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  • Fans of Sandra Bullock often look to her for aging gracefully and naturally. Makemeheal.com has already uncovered her Botox use and now it seems that a nose job may have also helped her career. 46-year old Sandra Bullock has been a movie staple for sometime, but before she found fame, she likely found her way [...]

    When a Makemeheal.com reader wondered if the upcoming Bachelorette Ashley Hebert had had a plastic surgery makeover, Make Me Heal decided to investigate. 26-year old Maine native Ashley Hebert may not have won the Bachelor’s heart, but it looks like she’ll have a second chance at love. The runner-up is set to be the next [...]

    Whatever you think of their politics, the Palin family certainly knows how to get in front of a camera, for better or for worse. Lately, the nation’s most famous teenage mother has been posing with a more pronounced profile, leading to speculation that she has had a chin implant. 20-year old Bristol Palin has become [...]

    Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar is once again making headlines as the brash Red Rocker claims to have been abducted by aliens. Whether or not you believe the Cabo Wabo founder’s out of this world adventures, one thing is clear, Sammy could use some plastic surgery to reverse the damage caused by years of [...]

    Do You Know the Way to San Jose? Singer Dionne Warwick has been stirring up trouble, but her plastic surgery has kept her camera ready for any kind of dramatic twist. 70-year old Dionne Warwick has had a long and tumultuous career and personal life, going from riches to tax-paying delinquent. In between making hits [...]

    The circumstances surrounding the incident vary, but Israeli model and plastic surgery queen Orit Fux was apparently bitten by a snake in her oversized breast implant. Sometimes referred to as the “Pamela Anderson of Israel,” Orit Fux claims to have the largest breast implants in the tiny nation. Although her age is unknown, Orit looks [...]

    Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Liacyr Ribeiro has come forward to say that he is responsible for performing plastic surgery on Libyan leader Moammar al-Gaddhafi back in 1995. 68-year old Muammar al-Gaddafi has long been at the center of speculation that he had undergone some plastic surgery procedures that marred his appearance, and Makemeheal.com suspected a [...]

    The wedding of the century is coming up on April 29 and before Kate Middleton says, “I do” to Prince William, she has plenty of planning to do. According to the National Enquirer, that includes getting plastic surgery to look royal enough to fill her role as princess. 29-year old Kate Middleton has already changed [...]

    Have you ever wondered how Demi Moore gets better with age? In a new issue of Allure magazine, a plastic surgeon breaks down her non-surgical “facelift.” 48-year old Demi Moore is no stranger to cosmetic surgery. Prior plastic surgery rumors include breast augmentation, breast implant removal, breast lift, liposuction on her stomach, stomach, inner and [...]

    Love or hate his “brand” of humor, Russell Brand is forging a new path for himself on the big screen. But would the wild-haired man in black be so popular without plastic surgery? 35-year old Russell Brand isn’t that funny on stage, but in front of the camera, he’s found new fame. His most successful [...]

    Britney Spears is always good for a laugh, whatever they say about her talent. In a recent interview, the pop singer confessed to considering plastic surgery in the future. In the new issue of Out Magazine, 29-year old Britney Spears dishes on everything from reincarnation to plastic surgery. When asked, “ How do you feel [...]

    After years of suffering the media’s abuse due to his bad plastic surgery, country legend Kenny Rogers is apparently calling it quits on plastic surgery. 72-year old country singer Kenny Rogers is also the father of six-year-old twins Justin and Jordan. In an attempt to appear younger, Kenny went under the knife for a facelift, [...]

    Mad Men’s January Jones recently gave an interview to UK’s The Times magazine, discussing life, love and plastic surgery. 33-year old January Jones isn’t a tabloid favorite yet, although her fashion choices often make her the target of gossip. In the interview, January hinted that she wouldn’t be adverse to plastic surgery, although Makemeheal.com suspects [...]

    Matthew McConaughey’s movie The Lincoln Lawyer hits theaters today. At a recent premier event for the film, Matthew hit the red carpet with his mother, Kay McCabe, on his arm and Makemeheal.com couldn’t help but notice how good she looked—likely the result of plastic surgery. 68-year old former teacher Kay McCabe looked like she was [...]

    John Galliano was a name known only to fashion fans. But his recent public rants have made him a name known to households around the world. The recent video and photo evidence of John Galliano’s ill-advised tangents captured not only his shocking commentary, but may have also caught the former Dior designer’s plastic surgery. 50-year [...]

    Basketball legend Scottie Pippen is best known for his time with the Chicago Bulls and their record season of 72 wins. Although he’s now retired, Scottie looks so good that many have wondered if the former MVP has been playing with plastic surgery. 45-year old Scottie Pippen has remarkably smooth skin for a man his [...]

    The Celebrity Rehab casting rumor mill is working at full force, suggesting that Heidi Montag will be on the next season after becoming addicted to the pain killers she took after undergoing an astonishing 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day. Over a year ago, then 23-year old Heidi underwent: nose job revision, chin reduction, [...]

    The new season of Dancing with the Stars begins later this month and with the new cast, are new reports of plastic surgery. Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars begins next week and it is filled with Makemeheal.com plastic surgery alumni and some newbies as well. Here’s a look at the cast and their [...]

    Sir Paul McCartney was recently spotted out and about with a head of hair significantly longer and fuller than he has in the past. Since his days as a Beatle, Sir Paul has battled thinning hair, but it looks like he may have made a recovery with some hair restoration plastic surgery. 68-year old legendary [...]

    Kate Winslet’s onscreen persona runs the gamut from messed-up modern day heroine to Shakespearean damsel. Relying on her skills, Kate stays away from playing the classic beauty, although her attractiveness shines through anyway. Many suspect that Kate’s good looks are the result of plastic surgery, although the lady consistently denies it. 35-year old Kate Winslet [...]

    Courteney Cox normally is pretty low under the radar, but a recent paparazzi extravaganza revealed more than just scenes for an upcoming episode of Cougar Town. They also reveal what could be breast implants. 46-year old Courteney Cox was recently in Hawaii shooting for Cougar Town. When the paparazzi caught sight of the stunning star, [...]

    Cyndi Lauper looked like the girl might have had a little too much fun in the sun, after cameras captured her with red, scaly skin as she exited an airport. The appearance of her skin was similar to that of patients after a chemical peel, a popular non-invasive plastic surgery. After 57-year old Cyndi was [...]

    Actor and active Scientologist John Travolta has been struggling with hair loss for years, often relying on hairpieces to help him look younger. Makemeheal.com thinks John may want to consider a more permanent solution, like hair restoration. 57-year old John Travolta has been losing his hair for years, alternating between wearing hairpieces to cover up [...]

    High school photos of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills and the ex-wife of Kelsey Grammer, Camille Grammer have surfaced, giving Makemeheal.com and the rest of the world a glimpse at what the former exotic dancer looked like before plastic surgery. 41-year old Camille Grammer seemed to be candid when she copped to plastic surgery on [...]

    Lauren Graham has become a familiar face on television, thanks to her role on Gilmore Girls and now Parenthood. The funny actress was recently interviewed by Health.com about her outlook on staying beautiful in Hollywood. 43-year old Lauren Graham has managed to stay out of the tabloids, but she has quite a fan following. While [...]

    Heidi Montag’s notorious plastic surgeries are well on the mend, but she’s still talking about them. And what’s more, she’s taking it on her deceased plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan—and his mother is fighting back. 24-year old Heidi Montag underwent a mind-boggling 10 procedures in one day: nose job revision, chin reduction, mini brow lift, [...]

    Legendary singer Elton John and his husband David Furnish recently introduced the world to their new son, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John, born via surrogate on Christmas Day. Amidst the happy news, many celebrity watchers are wondering if Sir Elton celebrated with some plastic surgery? 62-year-old Sir Elton John has had a long career filled with [...]

    Charlie Sheen’s hit television show Two and a Half Men has been cancelled for the rest of the season, to the disappointment of many loyal fans. But although Charlie’s weekly appearances on primetime are now officially over, it seems that fans and not fans are seeing more of Charlie than ever, thanks to his fantastic [...]

    Kristin Chenoweth has been on Makemeheal.com’s Botox user radar for a while and now the tiny actress with a big voice has opened up about her use. Back in 2009, it was reported that 42-year old Kristin Chenoweth suffered from migraines(See Make Me Heal’s story on Plastic Surgery at the 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards). After [...]

    The royal wedding between Prince William and commoner Kate Middleton is just over a month way, and more than just the royal are making plans for the big day. With the recent announcement of who is on the guest list, socialite and recovered drug addict Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is said to be planning her plastic surgery [...]

    World-famous fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg became a fashion legend when she first released her iconic wrap dresses with bold prints back in the early 1970s, which proved to be universally flattering for any woman’s figure. Now the fashion industry is buzzing with speculation that Diane is concealing her plastic surgery with a ski accident. [...]

    As a new judge on the hit reality competition television show American Idol Steven Tyler didn’t seem a likely replacement for the sour-faced Simon Cowell. But the rock god may have something in common with the judge everyone loved to hate: plastic surgery. Through his run on American Idol, Simon Cowell (See Make Me Heal’s [...]

    Sophie Monk isn’t quite an international star, but her plastic surgery exploits have made her a favorite on Internet gossip blogs. Now, Sophie says she is regretting her decision to go under the knife. 31-year old Sophie Monk underwent breast augmentation, lip augmentation and rhinoplasty as well as had Botox and fillers while she was [...]

    Vampires are hot right now. Well, technically, they’re always cold, since they’re dead and they never go out in the sun, but in the sense that ‘hot’ means ‘popular,’ vampires are it. What does that have to do with plastic surgery? It depends. If you’re really REALLY into vampires, maybe you’ve stopped exposing your skin [...]

    Linda Thompson isn’t known household name, despite being a former flame of Elvis Presley and the first wife of Olympian Bruce Jenner. And her face isn’t recognizable either, thanks to copious amounts of plastic surgery over the years. 60-year old Linda Thompson is a former beauty pageant queen turned actress, who was once romantically attached [...]

    U2 lead singer and activist Bono is known for hiding his eyes behind shades. But some suspect that Bono may be hiding more than just his eyes, he may also be hiding plastic surgery. 50-year old Irish singer of the popular band U2has drawn as much attention for his philanthropy as he has for his [...]

    Suzanne Somers is one busy lady, acting and singing and promoting her various health and wellness products. But it looks like the author and businesswoman is never too busy for some plastic surgery. 64-year old Suzanne Somers made a name for herself playing ditzy blonds, but she has proved to be anything but, promoting controversial [...]