspires to become the Craiglist and coupon site for plastic surgery, dermatology, and beauty treatment deals, promotions, and sales.  Now, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, spas, skin [...]

    Each year Make Me Heal looks forward to the Country Music Awards, where country singers and musicians of the past and present strut their plastic surgery down the red carpet, covered in larger than life glitz and glitter. American Idol star Carrie Underwood, a nominee for Female Vocalist, co-hosted the Country Music Awards with country [...]

    The new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition isn’t due out for a while. But leaked photographs may have revealed model Hilary Rhoda’s possible plastic surgery. Natrexon price Where to buy Strattera buy Lithium Traditionally, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition models have one thing in common: plastic surgery, and sexy Hilary Rhoda may be no exception. Models traditionally [...]

    The popular Real Housewives series on Bravo is anything but real, with the cast of housewives on both coasts being fans of plastic surgery. While some housewives are more ready to admit to at least some of their numerous procedures, Kim Zolciak of the Real Housewives of Atlanta admitted to all of hers in a [...]

    A few weeks ago, troubled British pop star Amy Winehouse disappeared into a plastic surgery clinic, where she was rumored to be undergoing breast augmentation. The rumor was confirmed shortly thereafter, when Amy debuted her new implants. Now it seems that the drug addict turned tabloid favorite has had more plastic surgery, with more on [...]

    Australian singer and sometime actress Sophie Monk doesn’t seem to be more than a pretty face. But where would the gossip blog favorite be without plastic surgery. 29-year Sophie Monk first rose to fame after winning a contest that made her a part of the girl-group Bardot. Since the break-up of the group, fans have [...]

    Even though many man in Hollywood go under the knife to retain their action star looks, Bruce Willis plans to Die Hard before he has plastic surgery. In a recent interview, the newly married 54 year old said that he doesn’t pay much attention to how he looks or how he’s going to stay good [...]

    Whatever your view of the controversial talk show host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is nothing if not a good topic of conversation. But did you know that the mother of three could also be the latest mom in Hollywood to have a plastic surgery Mommy Makeover? The 32-year old right-winger has a lot going on, beyond her [...]

    Classic American beauty has recently said that she will not have plastic surgery. However, Make Me Heal suspects the 10 star has already been under the knife. At 52, Bo Derek still looks surprisingly smooth, and although she still longs for her youthful appearance, Bo says she has no plans to go under the knife. [...]

    January Jones has been around Hollywood for a few years, but she’s only recently become a name, thanks to her role on the popular television show Mad Men. Make Me Heal wonders if plastic surgery has played a role in January’s recent success. 31-year old January is one of Hollywood’s best-dressed beauties, and it looks [...]

    By, David Shafer, MD Liposuction is a general term used to describe removal of fat using a suction machine. Tumescent liposuction is the most popular method. In this technique, tumescent solution is injected into the area of fat to be removed. The tumescent solution typically contains lidocaine (to reduce pain) and epinephrine (to minimize bruising). [...]

    Gwyneth Paltrow has joined the ranks of actors who do more than just act; they also try to save the world in their own way. While Gwyneth has joined the Web community with her Goop website, has she also joined the plastic surgery community of Hollywood? In the past, Gwyneth has likely had a nose [...]

    By John Di Saia, MD When a reality show contestant ruptured her breast implants after jumping 20 feet off a rope swing, I felt compelled to address the concern that some breast augmentation patients have about this problem. Bursting a breast implant is not usually so dramatic as what the reality show girl experienced.  Then [...]

    Kurt Cobain’ widow Courtney Love has undergone her share of plastic surgery disasters since his death in 1994. But her days of going under the knife are over, thanks to a chance encounter with Jocelyn Wildenstein, aka Catwoman. At 45, Courtney has undergone two or three nose jobs, lip augmentations, breast implants and liposuction. But [...]

    At 62, Arnold Schwarzenegger has already lived several lifetimes, first as a bodybuilder, then as an action hero and now as a political giant. In each incarnation, his success has depended on his looks, so it’s no small wonder that he has always face rumors of plastic surgery, now more than ever. Rumors of Arnold’s [...]

    The new season of The Hills may be missing Lauren Conrad, but it sure isn’t missing any drama, or rumors of plastic surgery. Spencer Pratt, king of reality show controversy recently Twittered a hint that Whitney Port, who now has her own spinoff, The City, had a rhinoplasty before she became a reality show star. [...]

    Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein is a cautionary tale of bad plastic surgery, using the knife to transform her appearance. But lately she has been looking slightly less bizarre, leading Make Me Heal to wonder if she has had some revision plastic surgery. purchase esomeprazole 69-year old Jocelyn is rumored to have spent around $4million in an [...]

    Funny man Gary Shandling hasn’t been in the limelight lately, but Make Me Heal suspects he has been spending his time off from entertainment getting plastic surgery. Turning 60 at the end of the month, Gary has begun to look his age and has likely turned to plastic surgery to keep him camera ready for [...]

    Supermodel Tyra Banks notoriously told tabloids to kiss her fat a** when less than flattering pictures of her in a bathing suit appeared. Now the talk show host has stopped embracing her big, beautiful body and lost enough weight to slim down, although not to her former runway weight. Given Tyra’s history with the knife, [...]