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  • “You Again” is a multigenerational rom-com filled with familiar faces. Recently, the stars of the movie, Betty White, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kristen Bell were interviewed about a variety of topics, including plastic surgery. 88-year old Betty White has been in showbiz for 65 years and still looks great. Rumor has it the funny Golden [...]

    Miley Cyrus is definitely proving to the world that she’s growing up. And she says she’s doing it without plastic surgery. In one of her notorious YouTube videos, 17-year old Miley rants against many rumors including plastic surgery, saying, “No, I don’t want a boob job.” It seems the teen sensation is railing against rumors [...]

    Despite not having a permanent man in her life. Or a pregnancy. And a recent experience with the side effects of plastic surgery, Kim Kardashian is already planning her post-natal plastic surgery. 29-year old Kim recently underwent Botox injections on national television to get rid of some barely-there signs of aging (See Make Me Heal’s [...]

    Alicia Douvall was once a British glamour model. But after undergoing numerous cosmetic procedures from head to toe, she has become better known as a plastic surgery addict. 30-year old Alicia Douvall has openly admitted to being a plastic surgery, undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures, on everything from her nose to her toes (See Make [...]

    You’ve heard “The Thong Song.” You’ve gotten your groove on to “Baby Got Back.” And maybe, looking back, you’ve considered that your own derriere is less luscious than you’d like. Well, maybe your butt can get a hand from a new Brazilian procedure called the ‘thong lift.’ At a recent conference of British Aesthetic and [...]

    J-Woww may not get mentioned as much as her Jersey Shore co-stars The Situation and Snooki. But she certainly cares about her appearance. In addition to talks about appearing in Playboy magazine later this year, Makemeheal.com has learned rumors that J-Woww (Jenni Farley) has reportedly gone to a plastic surgeon. Again. 24-year old J-Woww is [...]

    Former Runaways lead singer Cherie Currie hasn’t released an album since 1980, but thanks to the release of The Runaways movie earlier this year, Cherie Currie is back in the spotlight and looking better than ever, thanks to plastic surgery. 50-year old Cherie Currie transformed her success from rock diva to actress to artist, but [...]

    Jane Fonda is one of Hollywood’s legendary beauties. And a new book by the activist actress credits plastic surgery with staying so good looking. 72-year old Jane Fonda is notorious for being a hypocrite when it comes to how she maintains her look. Back in the 1980s, she had a series of exercise videos that [...]

    Since her divorce, Kate Gosselin has been proudly showing off her surgically enhanced body, sporting skimpy athletic wear on runs and hanging poolside in bikinis. The world watched as she underwent a plastic surgery “Mommy Makeover,” so why is Kate being coy about rumors of breast augmentation? 35-year old Kate Gosselin underwent a plastic surgery [...]

    It seems that Real Housewife of DC Michaele Salahi is always making waves. First by crashing a White House event, then by getting in a fight with Whoopi Goldberg on The View and most recently by failing to pay a plastic surgery bill. buy methocarbamol 44-year old Michaele Salahi is being sued by Retin-A without [...]

    Last week Makemeheal.com reported when Kim Kardashian got Botox injections on her family’s television show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and things appeared to go wrong, leaving Kim with bruises. Kim wants to reassure her fans that nothing went wrong, she was just unprepared for the side effects. 29-year old Kim Kardashian received Botox injections, [...]

    Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon is more than just one of Hugh Hefner’s new girlfriends. She’s also been rumored to be Heidi Montag’s costar in a sex tape making the rounds. Makemeheal.com suspects that the pretty blond has had plastic surgery, albeit not as much as her onscreen lover. 20-year old Karissa Shannon is best known [...]

    Julia Roberts may be America’s sweetheart, but she’s no friend of the paparazzi. Recently they caught her frolicking in another bikini, sparking more rumors of a breast augmentation, charges Julia denies. 42-year old Julia Roberts looks much bustier this summer, leading Makemeheal.com to suspect that the pretty mother has broken her rule against plastic surgery [...]

    While Jodie Fisher has a spread in Playboy under her belt, as well as quite a few movie roles, her biggest role was causing the downfall of HP’s CEO Mark Hurd. But how far would Jodie get without looking good with plastic surgery. 50-year old Jodie Fisher looks great for a woman her age, but [...]

    Molly Sims has done it all: modeled, acted and become an entrepreneur with a new jewelry line. One thing she says she hasn’t done? Plastic surgery. 37-year old Molly Sims looks as youthful and sexy as she did when she was a model for Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret, leading many to suspect that the [...]

    Fortunately for aging faces, the plastic surgery world is becoming increasingly saturated with non-surgical, non-invasive options for patients seeking younger, firmer skin. But as new procedures continue to pop up, it can be difficult to sift through all the choices to find what’s right for you. One way to select the procedure that’s right for [...]

    French actress Catherine Deneuve is a legend, thanks to always looking good. But could she compete with actresses less than half her age without plastic surgery? 66-year old Catherine Deneuve looked as good as her younger costars at the recent Venice Film Festival. Makemeheal.com suspects the actress is dabbling plastic surgery in addition to high-end [...]

    Sheyla Hershey is best known as the plastic surgery addict with the world’s biggest breast implants. But complications resulting from her latest breast augmentation have made Sheyla give up on her breast enhancement hobby. This past June, 30-year old Sheyla Hershey traveled to Brazil to get a pair of 38KKK silicone breast implants, from makers [...]

    It’s hard to come by a respectable solution for hair loss. Toupees and hair transplants alike are often obvious, and this puts balding people in a tough spot. Going bald prematurely is considered a social disadvantage, but so is wearing a ‘piece’ or having a bad hair transplant. From George’s terrible toupee in Seinfeld to [...]

    Heidi Montag has learned a lot from her considerable time under the knife. Now she’s sharing her knowledge of plastic surgery recovery with her fans via Twitter. 23-year old Heidi Montag famously underwent a startling 10 procedures in one day late last year(See Make Me Heal’s story on Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery). Since then, the [...]

    Heidi Montag’s latest plastic surgery complaint? Not only did it make it difficult to exercise, but according to the reality star, plastic surgery is also responsible for breaking up her marriage to reality villain Spencer Pratt. 23-year old Heidi underwent 10 cosmetic surgery procedures in one day(See Make Me Heal’s story on Heidi Montag’s plastic [...]

    If you’ve been too shy to wear shorts for the summer weather because of unsightly varicose veins, you may have better luck next year. The FDA has approved Asclera, an injectable treatment for swollen or twisted veins that are considered varicose. Asclera is an injection that works by damaging blood vessels. Although that may sound [...]

    The new season of Dancing with the Stars begins next week and with the new cast, are new reports of plastic surgery. Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars begins next week and it is filled with Makemeheal.com plastic surgery alumni and some newbies as well. Here’s a look at the cast and their possible [...]

    Britain’s Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton rose to stardom by getting plastic surgery to mimic her idol, Katie Price. But after a messy divorce, Chantelle says she needed therapy, not plastic surgery. 27-year old reality TV star, Chantelle Houghton who underwent drastic plastic surgery after breaking up with Ordinary Boys singer Preston, after just ten [...]

    Recent bikini photos of Denise Richards revealed more than just an amazing body. They also seemed to reveal a new face. 39-year old Denise Richards isn’t the best actress in the world, but she is awfully good at looking good. Recently Denise revealed that she had plastic surgery to help her achieve her lust worthy [...]

    There’s good news for you, bad news for your love handles. Those pesky fat deposits right above your rump may have escaped diet, exercise, and all your other ingenious efforts to smooth your backside, but with the FDA’s clearance of CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, there’s a new, approved solution that can zap love handles for good [...]

    Kim Kardashian’s Botox Bruises

    September 14, 2010 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Carrie Zender | 3 Comments

    Despite catching heat for setting a bad example for young girls for getting Botox injections at the young age of 29, Kim Kardashian recently went under the needle on her reality television show. 29-year old Kim Kardashian, accompanied by her baby sister Kourtney, visited the doctor, where she received Botox injections to get rid of [...]

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    Nobody wants wrinkles or sagging skin. And with advances in plastic surgery techniques like the eMatrix Radio Frequency (RF) system, anti-aging treatments are improving for men and women who want to look younger without looking unnatural. What is eMatrix? The eMatrix system is an RF technology for skin resurfacing that goes beyond laser and light [...]

    British bad girl Peaches Geldof is always getting into something. The latest rumors have the unlikely underwear model undergoing plastic surgery. 21-year old Peaches Geldof, daughter of Bob Geldof, has done it all and been photographed doing so. From drugs to modeling, Peaches knows her way around Hollywood. Since moving to the States from the [...]

    Elizabeth Hurley has denied plastic surgery for years, most recently taking to Twitter to do so. The 45-year-old actress wrote Monday on Twitter, “I read that I’ve just had breast implants-happy to report still au naturel but I do wear exceptionally well cut bikinis.” On his blog, OcBody plastic surgeon Dr John Di Saia reports, [...]

    Pamela Anderson on Botox

    September 9, 2010 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stanfield | 2 Comments

    Pamela Anderson may have the most famous breast implants in the world, but there’s one thing she won’t have plastic surgery on: her face. 43-year old Pamela Anderson is rumored to have had Botox and lip augmentation (Read Make Me Heal’s story on Pamela Anderson’s facial plastic surgery)., although she continually denies it, saying she [...]

    Jane Seymour on Botox

    September 8, 2010 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Ruby Marr | 1 Comment

    Jane Seymour looks as lovely as ever, but according to her, Botox isn’t the reason. 59-year old Jane Seymour revealed that she has breast implants and that she has considered plastic surgery for when she begins to look her age (See Makemeheal.com’s story on Jane Seymour’s breast implants). But she still has strong feelings about [...]

    General Hospital actress Shayne Lamas looks to have gotten breast implants. 24-year old Shayne Lamas is the daughter Lorenzo Lamas, and comes from a family with a long Hollywood lineage. So it’s no surprise that she was recently photographed on the beach with an obvious breast augmentation. Previous photos of Shayne show her to not [...]

    Venezuela reigns as the country with the most beauty queens, but the new Miss Venezuela, Marelisa Gibson, reveals that the country’s plastic surgery obsession is the real secret to success. In an interview with Celestrellas 21-year old Miss Venezuela says, “Yes, I had a nose job. I wasn’t sure about it first, but after the [...]

    Zerona, a non-invasive Low Level Laser Therapy, has gotten market clearance from the FDA. The device is approved for circumferential reduction of the hips, thighs, and waist. Zerona’s approval comes after a clinical study involving sixty-seven participants. Results have been positive, with some participants losing up to 7 inches in as little as two weeks [...]

    Jenny McCarthy has often professed her love for Botox, but some think that the Autism advocate may have overdone it. 37-year old Jenny McCarthy recently appeared at an event looking very smooth and slightly different than her usual self. Some rumors have begun swirling that her new look was due to a nose job and [...]

    Sienna Miller is one of Hollywood’s most stylish leading ladies. But has the British beauty fallen under the spell of Hollywood’s hottest and succumbed to breast augmentation? 28-year old Sienna Miller is once again dating her former fiancé Jude Law. The couple recently vacationed in sunny Spain, where it looked as though Sienna may have [...]

    More money often seems to equate with more plastic surgery. Which is not necessarily a good thing, as evidenced by the overdone plastic surgery Jennifer Gold, ex-girlfriend of billionaire Donald Bren. 55-year old Jennifer Gold certainly doesn’t look her age, thanks to an overload of plastic surgery. But she barely looks real anymore, thanks to [...]