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  • Fitness competitor and muscle-bound hottie Torrie Wilson is currently dating A-Rod. As paparazzi snapped photos of the professional wrestler on her day off at a pool, Makemeheal.com noticed that not only does she have muscles to spare; she may also have some plastic surgery secrets. 36-year old Torrie Wilson clearly spends a lot of time [...]

    Celebrity Big Brother Contestant Georgia Salpa had a surprising plastic surgery revelation before she got kicked out of the house. She’s had plastic surgery, but she’s still not admitting to enhancing her most obvious assets. 26-year old Georgia Salpa is an Irish glamour model who has never openly admitted to breast augmentation, instead her manager [...]

    Former American Idol Clay Aiken is sporting a new look for his upcoming role as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. With the released photos, many suspect that Clay has had plastic surgery to change up his looks. 33-year old Clay Aiken is amongst the most famous American Idol alums. His upcoming appearance on the latest [...]

    Ellen Kardashian, the widow of Robert Kardashian has come forward saying that Khloe Kardashian is not really a Kardashian. Makemeheal.com was so struck by Ellen’s obvious plastic surgery that her claims barely registered. Robert’s widow Ellen Kardashian and his second wife, Jan Ashley, told Star magazine that Khloe was the product of an affair (See [...]

    Plastic surgery is no stranger to the land of beauty queens and the newly crowned Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler, named the Miss America 2012 winner during the Miss USA Beauty Pageant held in the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino venue, Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday night, 14 January 2012, may be no exception. 23-year-old Miss [...]

    Cameron Diaz is flaunting a little more in her bikini top than usual, leading to rumors of plastic surgery. 39-year old Cameron Diaz is in the best shape of her life and recently showed off her very fit figure in a bikini while on vacation. In addition to a flat stomach, she looked a little [...]

    Bradley Cooper has come a long way since his role as an annoying extra in Wedding Crashers. These days, the sarcastic star has transformed into a leading man, leading Makemeheal.com to wonder if plastic surgery is partially responsible for his fame. 37-year old Bradley Cooper has gone from geek to Hollywood chic, thanks to a [...]

    Despite denouncing plastic surgery for actresses, Meryl Streep has managed to maintain her looks, many think with a little help from cosmetic surgery. 62-year old Meryl Streep is getting ready to promote her latest biopic,  ”The Iron Lady” as Margaret Thatcher. In addition to learning the distinguished lady’s voice and accent, Meryl may also have [...]

    Sarah Burge, also known as a “The Human Barbie” shocked parents around the world when she recently admitted to giving her seven year old daughter a birthday gift of a voucher for plastic surgery, to be used when she is ready for a breast augmentation. Over the recent holidays, Sarah once again horrified the world [...]

    Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais started in on his Hollywood bashing early this year, taking jabs at celebrity plastic surgery before the big day began (See Make Me Heal’s story on The Golden Globes). 50-year old Ricky Gervais posed outside a plastic surgery clinic in Los Angeles with dollar bills in his hands just days [...]

    UK reality star Jessica-Jane Clement is making an impression Stateside, thanks to some well-done plastic surgery. 26-year old reality star Jessica-Jane Clement of The Real Hustle looks to be spending her reality show dough on some plastic surgery. Although after breast augmentation, Jessica-Jane has gone from an A-cup to an unlikely D-Cup, her breast implants [...]

    Actress Mischa Barton has taken a lot of heat from the press about her body, from the size of her thighs to her cellulite issues. Mischa is looking good these days, but plastic surgery may not be responsible. 25-year old Mischa Barton often makes questionable fashion choices, from cuts to color. One fashion misstep revealed  [...]

    The Golden Globes opened this year of Awards Season and gave Makemeheal.com a look at famous faces and their plastic surgery. Jane Fonda presented an award in a figure-hugging dress with a plunging neckline that showed off her recent necklift, while plenty of eye make drew attention to her recent blepharoplasty, the great actresses new [...]

    Model Eva Herzigova still looks as fantastic as ever, leading Makemeheal.com to wonder if plastic surgery has played a role in boosting her career. 39-year old Eva Herzigova began her modeling career as a body for WonderBra, making it difficult to tell if her shapely figure is a result after breast augmentation or after wearing [...]

    In this plastic surgery video, Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk talks with Makemeheal.com bout scarring after a facelift and how you can minimize it. If a plastic surgeon is skilled, they are capable of making proper incisions to minimize scarring. Check out more plastic surgery videos on our Youtube Channel. Ask questions & get [...]

    The new season of Mob Wives is upon us, and new cast member Angela Raiola, aka “Big Ang” may be looking to undergo more plastic surgery this season. Angela Raiola is a big player in mobdom, with connections on connections. This season she will be joining Mob Wives, getting in on the action and possibly [...]

    Steven Tyler took time over the holidays to get engaged and also found time to go snorkeling. It looks like he may also need some time for plastic surgery to help look better in the rock-star tight Speedo he favors while on vacation. 63-year old Steven Tyler has long been a source of plastic surgery, [...]

    Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband is moving on to new horizons, with a Venezuelan model named Shannon de Lima, who may have had a touch of plastic surgery. 43-year old Marc Anthony may be dating 24-year old model Shannon de Lima, as the Latin singer has been Tweeting messages and photos of the two of them together. [...]

    With an upcoming role on Desperate Housewives, it looks like Melanie Griffith is returning to a more natural look, without the plastic surgery that has ostracized her from acting over the past few years. 54-year old Melanie Griffith has become more famous for being a victim of too much plastic surgery rather than being a [...]

    Mariah Carey’s advertisements for Jenny Craig have been making the rounds, but some fans suspect that Mariah’s miraculous weight loss after twins is due to a plastic surgery Mommy Makeover rather than the popular diet program. 41-year old Mariah Carey has had several possible plastic surgery procedures in the past, including a breast augmentation as [...]

    As small Snooki gets closer to her goal weight, plastic surgery seems to be looming large on the horizon. 24-year diminutive Snooki is nearly at her goal weight of 98 and all she seems to want is new breasts to go with her new look. Apparently Snooki is wanting to look like her Jersey Shore [...]

    JWoww seems to reign as queen of plastic surgery on the Jersey Shore, changing up her appearance for each season. Apparently, the busty star is not done with her desire to go under the knife. 25-year old JWoww has said that after breast augmentation (See Make Me Heal’s story on JWoww’s plastic surgery), she has [...]