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  • Sunday’s Oscar celebrations didn’t bring many surprises when it came to who won what. Still, the actresses and actors who turned out did manage to make some interesting style choices and it may surprise you to learn who has had what plastic surgery. The big night was co-hosted by 28-year old Anne Hathaway and 32-year [...]

    As The Real Housewives of Miami make their television debut, Makemeheal.com takes a look at the ladies and their likely plastic surgery. Native Texan Lea Black has a reputation as a community leader, thanks to her all-American good looks and a Texas sized amount of plastic surgery, including an eyelid lift, browlift and facelift, as [...]

    Julia Restoin Roitfeld, a Lancome model, has decried plastic surgery, proclaiming wrinkles to be beautiful. 30-year old model, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, daughter of former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld has spoken out against plastic surgery, despite her firm roots in the beauty and fashion industry. The Frisky quotes Julia as telling Glamour, “Wrinkles can be [...]

    Nicole Kidman is nominated for an Oscar for her role in Rabbit Hole and fans have noted that the Aussie actresses forehead is once again mobile, likely due to giving up Botox injections, at least for a while. 43-year old Nicole Kidman is not only up for an Oscar, but she also just became a [...]

    The current Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition marks the fifth time stunning model Irina Shayk has appeared in the publication, but as it is the first time she has appeared on the cover, Makemeheal.com thought it would be a good opportunity to find out if she’s a natural beauty or the result of clever cosmetic surgery. [...]

    Makemeheal.com has been noticing changes in country crooner’s LeAnn Rimes appearance lately, due to plastic surgery. 28-year old LeAnn Rimes was recently spotted sporting a brand new pair of breast implants, from makers Mentor or Natrelle, and it looks like she’s also had some facial procedures to go with the augmentation (See Make Me Heal’s [...]

    Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is best known for his crimes against humanity and dictator-style leadership, but as his reign of terror grows so do rumors of plastic surgery. 68-year old Muammar al-Gaddafi has been the leader of Libya since a military coup back in 1969, making him one of the longest serving leaders in history. [...]

    “Glamorous Grandma” Jane Fonda showed off her recent plastic surgery on the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine, posing without Photoshop. 73-year old Jane Fonda has lone been a beauty icon, since her Barbarella days and into the fitness craze of the 1980s. Jane Fonda swore off plastic surgery for a while, before recently admitting to [...]

    Almost any magazine you pluck from the shelf will present you with a similar promise: get this celebrity’s eyebrows, that celebrity’s style, so and so’s fresh-faced look, or what’s-her-name’s lovely locks. I personally am a total sucker for what celebs are selling. I’ve bought makeup products I have absolutely no intention of using just because [...]

    Amid announcements of filing for bankruptcy, singer Toni Braxton is rumored to be considering posing for Playboy, and Makemeheal.com suspects she’s had some plastic surgery for the occasion. 43-year old Toni Braxton has been through some trial and tribulations, with rumors of being anywhere from $10 to $50 million in debt being amongst the latest. [...]

    For years, Sissy Spacek has been a Hollywood mainstay, showcasing her Oscar-winning talents in both dramas and comedies. But one thing has always troubled fans: whether or not her triangular nose is natural, or the result of plastic surgery. 61-year old Sissy Spacek first rose to stardom in the 1970s, and has wowed audiences ever [...]

    Melissa Leo is up for her second Academy Award nomination, this time for Best Supporting Actress in The Fighter. Melissa is stepping up her campaign for the win by taking out ads of herself in trade papers, showcasing her glamor, but not her plastic surgery. 50-year old Melissa Leo has taken her campaign for Oscar [...]

    Bullying has been in the news a lot lately because of some tragic consequences and the relatively new dimension of cyber-bullying. But the truth is, there have always been bullies, and the persecuted have always sought refuge by trying to change their appearance. Buying clothes from more expensive retailers, showering more often, dyeing your hair, [...]

    Australian actress Jacki Weaver has earned a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her work in Animal Kingdom. Makemeheal.com wonders if the star from down under has found success with or without plastic surgery. 63-year old Jacki Weaver isn’t known much outside of her native Australia. But the success of Animal Kingdom and her Oscar [...]

    After a few appearances in television shows and movies, Hailee Steinfeld has caught the attention of Hollywood and earned a Supporting Actress nom for her role as the central figure in the recent remake of True Grit. 14-year old Hailee Steinfeld may be on a mission to find True Grit, but it hasn’t led her [...]

    Known for her quirky sense of style, Helena Bonham Carter recently spoke out against Botox. Makemeheal.com takes another look at The King’s Speech star’s potential for plastic surgery. 44-year old Helena Bonham Carter draws as much attention for her unorthodox personal life and quirky style as she does for her characters. Recently, Helena stated that [...]

    The contenders for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar haven’t had plastic surgery, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t benefit from a few nips and tucks Christian Bale (The Fighter) 37-year old Christian Bale has gained quite a reputation for getting very into the roles he plays, whether he’s starring in a comic-book based epic or [...]

    Amy Adams is up for her third Academy Award nomination, thanks to her role in The Fighter. Her previous nominations have brought Amy to Makemeheal.com’s attention before, as we strive to determine whether or not the popular redhead has had plastic surgery. 36-year old Amy Adams doesn’t look like she’s been under the knife, although [...]

    The Jersey Shore is back and with it is Snooki’s new sidekick, longtime friend Deena Nicole Cortese. Makemeheal.com wonders if the new girl has plastic surgery in common with the rest of the cast, in addition to a strong belief in “GTL” (gym-tanning-laundry). 23-year old Deena Nicole Cortese is a long time friend of Snooki [...]

    And the 2011 plastic surgery Best Male Actor Oscar nominees are… Javier Bardem (Biutiful) 41-year old Javier Bardem used to have a reputation as nothing more than a pretty face, but his strong acting skills and Oscar win has changed that. Now Javier’s rugged good looks have him on the line for another Oscar, and [...]

    Nicole Kidman has had a string of box office hits and misses, but her work in Rabbit Hole earned her Best Actress nomination, and apparently a break from plastic surgery. 43-year old Nicole Kidman has gotten a lot of flack over the years for using Botox too much. Recently, Nicole admitted to using Botox and [...]

    Natalie Portman has a mixed history when it comes to great acting (i.e. Star Wars prequels), but her turn in Black Swan has earned a Best Actress Oscar nomination, the second in her career. The newly pregnant actress is rumored to have a nose job in the past and claims to be open to plastic [...]

    Nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her role in Blue Valentine, Michelle Williams has come a long way from teeny-bopper drama Dawson’s Creek. So Makemeheal.com decided to investigate whether or not the Michelle has grown up naturally, or with the help of plastic surgery. 30-year old Michelle Williams has been nominated for an Oscar [...]

    Style maven Victoria Beckham is speaking out on plastic surgery and fake baking. 36-year old Victoria Beckham recently admitted to removing her breast implants, although she had never really admitted to having had a breast augmentation (See Make Me Heal’s story on Victoria Beckham’s breast implant removal). In a new interview, Victoria says that while [...]

    Jennifer Lawrence is a relative newcomer to Hollywood, but her performance in Winter’s Bone has earned her the distinction of being the second youngest actress to be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. Makemeheal.com wonders if Jennifer’s good looks come naturally, or are the result of careful plastic surgery. 20-year old Jennifer Lawrence may not [...]

    This year’s Oscars marks the fourth time actress Annette Bening has been nominated for an Academy Award, this time for Best Actress in the hit film The Kids are All Right. But what fans are wondering is, will Annette be bringing plastic surgery to the top Hollywood event? 52-year old Annette Bening is at the [...]

    Demi Moore has long been suspected of having a team of plastic surgeons at her beck and call, nipping this and tucking that as need be. But until rather recently, the Striptease star wouldn’t fess up. In an interview with Elle UK, 48-year Demi admitted, “I have had something done but it’s not on my [...]

    A few years back, when Mad Men first aired, Makemeheal.com suspected that red-haired vixen Christina Hendricks was enhancing her curves with a breast augmentation. Now, it seems our suspicions have been confirmed. 35-year old Christina Hendricks has been the object of controversy since her voluptuous figure first appeared on Mad Men. Many fans have since [...]

    ‘Sports Illustrated’ model Genevieve Morton is said to be joining the Black Eyed Peas for “Sports Illustrated Presents: The Official Black Eyed Peas Friday Night B4 XLV Party” before the Black Eyed Peas go on to perform at the Super Bowl. But it looks like the South African beauty may have geared up for her [...]

    You’ve probably heard the painfully joyous laughter of a Tickle Me Elmo doll in action. Yes, even when he’s not being tickled, Elmo is really, really relentlessly happy, and that’s great. But you know what’s not great? That thigh weight you just can’t seem to shake since you had your second Elmo-loving baby. But that’s [...]

    Tova Traesnaes Borgnine, appeared on the arm of her husband, legendary actor Ernest Borgnine. While Hollywood was out to honor Ernest with a SAG Lifetime Achievement award, Makemeheal.com couldn’t help but notice his wife, Tova and her plastic surgery. 69-year old Tova Traesnaes Borgnine is a very sharp businesswoman, with a longtime skincare product line [...]

    I’m pretty much broke. Yeah, it’s kind of because of the economy, and it’s kind of because I’m a writer and we’re traditionally some of the brokest people in the world. I recently had someone tell me that I could make more money panhandling. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m not ruling it out [...]

    Actress Ellen Barkin has gone from playing the hottie to the attractive but strong female in many a film. Keeping her good looking is non-invasive plastic surgery, although the actress says she is against invasive forms of plastic surgery. 56-year old Ellen Barkin has a lot to say when it comes to plastic surgery. Makemeheal.com [...]

    Rocker Jon Bon Jovi says that yoga, not plastic surgery, is responsible for his still good-looking appearance. In an interview with ContactMusic.com, 48-year old Jon Bon Jovi said: “For an old man who has no plastic surgery, still has all his own hair and wears a 30-inch waist, I’m doing okay.” Bon Jovi has attributed [...]