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  • Actor Jonah Hill is practically half the man he used to be after losing at least 40 pounds for his upcoming role in the 21 Jump Street movie, based on the popular television series.  Now that he’s done the hard part and lost the weight, Jonah may want to consider some plastic surgery to tighten [...]

    Casey Anthony’s acquittal shocked the nation, generating lots of emotions across the nation. Casey’s new life as she leaves prison has caused lots of speculation about where she will go and what she will do, including some gossip about plastic surgery to change her appearance. 24-year old Casey Anthony has had a deeply troubled life [...]

    Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony have called it quits, giving the busy Jennifer Lopez time to spend with her mom, Guadalupe. Guadalupe looks almost as good as her daughter, leading Makemeheal.com to suspect plastic surgery is at play. Guadalupe is likely in her 60s, but her face shows nary a sign of age, thanks [...]

    So You Think You Can Dance? Judge Robin Antin has caught a lot of flack for having bad plastic surgery. Makemeheal.com investigates whether bad plastic surgery is making the dance expert look older than she is, or just too much make-up. 49-year old Robin Antin created a phenomenon with her Pussycat Dolls pop group and [...]

    Actress and morning show host Kelly Ripa says she’s never had a breast augmentation, despite not being able to fit into most off the rack clothing. 40-year old Kelly Ripa is surprisingly open about the state of her breasts after having kids (See Make Me Heal’s story on Kelly Ripa’s plastic surgery), admitting that they’re [...]

    Philanthropist and Los Angeles socialite Iris Cantor is co-founder of the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation. When she’s not supporting the visual arts or other important programs, she looks to spend time undergoing plastic surgery. The widow of B. Gerald Cantor, former model turned stockbroker Iris Cantor is of undetermined age, an image she [...]

    Sexy Mexican singer and actress Paulina Rubio just seems to be getting better as she ages, leading Makemeheal.com to wonder if plastic surgery is helping to boost her career. 41-year old sexy siren Paulina Rubio managed to escape arrest after a minor car accident last month by saying she had to go home to breastfeed [...]

    In a new interview, Julianne Moore reiterates her stance on cosmetic surgery, saying no. 50-year old Julianne Moore looks terrific for any age, let alone a woman entering her sixth decade. But the beautiful redhead says that plastic surgery isn’t how she enhances her looks and that she has no interest in even the easiest [...]

    Whitey Bulgar topped the FBI’s list of most wanted criminals, coming in just behind Osama bin Laden. Although Whitey has evaded capture for decades, just last month the authorities brought him to justice, thanks to his plastic surgery-loving girlfriend Catherine Elizabeth Greig. 81-year old Boston native Whitey Bulgar was living quietly in an apartment complex [...]

    Just before the new season of Kate Plus 8 debuted, Kate Gosselin took to her Twitter account to support plastic surgery and tummy tucks to new mothers after giving birth. 36-year old Kate Gosselin famously underwent a plastic surgery tummy tuck on her show with ex-husband Jon Gosselin, which showed the procedure and her tummy [...]

    In an interview with Prevention Magazine, Nutrisystem spokesperson Marie Osmond revealed that in addition to weight loss, she’s had a few non-invasive plastic surgery treatments. But MakeMeHeal.com suspects the celebrity has also had some more plastic surgery that she’s not talking about. 51-year old Marie Osmond is back with her brother Danny, dancing the nights [...]

    Sarah Burge, also known as a “The Human Barbie” shocked parents around the world when she recently admitted to giving her seven year old daughter a voucher for plastic surgery, to be used when she is ready for a breast augmentation. 50-year-old Sarah Burge has spent over $800,000 on her own surgical enhancements over twenty [...]

    When Hugh Hefner’s fiancée Crystal Harris left him just days before the wedding, it didn’t take Crystal too long to recover. Hef is also on the mend, replacing Crystal with two brand new plastic surgery Playmates, Anna Sophia Berglund and Shera Bechard. 25-year old Anna Sophia Berglund was Hugh Hefner’s immediate rebound after his public [...]

    “Mob Wives” star Renee Graziano has admitted to TMZ that she has plans for plastic surgery in order to get ready for the next season of the reality show. According to her bio on VH-1, “Renee Graziano is the daughter of Anthony Graziano, who according to the Federal Government is a high ranking member of [...]

    Now that gay marriage is legal in New York, How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris has revealed that he and his partner David Burtka are engaged. But how can the plastic surgery help the happy couple as they walk down the aisle? 38-year old Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka became the [...]

    Long Island Lolita has been trying to stay relevant with plastic surgery since she shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the face back in 1992. Now 36, Amy Fisher, the former Long Island Lolita, has occasionally popped up in the media for the continual changes she makes to her appearance with plastic surgery (See Make Me [...]

    Since stepping out with British beauty Elizabeth Hurley, fans have noticed a change in cricket player Shane Warne’s appearance. But it is plastic surgery? Or just a little better grooming than usual? 41-year old cricket player Shane Warne is known for his rough and tumbled looking appearance, but since dating actress Elizabeth Hurley has been [...]

    Coco has curves and she’s not shy about showing them.  But after spotting her and hubbie Ice-T renew their vows, Makemeheal.com couldn’t help but suspect her of having plastic surgery. 32-year old Coco recently renewed her marriage vows to rapper-turned-actor Ice-T, sporting a poofy white dress with a plunging neckline that revealed more than a [...]

    The Pointer Sisters disco-era pop group recently reprised their act, leading Makemeheal.com to wonder if plastic surgery was helping them get back into their spandex after all these years. The Pointer Sisters have taken some time off since they topped the music charts in the 1980s with songs including He’s So Shy and I’m So [...]

    Actress Claudia Lynx is pretty low on the acting radar, but with her stunning good looks, courtesy of plastic surgery, she’s sure to land a major role in the future. 29-year old Persian beauty Claudia Lynx has a very natural appearance. But some photos of her early career suggest that Claudia is only partially a [...]

    Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison made headlines when her married country star wannabe Courtney Stodden, who is only 16 to his 51. Courtney looks older than the average teenager, which could be the result of plastic surgery. 16-year old Courtney Stodden’s parents approve of her marriage to 51-year old actor Doug Hutchinson, although he is [...]

    Surely you remember when The Hangover star Mike Tyson bit the ear of Evander Holyfield during an epic match? What you may not know is that Evander’s ear is now as good as new, thanks to some careful reconstructive surgery. Maybe he got hungry or maybe he was just in a bad mood, but Mike [...]

    Rihanna isn’t shy when it comes to fashion, although she’s been pretty quiet on whether or not she’s had plastic surgery. A revealing top may have finally settled the question of breast implants for Rihanna for good. 23-year old Rihanna was caught wearing a sheer blouse, sans bra. Although they have a nice shape and [...]

    Revealing a scar on her stomach when sporting a frilly white bikini may not have been the greatest fashion move Aubrey O’Day has ever made. Now there are rumors that the former Danity Kane member has had a tummy tuck. 27-year old Aubrey O’Day is no stranger to plastic surgery, undergoing breast augmentation and rhinoplasty [...]

    Blondie’s Debbie Harry knows what she likes when it comes to plastic surgery. 65-year old Debbie Harry has openly admitted to having plastic surgery and says that she did a lot of research after making the decision to go under the knife (See Make Me Heal’sstory on Debbie Harry’s plastic surgery) “I was careful about [...]

    You may know Alan Thicke from his days as the dad on Growing Pains, or from his recent hosting career. But you may not know that actor/host is also an avid amateur hockey fan, which cost him his front teeth, leaving him with a need for some cosmetic dentistry. 64-year old Alan Thicke was playing [...]