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  • Wubba wubba wubba, but Downtown Julie Brown still looks good. Despite not being an MTV regular for decades, the former MTV VJ still looks camera ready, thanks to plastic surgery, no doubt. 51-year old Downtown Julie Brown looks fly as ever, and in addition to clearly spending her share of time at the gym, the [...]

    With her pretty face, Russian spy Anna Chapman conjures up images of James Bond love interests. As sexy pictures float around the web, and the spy poses for the pages of Russian Maxim magazine, many have wondered whether or not the Russian beauty owes her good looks to nature or the skill of a plastic [...]

    Jasmine Waltz may be currently known as David Arquette’s girlfriend, but the actress has been around for a few years before making her Millions of Milkshakes debut. 28-year old Jasmine Waltz may be on her way to becoming a household name. Recently the actress was connected to actor David Arquette as the first woman he [...]

    Sugar Ray was a popular band in its day. Since then, lead singer Mark McGrath has occasionally stepped away from the stage and in front of the camera to host various entertainment programs. Although he has not officially given up performing, his time in front of the camera has allowed fans to see how he’s [...]

    Britney Spears seems to be behaving herself lately, doing nothing more than wearing ill-conceived outfits as she runs about town. But over the past several lips, the pop singer has been hiding her lips behind her hand, leading to rumors that she’s had a plastic surgery lip augmentation. 29-year old Britney Spears is no stranger [...]

    Paris Hilton is one of Hollywood’s slimmest celebrities. So it was with some surprise that she was caught with a little junk in her trunk, leading to rumors that Paris had some sort of buttocks augmentation. 29-year old hotel heiress Paris Hilton has a long history of plastic surgery, beginning with her nose jobs before [...]

    Despite having a child and living under the harsh glare of Hollywood lights, British GQ’s cover girl Jessica Alba says she has no plans for plastic surgery. 29-year old Jessica Alba started her career as the sexy girl next door, and despite motherhood has continued to be considered one of Hollywood’s hottest women. Jessica has [...]

    In the controversial issue of GQ magazine, Glee star Lea Michele reveals that she is proud to never have plastic surgery. 24-year old Lea Michele isn’t your traditional beauty. Her nose is a little larger than is usually considered camera ready in Hollywood. In the new issue of GQ, Lea says that she had thought [...]

    Kat Von D ‘s a really pretty girl, if you’re into the alternative look thing she’s got going on. The tattoo artist has become famous for her looks, but lately it’s not the tats or makeup people are wondering about, it’s the reality star’s proclivity for plastic surgery. 28-year old Kat Von D has appeared [...]

    By Dr. Usha Anne Rajagopal labiaplasty + fat transfer + liposuction of the mons = Vaginal Makeover Most women can agree that the way they feel about their body has a lot to do about how they feel about themselves overall—and that includes the parts of them that mostly go unseen by anyone but them. Although [...]

    Caprice Bourret is an American model and sometime actress who moved to Britain in the mid 1990s to further her career. Looking at her now, Makemeheal.com suspects that plastic surgery also helped to make Caprice a successful lingerie salesperson. 39-year old Caprice Bourret, or simply Caprice, was launched into fame in the UK after wearing [...]

    By Dr. Alan Bauman Phase One Clinical Trial Tests Safety of Lash Growth Drug for Scalp Hair Growth The FDA has just confirmed that Allergan has registered Phase One clinical trials for safety and pharmacokinetics of a new bimatoprost formulation as a potential treatment for hair loss.  This new trial is based on the wildly [...]

    Disney fans will remember Christy Carlson Romano as the big sister on the channel’s family show Even Stevens. Now it seems that Christy has ditched her Disney roots and is going for a racy reputation with the help of some plastic surgery. 26-year old Christy Carlson may still provide the Kim Possible on the Disney [...]

    Lori Loughlin has been a TV staple for over 20 years and, miraculously enough, she’s hardly changed. Makemeheal.com thinks that plastic surgery may be responsible for her smooth success. 46-year old Lori Loughlin is familiar to Gen Y-ers as Aunt Becky from Full House and her turn on the new 90210 has helped to make [...]

    Without much time in front of the camera since her Dirty Dancing days, Jennifer Grey hasn’t had the same anti-aging plastic surgery as some of her peers, but she did admit to considering Botox before hitting the dance floor. 50-year old Jennifer Grey became a poster child for plastic surgery when she underwent a couple [...]

    Actor Tom Cruise is approaching his 5th decade, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking off his shirt to do some stunts for the upcoming Mission Impossible 4. When spoiler pictures from the set, Makemeheal.com and other bloggers noted that while Tom is looking good for his age, it also looks like he’s had some [...]

    It seems that British glamour model Alicia Douvall, notorious plastic surgery addict, has finally recovered from her latest go-round with the surgical knife. 30-year old Alicia Douvall has openly admitted to being a plastic surgery, undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures, on everything from her nose to her toes (See Make Me Heal’s story on Alicia [...]

    Audrina Partridge has side-stepped her heels and onto Dancing with the Stars, and says she has no plans for plastic surgery. 25-year old Audrina Partridge has been the subject of numerous plastic surgery procedures, but says she has no plans for plastic surgery in the future. “Lots of people in Los Angeles get surgery and [...]

    Joan Collins is best known for her role as the conniving and mean-spirited Alexis. In a candid interview in which Joan compared the looks of Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Aniston, it seems that fact isn’t too far from fiction. 77-year old Joan Collins has never admitted to plastic surgery, but surely the grand dame of [...]

    The web is abuzz with blogs about Lisa Rinna’s recent admission to undergoing a lip reduction. But how does her husband, actor Harry Hamlin, feel about his wife’s new look? For years 47-year old Lisa Rinna has been talked about more for her duck lips, the upper lip she had injected with silicone on a [...]

    Jay Manuel is a makeup artist/photographer and best known as the director of photo shoots on “America’s Next Top Model.” Mister J looks like he has been following in the model’s footsteps and has undergone some plastic surgery of his own. 38-year old Jay Manuel rose to fame as the personal makeup artist of legendary [...]

    Heir to the North Korean regime, Kim Jong-Un may not look your typical plastic surgery case, but tabloids are reporting that the son of notorious dictator Kim Jong-il has actually had plastic surgery to make himself look older. According to British tabloid The Daily Mail, 27-year old Kim Jong-un may have actually undergone plastic surgery [...]

    Victoria Beckham is known for her haute style, but with the current trend of miniskirts, her unsightly legs have become the center of focus, not her own fashion line. Makemeheal.com thinks that the diva designer could use a little plastic surgery. A recent tabloid photo revealed that 36-year old Victoria Beckham has creping and skin [...]

    Does that older lady who lives down the street suddenly show up at a party with a face that looks too good (or too bad) to be true? Did your cousin go from straight A’s to C’s (we’re talking cup size, here) without gaining any weight? There are plenty of signs that someone you know [...]

    Rumor has it that The Practice star, Lara Flynn Boyle is heading to the small screen with her own reality TV “docu-series” on the E! network. “The cable network has greenlighted a pilot presentation for the project, which will follow the Practice alumna as she splits her time between her life in Texas and her [...]

    Sharon Osbourne has openly admitted spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. Now it seems she is back to spending on plastic surgery, as many are beginning to notice a “plastic look.” 57-year old Sharon Osbourne was once a prime example of well-done plastic surgery, after undergoing a facelift, necklift, neck liposuction, arm [...]

    While no longer a fixture in front of the camera, Marlo Thomas will always be That Girl, thanks to her infectious smile and plastic surgery. 73-year old Marlo Thomas is still active in front of the camera, whether she’s guest-starring on a television show or popping up in movies. Most often, she can be seen [...]

    Kari Wuhrer had small roles playing the hot chick for yeas, thank to her breast implants. But her decision to have them removed is what made her a name. 43-year old Kari Wuhrer moved to Hollywood to be in the entertainment industry and almost immediately found herself getting breast implants after getting advice from an [...]

    Meg Ryan used to be America’s Sweetheart, a fan favorite thanks to her completely adorable looks. In recent years, Meg has turned to plastic surgery, drastically altering her looks. 48-year old Meg Ryan stunned audiences when she began appearing with over inflated lips and large cheeks, filled with injectables that her made her look like [...]

    Brad Pitt has playing second fiddle to his global wife lately, seemingly working on his philanthropy projects. But his brief time away from Angelina Jolie and their international brood may have been spent recovering from filler injections 46-year old Brad Pitt may be one of Hollywood’s hunkiest actors of all time, but he also has [...]

    There’s no denying that big boobs are a big thing. And when women aren’t naturally endowed, it’s only natural that they seek surgical assistance. Sometimes, a boob job is the only way for women to achieve the bosom they desire. The bosom that will make them feel more desired. So it’s no surprise that breast [...]

    Did J-Woww Get Lipo?

    October 11, 2010 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Carrie Zender | Leave a Comment

    The Jersey Shore’s Jenni “J-Woww” Farley has been open about her plastic surgery breast augmentation, but some suspect that she has been less forthcoming about other plastic surgery procedures. 24-year old JWoww certainly has a body that says wow, but some plastic surgery bloggers suspect that JWoww may be spending less time at the gym [...]

    Lisa Rinna’s New Lips

    October 8, 2010 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Carrie Zender | 1 Comment

    Lisa Rinna may be an actress, but her big lips are at least as popular as her soap star characters. Recently, Lisa revealed that she is tired of being known just for her lips and has already begun to take them down a notch with revision plastic surgery. 47-year old Lisa Rinna revealed to People [...]

    Dana Delaney used to be a Desperate Housewife. Now that she’s moved on to a new television series, she has also admitted to trying Botox injections, and her bad experience. 54-year old Dana Delaney opened up about her experience with Botox in an interview with Prevention magazine. “Something nobody ever talks about is doctor error. [...]

    Nicki Minaj is quickly becoming a prominent female rapper. But fans from way back have noticed that not only is Nicki’s fame and popularity growing, her derriere appears to be as well, leading many to suspect plastic surgery is at play. 25-year old hip hop artist Nicki Minaj is as well known for her unusually [...]

    Monet Mazur has been a familiar face in Hollywood for years, with small roles in films including Blow, Mod Squad, and Monster-In-Law. The once promising young starlet isn’t so young anymore and is nearly unrecognizable after undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures. 34-year old Monet is a model turned actress, with family ties to Hollywood. Since [...]

    What can you say about man-boobs? On one hand, you’ve got boobs. Everybody likes boobs, right? And big ones are especially popular. But when you add ‘man’ to the boob equation, your mental image suddenly changes from sensual to, “Um, ew.” How strange that one of the most coveted features of the female form is [...]

    Grungy, makeup covered Ke$ha may be hiding more than just a pretty face. She may also be hiding some plastic surgery. 23-year old Tik Tok singer Ke$ha describes her style as “garbage-chic.” With her penchant for excessively smokey eye makeup, the description is certainly apt, although some fans and Makemeheal.com wonder if all that makeup [...]

    Frances Bean Cobain is alternative rock royalty. While her unusual style clearly stems from her late father Kurt Cobain, many fans think that Frances Bean is hitting up her mother, Courtney Love’s, plastic surgeon. 18-year old Frances Bean Cobain is often at the center of controversy, thanks to her mother’s on again/off again relationship with [...]

    LL Cool J’s amazingly rock hard abs and perfect pecs have led to a lot of rumors of plastic surgery through the hip hop artist’s lengthy career. But the stunning performer continues to say that hard work and not plastic surgery is responsible for his enviable body. 42-year old LL Cool J, born James Todd [...]

    Emily Blunt has been a favorite young actress for a few years now. But thanks to her roles in The Devil Wears Prada and The Young Victoria, she is now a household name. But Makemeheal.com wonders how popular would the young beauty be without plastic surgery? 27-year old Emily Blunt married The Office star John [...]

    Courtney Love is generally considered a hot mess, due to an over indulgence in plastic surgery and unhealthy living. When Courtney made a recent public appearance looking better than she has in years, many suspected that it was more plastic surgery. 46-year old Courtney Love has used lip injections, gotten nose jobs, facial fillers, Collagen [...]

    Julie Benz isn’t quite a household name, despite her roles on popular shows through the years, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Dexter. Now she’s a lead character on the new primetime show No Ordinary Family and fans have begun to wonder if she’s had any plastic surgery to stay camera-ready. 38-year old Julie Benz [...]