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  • Molly Shannon is probably still best known for being a cast member on SNL, despite her numerous appearances in films. As Molly continues to find new funny roles, some fans think that she’s looking a little “different” lately, a possible result of plastic surgery. 47-year old Molly Shannon isn’t quite as omnipresent as she used [...]

    Pakistani model and actress Veena Malik made international headlines when she appeared nude on the cover of FHM India. Between the “did she or didn’t she really pose nude controversy,” Makemeheal.com can’t help notice Veena’s obvious plastic surgery. After an issue of FHM India showed Muslim model Veena Malik nude with the initials of Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency [...]

    Lark Voorhies is probably better known as Lisa Turtle, the character she played on the popular 90s television show, Saved by the Bell. While fans were thrilled when Lark hinted at a cast reunion in a recent interview, they were stunned by her plastic surgery-looking appearance. 38-year old Lark Voorhies recently appeared in a televised [...]

    Model Michelle Hunziker continues to stun fans as she never seems to wear anything but bikinis. Yet, the most amazing thing about Michelle is that her looks appear to be natural, not plastic surgery. 35-year old Michelle Hunziker is amazingly shapely, especially after having a child. Flat abs and impossibly long limbs aside, Michelle still [...]

    Christine Taylor is one of Hollywood’s busiest working moms. Yet somehow she finds the time to take care of herself, which may include visits to the plastic surgeon. 40-year old Christine Taylor recently signed on to be the spokeswoman for an organic skin care line, which is fitting for the vegan actress. In an interview, [...]

    Rita Wilson seems to spend as much time behind a camera as in front of it these days, what with all her producing work. But after years in the biz, she still knows how to rock a red carpet, probably with a little plastic surgery. 55-year old Rita Wilson isn’t afraid to compete with Hollywood’s [...]

    Janet Jackson’s fluctuating weight is nothing new, but after her recent weight loss her face shows none of the usual gaunt look that usually comes with a dramatic drop in pounds. Makemeheal.com suspects that Janet is playing with plastic surgery. 46-year old Janet Jackson showed off her newly thin frame at the Marcho Glaviano ‘Supermodels’ [...]

    The Kardashian clan is gearing up for a new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and this time around, plastic surgery looks to once again be the focus of the program. 56-year old Kris Jenner seems to be debuting her new lip augmentation on the trailer for season 7 of Keeping Up With The [...]

    Talk show host Wendy Williams is nothing if not controversial. So when she discussed cosmetic surgery in a recent interview it wasn’t surprising that some of her remarks would fan the flames. 47-year old Wendy Williams has proclaimed herself the queen of plastic surgery, after liposuction and after breast augmentation and a few other things [...]

    Tom Cruise is getting ready to rock out and is being interviewed for his upcoming film Rock of Ages. While he’s dabbling in guyliner and leather pants, one thing the leading man says he won’t rock is plastic surgery. Since being a Top Gun, it appears that 49-year old Tom Cruise has had at least [...]

    Rosario Dawson frequently gets cast in Comic-Con favorite films. But with some possible plastic surgery, it seems the stunning lady is beginning to closely resemble the curvy heroines from comic books she brings to life 32-year-old Rosario Dawson showed off some draw dropping cleavage at the 98th Annual White House Correspondents Association dinner at the [...]

    Taylor Swift is renowned for her flawless skin and lithe figure. Not to mention her songwriting and singing. But that doesn’t mean that she is immune to the celebrity trend of plastic surgery. 22-year-old singer Taylor Swift was recently spotted shopping and wearing a tight, striped dress that made her bosom look larger than it [...]

    The stars of the reality show Mob Wives share more than just a “family.” Apparently they also share a plastic surgeon. According to RadarOnline, “NYC celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo is certainly a knight in shining armor for Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano after he saved one of them from a plastic surgery nightmare, [...]

    Avatar actress Zoe Saldana has apparently wanted to have kids for over a decade, but it just hasn’t happened for her yet. Whether she has two or twenty in the future, Zoe says she is probably going to have a plastic surgery mommy makeover to help her recover her famously fit body. 33-year old Zoe [...]

    Carmen Electra sure knows how to fill out a bikini. But some fans think that Carmen Electra may have gotten some work done above the neck and her criticizing her for overdoing the plastic surgery. 40-year old Carmen Electra is as well-endowed as ever and still staying in shape to fill out a bikini with [...]

    Catherine Zeta-Jones is commonly recognized for being a great beauty, but some of her looks may not come naturally. At a recent event, Catherine looked to be extra smooth and full-faced for her age, a common sign of plastic surgery. 42-year old Catherine Zeta-Jones is frequently at the center of plastic surgery rumors, although the [...]

    Mere weeks after giving birth to her first child, Hawkins Crawford Romo, Tony Romo’s wife Candice Crawford looked like she was already back to her pre-baby shape, leading to rumors of a plastic surgery mommy makeover. 25-year old former beauty queen and Texas TV personality Candice rocked a spandex miniskirt just weeks after giving birth [...]

    Barbara Van Orden used to perform with the likes of Frank Sinatra and legendary comedians like Buddy Hackett and Soupy Sales. Nowadays she’s still got stage presence, but also more than likely plastic surgery. Barbara Van Orden is seemingly ageless, changing her appearance as often as she changes career paths. Whether Barbara is performing in [...]

    Singer Beyonce is all about babies now that she’s a mother. But after sporting bikinis and her signature sultry gowns shortly after the birth of her child Blue Ivy, many are wondering if Beyonce has had a Plastic Surgery Mommy Makeover to get rid of some of her pregnancy weight. 30-year old Beyonce Knowles is [...]

    As television shows go back in time, some casting directors are looking for hot women without breast implants. This is no easy task in plastic surgery cities like Miami, according to the casting director for the new show Magic City. Magic City takes place in Miami in 1959, before the days of breast augmentation. Finding [...]

    Celebrity events pack lots of plastic surgery into one space. So when Radar Online caught Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith posing together at a CinemaCon party in Las Vegas they were able to analyze whether or not the trio was dabbling in plastic surgery. order misoprostol “Are we seeing a trifecta of plastic [...]

    Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans went under the knife for breast augmentation just recently and has already hit the beach to show off the results of her new implants. 21-year-old single mom Jenelle Evans reportedly went under the knife just over a week ago, but revealed her results after breast augmentation just last weekend. Jenelle Tweeted [...]

    Valeria Lukyanova has been heating up the internet as people wonder whether or not the “Ukrainian Barbie” is the result of Photoshop or plastic surgery? 21-year-old Valeria Lukyanova is apparently a Ukrainian model who has transformed herself into a real-life Barbie—blank plastic face and everything. As the debate goes round as to whether or not [...]

    While some actresses are claiming to dislike the effects of rejuvenating Botox, Jenny McCarthy is going out of her way to affirm her love of the injectable, ahead of the premier of her new reality match-making show Love in the Wild. 39-year-old model-turned-actress and game show host Jenny McCarthy became famous after breast augmentation and more [...]

    Lisa Rinna is an open book about her plastic surgery experience, which may be why she was comfortable writing her new book, The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book. 48-year old actress Lisa Rinna once got more attention for her super large pucker than for her acting skills. But in 2010, Lisa Rinna underwent the surgery [...]

    Julia Roberts’ very full lips have raised eyebrows for years about cosmetic surgery. However they are all natural, but that doesn’t mean the hooker with a heart hasn’t dabbled in plastic surgery in the past. 44-year old Julia Roberts is promoting her film Mirror Mirror, a retelling of the classic Snow White Fairy tale, in [...]

    Jason Segal’s latest costar is the beautiful Emily Blunt in the new rom-com movie The Five-Year Engagement. To get the role, Jason recently revealed that he had to lose weight, leading some to wonder if plastic surgery weight loss had anything to do with it. 32-year old Jason Segal star has been packing on the [...]

    Charlize Theron is both funny and beautiful, something that seems difficult for many women in Hollywood. At a recent awards ceremony, the Oscar winning actress got a few laughs when she joked about considering plastic surgery. 36-year old Charlize Theron manages to be young and beautiful and have curves in all the right places. But [...]

    When Nicollette Sheridan isn’t busy suing her former employer, she seems to enjoy spending time in a bikini, giving fans a glimpse of her terrific figure, which may come courtesy of plastic surgery. 48-year old Nicollette Sheridan has surprisingly smooth skin for a woman her age, without a hint of the cellulite that plagues many [...]

    Robert Pattinson is considered a heartthrob the world over, but even he is not immune to the pressures of looking good. Apparently the sparkly Twilight star was not happy when photos of him shirtless surfaced on the internet. Maybe plastic surgery could help boost his ego? 25-year old Robert Pattinson is pretty soft-looking for a [...]