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  • This year brought many revelations in which celebrities have attempted to better their looks with plastic surgery, not all of them successful. Here’s a look at some of the worst celebrity plastic surgery of 2011. Marie Osmond has long been rumored to have had plastic surgery and this year brought further confirmation. In between tragedy [...]

    In this plastic surgery video, Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif talks with Makemeheal.com what products can be used for cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) recovery. Check out more plastic surgery videos on our Youtube Channel. Ask questions & get answers from plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and beauty professionals. none

    2011 was the year of many things celebrity, from elaborate weddings to big awards shows, which all gave Makemeheal.com a chance to glimpse celebrity plastic surgery at it’s best. Here’s a look at the best celebrity plastic surgery from 2011—although the procedures may have taken place in years prior. Sarah Palin moved from political figure [...]

    In this plastic surgery video, Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin talks with Makemeheal.com about whether or not bruising can happen with fillers and injections like Botox, Restylane and Juvederm? Check out more plastic surgery videos on our Youtube Channel. Ask questions & get answers from plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and beauty professionals. none

    In this plastic surgery video, Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk talks with Makemeheal.com about the numbness a person can expect and how long it last’s after a facelift. Recovery from a surgery is very important and can effect the results. Check out more plastic surgery videos on our Youtube Channel. Ask questions & get [...]

    Simon Pegg, the funny guy behind Shaun of the Dead and other hit films, recently spotted a different hairstyle at the premiers of his new film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, leading to rumors that he’s had hair transplant plastic surgery. 41-year old British actor Simon Pegg is rumored to have had a Hollywood Makeover, [...]

    Popular television host Giuliana Rancic went public with her struggle against breast cancer earlier this year. Now she has announced that she is planning to undergo a double mastectomy to prevent the cancer from recurring and has scheduled the procedure for over the holidays. 36-year old Guiliana Rancic initially underwent a double lumpectomy to removed [...]

    Miley Cyrus has had a bumpy ride on the paparazzi track since her days as a Disney diva have come to an end. From drug use to plastic surgery, Miley has overcome rumors one at a time. 19-year old Miley Cyrus once again sparked rumors of having breast implants after wearing a cleavage-baring dress at [...]

    Tina Turner has been officially retired since 2000, but she still looks ready to rock. Makemeheal.com suspects that plastic surgery may be the reason for Tina’s continued youthful appearance. 72-year old legendary singer Tina Turner briefly came out of retirement to celebrate 50 years in the biz back in 2008 and giving Make Me Heal [...]

    A few years back, Keira Knightley revealed her desire for breast implants in an interview. Fast forward to now and Keira is still showing no signs of obvious plastic surgery. 26-year old Keira Knightley revealed wanting breast augmentation in an interview with AskMen.com UK back in 2006. Five years later, Keira still doesn’t show signs [...]

    New bikini photos of Miss Venezuela 2002, Aída Yéspica, reveal more than just how the South American beauty won the title, they may also reveal some plastic surgery. 29-year old Aida Yespica, Miss Venezuela 2002 relaxed on a Miami beach in a teeny tiny bikini that could barely cover her assets. With such a thin [...]

    As the wife of American businessman and Republican politician Mitt Romney, Ann Romney has been at the forefront of her husband’s various campaigns for some time. With so much time in front of cameras, Makemeheal.com can’t help but wonder if some plastic surgery has helped Ann stay looking fresh. 62-year old Ann Romney has been [...]

    Romanian pop star Alexandra Stan has broken borders with her popular hit “Mr. Saxobeat” and as she continues to country hop, Makemeheal.com suspects that plastic surgery may play a role in her international success. 22-year old Alexandra Stan has all the makings of a pop star: a pretty face and a rocking bod that she [...]

    British newscaster Kay Burley is no stranger to plastic surgery. But apparently she didn’t realize the severe bruising that can result after a facelift, despite a minimal amount of pain. 50-year old Kay Burley splurged on a necklift and lower facelift earlier this year, and while pleased with the results, was shocked by how she [...]

    Paulina Gretzky, daughter of “The Great One,” has found some fame of her own after Tweeting pics of her stunning figure in some provocative poses. The wanna-be performer and model revealed her stunning body, and also some possible plastic surgery. 22-year old Paulina Gretzky recently closed her Twitter account, but not before some racy photos [...]

    Jodie Marsh, British glamour model turned bodybuilder, is once again seeking plastic surgery after her super sized breast implants no longer fit with her newly toned body. 32-year-old model Jodie Marsh recently discovered bodybuilding, after breast augmentation, leaving her with very poor results. Jodie is aware of her newly uneven, rippled looking breasts, saying, “My [...]

    Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to plastic surgery, but Kristina Rei is addicted to the idea of having Jessica Rabbit lips in real life. 22-year old nail technician in St. Petersburg, Russia Kristina Rei has reportedly gotten over 100 silicone lip injections to get her lips to be as big as her idol’s, [...]

    For years, Jane Fonda has been an example of the best way to age and recently she has admitted that plastic surgery is a part of her regimen, along with healthy eating and exercise. 73-year old Jane Fonda revealed her plastic surgery earlier this year, including a blepharoplasty and necklift along with chin liposuction (See [...]

    Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kim Richards has had plenty of drama on the reality show and now it appears she is heading to rehab to battle some of the demons she has struggled with on the show. 47-year old Kim Richards visited Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif on an episode of Real [...]

    By Wendy Lewis, Beauty In The Bag We have heard of ‘moobs’ (short for man boobs) and ‘manorexics’ (men obsessed with their body fat), and the ubiquitous metrosexuals. Although once considered taboo, men are becoming a major force in the realm of anti aging treatments ranging from cosmeceutical men’s skincare to SmartLipo and plastic surgery. [...]

    Lana Del Rey is an up and coming jazz/pop/soul singer and her full lips have some fans wondering if the pretty young star has had lip augmentation. 25-year old Lana Del Rey call herself the “gangsta Nancy Sinatra.” Her old school meets new school singing style may sound good to many, but her unusual looks [...]

    By Wendy Lewis, Editor in Chief, Beauty In The Bag The cumulative effects of sun exposure, gravity, genetics and other factors cause a loss of skin elasticity as well as hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately these two conditions lead to sagging skin and the loss of facial structural support as well as dark spots. Sagging skin can be [...]

    At the 2011 American Country Awards in Las Vegas, country singer Miranda Lambert stunned fans with a plunging tight dress. As Miranda revealed her curves, Makemeheal.com suspects she may have also revealed her plastic surgery. 28-year old Miranda Lambert cleans up well for industry events, showcasing her natural beauty which may have been surgically helped. [...]

    Christina Ricci has been in front of the camera since she was a child. Like many child actresses turned grown-up stars, she looks to have taken a little time away from fame for plastic surgery recovery after a possible nose job. 31-year old Christina Ricci has said in the past that she wouldn’t mind going [...]

    Khloe Kardashian often gets picked on by fans of the Kardashian clan, for one reason or another. Lately, it’s because she looks to have joined her sisters in the family tradition of plastic surgery. 27-year old Khloe Kardashian is generally against plastic surgery, preferring to stay all natural other than a few laser treatments for [...]

    Shortly after the announcement of her less than shocking break from Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore was speculated to be dating Scott Vincent-Borba, a beauty mogul who looks to have engaged in plastic surgery (Check out the Borba Skin Care line right on Makemeheal.com). Scott-Vincent Borba and Demi have reportedly spent time together, but may not [...]

    In this plastic surgery video, Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk talks with Makemeheal.com about how a lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is done. Check out more plastic surgery videos on our Youtube Channel. Ask questions & get answers from plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and beauty professionals. none

    Amid speculation that British lingerie model Abbey Clancy had gotten an overload of lip fillers, the woman in question turned to Twitter to answer public speculation about her plastic surgery. 25-year old Abbey Clancy invited speculation that she had gotten plastic surgery lip fillers placed after she attended a special WAG lunch in Manchester hosted [...]

    Not everybody thinks that Botox is a good thing. And although supermodels are known for using the latest anti-aging products, not all are convinced that injectables are the best way to stay perpetually youthful, as an interview with Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington revealed. In an past issue of style magazine Vogue, then 41-year-old Linda [...]

    Fans of Dancing with the Stars may have noticed that professional dancer Lacey Schwimmer got a little plastic surgery in the downtime, helping to give her athletic body some curves. 23-year-old Lacey Schwimmer danced with Chaz Bono (See Make Me Heal’s story on Chaz Bono’s plastic surgery) this past season, and her partner wasn’t the [...]

    Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is usually behind the scenes, but as Hollywood has come calling, Seth has quickly turned from dork to leading man with a Hollywood plastic surgery makeover. 38-year old Seth MacFarlane draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources for his numerous cartoon characters, many of which he voices. But when [...]

    In this plastic surgery video, Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin talks with Makemeheal.com about how you correct dark under eye circles with Radiesse, Restylane or other fillers. Check out more plastic surgery videos on our Youtube Channel. Ask questions & get answers from plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and beauty professionals. none

    Glee’s resident mean girl Naya Rivera has upped her screen time and it may be thanks to plastic surgery. 24-year old Naya Rivera has been involved in the entertainment business for much of her life and seems to have picked up on the Hollywood plastic surgery habit. While after breast augmentation, Naya has found fame [...]

    Not many Hollywood stars are comfortable admitting to plastic surgery, but Hong Kong import Chow Yun-Fat is so comfortable with it, that he even joked about it an interview. 56-year old Chow Yun-Fat is one of a few actors to successful make the leap from foreign films to mainstream American cinema. One of his secrets [...]

    Julia Volkova of Russian pop group Tatu is looking pretty plastic these days and is nearly unrecognizable to fans of the group, thanks to an overload of plastic surgery. 26-year old Julia Volkova has cultivated a bad girl image thanks to her career in music, and recently she has become internationally known for her bad [...]

    Usually Jenny McCarthy’s assets are on display, leaving little room to focus on her flawless face. But a recent appearance at the AMA’s revealed that Jenny may have had a nose job in the past. 39-year old Jenny McCarthy found fame after breast augmentation and apparently after a nose job as well, leaving her with [...]

    Snooki is a rare thing in Jersey Shore, not only because of her height, but because she comes by her looks without the help of plastic surgery. However, citing that she finds natural breasts “annoying,” Snooki may soon be joining her co-stars in plastic surgery. 23-year old Snooki appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, where [...]