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  • Stockard Channing has been a staple of stage and screen for years so it’s no wonder that the veteran actress may have had a few nips and tucks over the years. 68-year old Stockard Channing has played everything from naughty to nice over the years, and looks none the worse for the wear. While it [...]

    By Wendy Lewis, Editor-in-Chief  A fuller bottom makes can cause a woman to get notices. Buttock boosting shapewear may provide an instant lift but can slip and look fake. There are some new procedures that can positively alter the way your buttocks look, in a natural and long-lasting way. Fat Sculpting This procedure permanently removes [...]

    Lil Kim has been shocking fans for years, first with her lyrics then with her outrageous costumes and most recently with her plastic surgery. At a recent NYC event, Lil Kim once again managed to shock with plastic surgery. 36-year old Lil Kim has been dabbling in plastic surgery for years, with a nose surgery [...]

    John Stamos will always be Uncle Jesse in the hearts of many fans. But as he grows older, he seems to get even better looking, which has led some to believe that he is on board with plastic surgery. 48-year old John Stamos just gets better with age, which is often the result of plastic [...]

    Anne Hathaway is very busy getting skinny—even for a Hollywood type. Despite her devotion to getting in character, there is one thing that Anne won’t do for a role, at least, not yet: plastic surgery. In an interview with Allure magazine, 29-year old Anne Hathaway talks about the dangers of Hollywood, from losing weight to [...]

    Plastic surgery is common amongst the beauty pageant crowd. But not every crowned beauty admits to procedures, making new Miss California Natalie Ann Pack unique for opening up about her recent nose job. 22-year old professional model and UCI student Natalie Ann Pack was recently named Miss California. In addition to her new title, Natalie [...]

    Whether you think she’s naughty or nice, Alexis Bellino of the Real Housewives of Orange County knows how to get people talking. Whether she’s bragging about her possessions or trying to pronounce pretty much anything, Alexis has something to say. Recently, she had something to say about plastic surgery, including her recent nose job. 35-year [...]

    Many stars don’t discuss their plastic surgery, preferring to let fans guess. But Real Housewife of New York turned talk show host Bethenny Frankel has a new talk show, on which she discussed her plastic surgery. 41-year old Bethenny Frankel discussed her decision for breast implants and breast implant removal and breast lift with her [...]

    Amy Childs of the popular British show commonly called TOWIE is still plotting to get bigger breast implants, despite already having a very obvious breast augmentation. 22-year old British star Amy Childs lost weight and decided that her implants became too small (See Make Me Heal’s story on Amy Childs’ plastic surgery). Apparently, Amy has [...]

    Courteney Cox has come under fire in recent years for being overly friendly with her plastic surgeon, getting filled with Botox and other injectables. In light of her recent divorce filing, Makemeheal.com thinks she may want to break up with plastic surgey as well. 47-year old Courteney Cox has openly admitted to using Botox and [...]

    Sara Gilbert is from a Hollywood family. As Hollywood families tend to do everything from share a career to a plastic surgeon, Makemeheal.com suspects that not only does Sara act like her older siblings; she may also use plastic surgery like they do. 37-year old Sara Gilbert is best known for her role as Darlene [...]

    Disney princess turned grown up hottie Selena Gomez is once again stirring up rumors, and its got nothing to do with her young boyfriend Justin Bieber. In a very grown up magazine spread, Selena shows off her rocking bod, once again stirring up rumors of breast augmentation. 19-year old Selena Gomez has been rumored to [...]

    Sharon Osbourne has openly admitted to loving plastic surgery and getting everything from breast implants to Botox. Recently, the British host and famous rocker wife has looked a little drawn lately, possibly the result of even more plastic surgery. 59-year old Sharon Osbourne is a host on America’s Got Talent and is used to be [...]

    Emily Maynard of order Indocin online The Bachelorette seems like a sweet single mom with a no-muss no-fuss attitude, but a source has apparently revealed that the Southern belle is harboring a secret. Before getting famous on the popular reality dating show, the blonde underwent plastic surgery to get ready for her close-up. According to [...]

    Cate Blanchett has long said that she is against plastic surgery. It turns out, that the Australian actress’ husband is not a fan of plastic surgery either. 43-year old Cate Blanchett relies on sk II skincare products rather than plastic surgery to keep her looking good. Although Cate is very vocal about her beliefs that [...]

    Last year, Kim Basinger emerged from a medical building, trying to hide her face with a blanket. Looking like she had some sort of allergic reaction, Kim was likely trying to hide the results of plastic surgery from the lens of paparazzi. 58-year old Kim Basinger has long been thought to use plastic surgery to [...]

    Gossip Girl has successfully won a lawsuit against her mother, where she said that her mother used funds for her own plastic surgery, rather than what they were intended for. 26-year old Leighton Meester sued her mother, Constance Meester, after finding out that her mother had used funds for plastic surgery instead of on medical [...]

    Kris Humphries is probably better known for his short lived marriage to reality star Kim Kardashian than his skills on the court. Now he appears to have a new lady in his life, Myla Sinanaj of Miami, whom tabloids are reporting bears a resemblance to his ex. Knowing that Kim loves plastic surgery, Makemeheal.com can’t [...]

    Ali McGraw moved out of the Hollywood spotlight into the New Mexico sun years ago, but she’s back briefly to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Paramount Pictures. A public appearance gave Makemeheal.com a glimpse of the plastic surgery she may have had over the years. 73-year old Ali McGraw isn’t the pretty young lady she [...]

    Jada Pinkett Smith is promoting her new film, Madagascar 3 in which she once again provides the voice of the hip hippo. But at the premier, no one even noticed her voice, all every one could talk about was her full face. 40-year old Jada Pinkett Smith sparked plastic surgery rumors when she promoted her [...]

    Singer turned actress Jewel has long been proud of her imperfect teeth, even bragging about her snaggle tooth in her songs. But with a new role in movie coming up, it seems that Jewel has given in to Hollywood’s obsession with perfection and turned to cosmetic dentistry to fix her teeth, at least temporarily. 38-year [...]

    By Wendy Lewis, Editor-in-Chief If going under the knife is too extreme for you and wrinkle creams aren’t doing it for you anymore, there are some effective non-surgical minimally invasive options that may give you the youthful appearance you’ve been searching for. Skin Tightening Syneron Medical has demonstrated that evolastin, The New Natural You, although [...]

    For twenty-somethings, Danica McKellar will always be Winnie Cooper, the mysterious love interest from the popular family show The Wonder Years. These days, Danica is all grown up, with a family of her own. After news came that Danica is getting divorced from her husband of three years, Makemeheal.com wonders if Danica will seek a [...]

    By Wendy Lewis, Editor in Chief  Celebrity moms seem to bounce back to their size zero pre-pregnancy shapes impossibly quick.  But what about moms in the real world whose bodies fluctuate after childbirth and breastfeeding? Fortunately, there is a lot they do to get their bodies back into great shape.  “Good nutrition, a healthy diet [...]

    Kerry Katona has had liposuction and tummy tuck, but apparently they haven’t helped her change her eating habits to stay slimmer. 31-year old British star Kerry Katona recently underwent a tummy tuck and liposuction (See Make Me Heal’s story on Kerry Katona’s plastic surgery), but ate freely on British television’s celebrity episode of Come Dine [...]

    Diane Keaton is still one of Hollywood’s hardest working women, despite decades in the biz. While Makemeheal.com doesn’t have insight into her success, apparently it isn’t plastic surgery. 66-year old Diane Keaton was one of Woody Allen’s original leading ladies, both onscreen and off. Nowadays, she’s still a leading lady, likely thanks to the use [...]

    The National Enquirer is reporting that Kanye West wants his girlfriend’s mom, Kris Jenner to stop going under the knife. Kanye West understandably isn’t a big fan of plastic surgery. His mother, Donda West, famously died at age 58, just a day after undergoing a tummy tuck, breast reduction and lipo­suction (See Make Me Heal’s [...]

    By Wendy Lewis, Editor in Chief of Beautyinthebag.com They tell you to exercise to keep your body in shape, but what can you do to keep your eyes in shape? When your eyes don’t seem to attract as much attention anymore, you can turn to a friendly dermatologist or plastic surgeon to give you the [...]

    For years, Nicole Kidman denied undergoing plastic surgery, then finally admitted to trying Botox to smooth out some wrinkles. 44-year old Nicole Kidman is just as famous for her Botox use as she is for her risky roles (See Make Me Heal’s story on Nicole Kidman’s Botox use). A while back, Nicole told Prevention magazine [...]

    Charlize Theron is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s hottest women. But that doesn’t mean that the reigning Evil Queen isn’t immune to glancing in the mirror and considering plastic surgery in her fair future. 36-year old Charlize Theron has been rumored to have had nose surgery as well as Restylane injections in her lips to plump [...]

    Ice T’s wife Coco is always showing off something. At a recent media event in Las Vegas, she may have showed off a tummy tuck or liposuction results. 33-year old Coco is often at the apex of plastic surgery rumors, most notably for buttocks augmentation (Read Make Me Heal’s story on Coco’s plastic surgery) as [...]

    Andie MacDowell isn’t the same young woman that made heads turn in Groundhog Day. A recent appearance at the Cannes film festival seems to indicate that the former model turned actress has used plastic surgery to stay beautiful. 54-year-old Andie MacDowell may be a spokeswoman for L’Oreal cosmetics, but she probably augments her wrinkle cream [...]

    A new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County also means a new housewife and a new example of plastic surgery. So how does the show’s sole brunette, Heather Dubrow stack up to her peers? 43-year old Heather Dubrow is a former actress (under the name Heather Paige Kent) turned Real Housewife. She just [...]

    Singer John Mayer is trying Botox, reportedly for some issues he’s having with his throat. While he could use a hit in the forehead as well to fight his signs of aging, it seems that Botox isn’t just for plastic surgery. 34-year old John Mayer is reportedly waiting to recover his singing voice after having [...]