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  • Jordin Sparks has been slowly losing weight since she won American Idol and has recently showed off her svelte new figure on the cover of Shape magazine. After losing a great deal of weight, many turn to plastic surgery to tighten up and leftover trouble spots, but it looks like Jordin may be plastic surgery [...]

    Lorraine Bracco, best known for her role on The Sopranos and films like Goodfellas has openly talked about wanting plastic surgery, but being too afraid. However, it looks like Lorraine may have overcome her figures, with great results. Since last year, 57-year old Lorraine  Bracco has talked about wanting plastic surgery, but had fears of [...]

    With her haute Hollywood heritage, it’s no wonder that Isabella Rossellini has found fame in front of the camera. But although she’s comfortable with her appearance, apparently she hasn’t tried plastic surgery to keep her famous face looking young. 60-year old Isabella Rossellini has a famous face and is one of around a dozen supermodels [...]

    Captain America Chris Evans was caught running into a dermatologist’s office. Makemeheal.com can’t help but wonder what his plastic surgery emergency could be. 31-year old Chris Evans frequently plays a superhero, but he may use some super secret procedures to always look refreshed and ready for battle with the bad guys. The paparazzi recently caught [...]

    Ali Wentworth is the newest comedian to open up about plastic surgery, posting pictures of herself left, right and sideways and before and after her procedures. 47-year old Ali Wentworth, comedian, actress, author and wife of ”Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos reportedly began talking about her plastic surgery before she even went under the knife for a [...]

    Harrison Ford is well known for his action hero roles. Part of what helps him look like a tough guy is the famous scar on his chin. Yet as he ages and his roles soften, maybe even Indiana Jones could retire his scar with reduction and elimination products that help minimize scars. 70-year old Harrison [...]

    Drew Barrymore’s Hollywood heritage means that the girl was practically born in front of a camera. Yet despite having a healthy understanding of how to get attention and what to wear on the red carpet, apparently Drew never learned how to get rid of unwanted body hair. Despite Drew Barrymore‘s glam getups, the expectant mother [...]

    Lindsay Lohan seems to be back to work, but what’s not working for her are her hair extensions. A photo of Lindsay reveals that her hair may actually be falling out as a result of her heavy hair extensions. Luckily, there may be something she can do about, thanks to plastic surgery hair replacement. 26-year [...]

    Real Housewife of New Jersey Lauren Manzo recently underwent the lap band procedure to help aid her weight loss after a life long struggle. Now that the weight has begun to fall off, Lauren may be left with some excess skin that could be taken care of with plastic surgery. Lauren Manzo, daughter of Real [...]

    Mob Wives star Renee Graziano had a total body plastic surgery makeover that ended in disaster. After talking about her ordeal and finding a new plastic surgeon, it seems that Renee has had her plastic surgery revision, with happy results. 42-year old Mob Wives star Renee Graziano had plastic surgery makeover including a tummy tuck [...]

    Actress Melinda Clarke has been a star on everything from an episode of Seinfeld to the OC. Somehow she has managed to look the same, no matter how many years pass, indicating that she probably uses plastic surgery to maintain her good looks. 43-year old Melinda Clarke never seems to age, but only grows more [...]

    Noomi Rapace originated the screen version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in the original European production. But she has become known to American audiences for her roles in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Prometheus. As American audiences get to know her, they have also noted her very prominent cheekbones, which have [...]

    At ComicCon this past weekend, Kristen Stewart got Twilight fans aglow, not by appearing in the last movie in the series, but by appearing with could be breast implants. 22-year old Kristen Stewart is known for her rather boyish figure, both in red carpet gowns and cutoff shorts. But she looked much more feminine at [...]

    Mary-Louise Parker frequently sports looks that are probably meant for women half her age. Yet the 47-year old actress manages to pull off long hair and short skirts. So what’s the secret to her age-defying success? Apparently it is Dr. Hauschka, her favorite skincare brand. The Weeds star loves Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products and [...]

    TV Matchmaker Patti Stranger of Bravo’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” says she’s had plastic surgery and is proud of it. 50-year old Patti Stranger is outspoken and has something to say about everything. Apparently her experience with plastic surgery is included in that everything. Patti was a guest on “Watch What Happens: Live”, Executive Vice President [...]

    In a recent issue of Glamour magazine, former reality star turned fashion designer Lauren Conrad shows off her body. Posing topless and wearing flowery bikini briefs, Lauren says that she’s fighting the same problem that millions of women face: cellulite: 26-year old Lauren Conrad says that she normally isn’t comfortable showing off her body, after [...]

    Top Chef Viagra online buy albuterol online treatment with Cialis Host Padma Lakshmi is tall, beautiful and well-spoken and knowledgeable about food, everything you could want from a television host for a cooking competition. She does have one visible flaw though: the large scar on her upper arm that occasionally catches the lights in the [...]

    Apparently even stars like RIhanna have regrets about their bodies. Luckily, plastic surgery can often help. 24-year old Rihanna appears on the upcoming issue of Harper’s Bazaar after losing some weight. Within the pages of the fashion magazine, she talks about losing weight and the changes her body has gone through. “I miss my ass. [...]

    Not much is a secret when it comes to the Kardashians. If you don’t see it on the reality show, you read about it in the tabloids. So it’s no wonder that the Kardashians openly discuss plastic surgery, past, present and future. 31-year old Kim Kardashian says that she will probably get a bunch of [...]

    Kelly LeBrock once made the hearts of teenage boys beat more than just a little faster. These days she’s not starring in any campy classics like Weird Science, but it looks like she is dabbling in some plastic surgery. 52-year-old Kelly LeBrock is one sexy lady, thanks no doubt to plastic surgery. Most likely Kelly [...]

    Kate Beckinsale is amongst the latest actors to cry foul on plastic surgery. Despite rumors that plastic surgery is responsible for jump starting her career, Kate is reportedly saying to plastic surgery. 39-year old actress Kate Beckinsale is gearing up for the release of her latest film, a reboot of Total Recall. It doesn’t sound [...]

    Heidi Montag Regrets Lipo, Says it Caused Cellulite

    July 12, 2012 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery by Lisa Stanfield | Comments Off

    It’s been nearly three years since Heidi Montag’s infamous plastic surgery procedures. However, with little else to do, she’s still talking about her multiple procedures and complaining about the results. In 2009 Heidi had a nose job revision, chin reduction, mini brow lift, botox in forehead and frown area, fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial folds [...]

    Miss Advised Star Julia Allison is a fresh face to reality television, but she’s actually younger than she looks, despite plastic surgery. 31-year old Julia Allison, stars in the reality show Miss Advised and also writes advice columns for Elle magazine and various other publications. Like many reality stars Julia is not adverse to openly [...]

    Actress Alexis Knapp is probably better known as actor Ryan Phillippe’s baby mama. But after giving birth, she is just as pretty and svelte as ever, leading some to question whether the young hot mama has had plastic surgery. 23-year old Alexis Knapp is still fairly young to have gone under the knife. However, many [...]

    Lady Gaga has said that she hasn’t been under the knife or needle, but a new Twitter picture is stirring up new rumors that the performance artist/pop star has had plastic surgery. 26-year old Lady Gaga once told Harper’s Bazaar, “I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have.” “I [...]

    Alicia Douvall is a known plastic surgery addict, undergoing countless plastic surgeries and even going so far as to give her young daughter plastic surgery “vouchers” for the future. Now it seems that the Human Barbie is once again dissatisfied with her appearance, and preparing to go under the knife once more. In an interview [...]

    After TV cooking show host Paula Deen revealed she had developed type II Diabetes after years of chugging sweet tea and eating a high-fat diet, she promised her fans that along with her endorsement of a diabetic drug, she would also lose weight. Paula has lost a lot of her excess weight, but now she [...]

    With all the fuss about the return of Dallas to television, other popular late night dramas from the 80s have also been returning to the water cooler vocabulary. Like whatever happened to Donna Mills, a former star of Knots Landing. It seems that between a few acting gigs over the years, Donna has primarily been [...]

    Plastic surgery seems to be a requirement for the ladies of Bravo TV’s Real Housewives franchise and New Jersey housewife Jacqueline Laurita appears to be no exception. 42-year-old licensed cosmetologist Jacqueline Laurita looks to have opted for a plastic surgery makeover, rather than using skincare and anti aging products. Rather than sticking to creams and [...]

    Octomom Nadya Suleman recently did what she said she would never do: act in a porn video for money. Although she appears alone in the video, Ocotomom has managed to stir a few more plastic surgery rumors. 36-year old mother of 14 Nadya Suleman, more popularly known as Octomom has only giving birth twice, to [...]

    The X Factor judge Simon Cowell is a proud user of Botox, recommending it to fans and friends alike. But apparently he hasn’t tried anything more invasive recently, despite some unusual signs on his neck and ears that indicated plastic surgery may have taken place. 52-year old Simon Cowell is nothing if not vain (See [...]

    Nicki Minaj is famous for her ever-changing appearance, which is more than usually cartoonish. While she’s most noted for her daunting derriere, long time fans have noted that it’s not just her body that has been augmented over the years, it also looks like her face has undergone some plastic surgery as well. 29-year old [...]

    Desperate Housewives is over, but that doesn’t mean the actresses aren’t still shocking fans. Eva Longoria has broken up with her beau and Teri Hatcher got a new haircut, revealing that she may have stopped getting plastic surgery now that her show has come to an end. 47-year old Teri Hatcher has cut her long [...]