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  • John Elway hasn’t been out on the field for years, but his new career as a sometimes spokesperson may have him wanting to be camera ready and that might mean Botox injections. 52-year old John Elway has expanded his reach since his retirement from pro football. He even had LASIK eye surgery and endorsed the [...]

    The royal family has sued French publishers for releasing photos of a topless Kate Middleton, who was getting comfortable on a private retreat with her husband. Although the photos are no longer available, they did quell a plastic surgery for the new princess—no breast implants for Kate. Since the announcement of her nuptials to Prince [...]

    American model Stephanie Seymour is still modeling and shocking people with her avant garde looks. After having a career that has lasted decades, plastic surgery must be at play to help Stephanie retain her youthful good looks. 44-year old Stephanie Seymour recently wowed with a revealing photospread. Not only did she show off some unusual [...]

    For women that have undergone drastic treatments for breast cancer, breast reconstruction may prove beneficial. It seems that singer Jewel has partnered with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to raise awareness about breast reconstruction. On his blog, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn writes, “Two famous singers have recently publicly partnered with plastic surgery groups.  [...]

    All of a sudden, everyone wants to know what Gwyneth Paltrow thinks about plastic surgery. Maybe it’s the possible nose surgery she had as a teen or maybe its cause she touts a natural lifestyle on her website. But for the record, Gwyneth is fine with plastic surgery. 39-year-old actress Gwyneth Paltrow was voted the [...]

    The Real Housewives of Miami is filled with drama and sunshine, but the real star of the reality series is Elsa Patton, who has captured the attention of viewers thanks to her over the top plastic surgery. The mother of public relations guru Marysol Patton, Elsa Patton reportedly loves the attention of the cameras, and [...]

    It’s apparently over between fashion designer Calvin Klein and his much younger boyfriend, model and possible pornstar Nick Gruber. But it seems that before parting ways, Calvin Klein paid for some plastic surgery for Nick. 22-year old Nick Gruber is almost too good looking to be true. And it seems that Calvin Klein may have [...]

    Have you ever noticed that motherhood seems to agree with celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Jessica Simpson seem to radiate throughout their pregnancy and after? Most likely, it’s not just being a mom that gives them that special glow; it’s probably also their skincare routine, which may include the ORA Roller Needle Therapy & Collagen [...]

    The Emmys were last night and other than a wardrobe malfunction, there didn’t seem to be anymore plastic surgery shenanigans than usual. 32-year old Zooey Deschanel is usually a style icon on the red carpet, but her big poofy gown managed to fall flat. The New Girl has been sporting a new look, which has [...]

    The Emmys are coming up this weekend, so Makemeheal.com is taking a look at some of the female Emmy nominees and their plastic surgery. Miniseries or Movie Actress Nicole Kidman as Martha Gellhorn, Hemingway & Gellhorn. Nicole Kidman was spot on as the acclaimed journalist, but her plastic surgery seemed out of place for the [...]

    The Reality-Competition Program category for the Emmys is filled with plastic surgery, from hosts to contestants. The following shows not only feature ordinary people turned celebrity, but also Hollywood hotties noted not only for their talents, but also for plastic surgery. The Amazing Race frequently features contestants that are not only agile, but have prepped [...]

    Typically the Emmys reveal plastic surgery for men as well as women, but here’s a peak at what you may spot on Sunday’s red carpet for the Male Emmy Nominees. Comedy Actor Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan in House of Lies. Don Cheadle shows very few signs of aging, but he also doesn’t show signs [...]

    Harry’s Law star Kathy Bates recently revealed to her fans that she is recovering from a double mastectomy via Twitter. 64-year old Oscar winner Kathy Bates was reportedly diagnosed with breast cancer 2 months ago and chose treatment in the form of a double mastectomy. However, she says she doesn’t miss her breasts as much [...]

    Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s new wife Lauren Tannehill is getting nearly as much attention as the player himself. With her stunning figure and pretty face, it’s hard not to wonder whether or not plastic surgery is responsible. 24-year old Lauren Tannehill is an aspiring model and she seems to be using Twitter to get attention. [...]

    Glamour model turned reality star Maria Fowler has already spent her share of time under the knife. But the TOWIE star reveals that liposuction is up next on her plastic surgery wish list. 25-year old Maria Fowler has got the reality look down pat, with a fake tan and big hair and even bigger personality. [...]

    Have you ever wondered how supermodels stay so perfectly smooth? The secret may be a new rift on the Vampire Facelift, using lasers. “I have developed a new procedure called LaserPRP in which we prep the skin with laser toning, then inject the PRP immediately afterwards,” Plastic surgeon Dr. David Colbert tells Refinery 29. “The [...]

    Earlier this year, Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson was spotted sporting bandages across his nose, a positive sign that the new leading man was on the mend after nose surgery. 19-year old Josh Hutcherson was spotted in Beverly Hills earlier this year, wearing bandages on his nose. Josh was open about undergoing rhinoplasty, Tweeting about [...]

    Teenage acne is a big problem for many youths across America, but it can be even worse when up on the big screen on a Hollywood heartthrob like Josh Hutcherson, one of the stars of the Hunger Games. To battle current acne and avoid future scarring and wrinkles, Josh could consider trying a Prosonic device. [...]

    Angelina Jolie has come a long way since her days of kissing her brother and wearing her husband’s blood around her neck on the red carpet. However, since becoming a mother and a caring face for various world crises, Angelina has also become more glowing, which could be the result of plastic surgery but is [...]

    Jenna Jameson has been tweaking her looks with plastic surgery for several years now and the results aren’t doing her any favors. Rather than looking like a hot porn star, Jenna is beginning to look like an overdone Hollywood plastic surgery addict. 38-year old Jenna Jameson has been open about her breast implants and vaginoplasty [...]

    Television personality and actress La La Vazquez changes her resume and more recently is rumored to have changed up her look with a little plastic surgery. 33-year old La La Vazquez is now officially La La Anthony, although many fans just stick to La La. As an entertainment professional, La La constantly changes her looks, [...]

    The National Enquirer’s Guess Who? section frequently includes celebrity victims of plastic surgery gone wrong. The latest involves a popular movie star and a botched brow lift resulting in a permanent look of surprise. The Guess Who? item reads: What popular star of a classic 1989 teen film – he’s since turned into a successful [...]

    Kris Jenner just got a new set of breast implants and she’s not shy about showing them off. On a recent episode the brains behind the Kardashian brand underwent a second breast augmentation. And then invited her family over to check out her new purchase. “Please look at my t**s!” she said as a grossed [...]

    Jennifer Hudson’s luscious lips have been the envy of many since before her drastic weight loss. Although the singer/actress has long remained coy on whether or not her lips are natural or the result of a lip augmentation, she has finally admitted to a little plastic surgery. On an episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, 30-year [...]

    Her toxic past aside, Britney Spears still draws the focus from the paparazzi. While her photo spreads are flattering, thanks to Photoshop, her candid shots reveal that she still isn’t back to her pre-baby shape. If Britney wanted to draw less criticism about her size and shape, she could try wearing shapewear garments underneath her [...]

    Blake Lively and boyfriend Ryan Reynolds shocked the blogosphere by getting married over the weekend in a private ceremony in South Carolina. While all the details have yet to be released, it is certain that at least the bride said, “I do” to plastic surgery. 25-year old Blake Lively isn’t quite old enough for many [...]

    The VMAs were last night and the most shocking thing that happened wasn’t Chris Brown and Rihanna kissing. It was all the plastic surgery that turned up for the show. Despite Chris Brown’s famously taking out his aggression on Rihanna’s face to the point that she nearly needed reconstructive plastic surgery, the pair seemed to [...]

    Whenever a celebrity disappears from the front of a camera for a while, whether the lens of a paparazzi or the set of a movie, plastic surgery recovery is always the usual suspect. So who is taking time off for a facelift recovery? Your guess is as good as ours. Blind Gossip reports, “This actress [...]

    Since her shocking shoplifting exploits, actress Winona Ryder has begun to slowly return to stardom. At the premier of her upcoming film The Iceman, Winona was looking more fresh-faced than ever, likely a result of plastic surgery. You’d never know that former child actor Winona Ryder has reached 40. Her skin is still smooth and [...]

    Hilary Duff has been spotted hitting the gym, trying to get her body back after having a baby. But the strain of a workout can wreak havoc on a new mother’s sore breasts, so she may want to consider using breast support bras order Cytotec until the swelling of being a new mom diminishes. For [...]

    The Olympics may be over, but much of the attention is still focused on the athletes that competed in the recent games. Amongst the bigger athletes getting attention is Michael Phelps and his girlfriend, Megan Rossee, by proxy. So does the aspiring model have plastic surgery? Los Angeles-based model and actress Megan Rossee has been [...]

    Christy Turlington isn’t covering magazines anymore, she’s now moved on to covering hot topics for women, from motherhood to aging. One thing she isn’t doing? Botox. At 43 years old, Christy Turlington still has the sweet smile that made her a fashionable favorite back in the ’90s. But although many of her former co-models have [...]

    Since splitting from his fashion guru wife Kimora Lee, Russell Simmons has been dating a lot. For the movie premier of “For A Good Time, Call…” Russell brought along a new girlfriend, Tatiana, whom many bloggers suspect to be the product of good plastic surgery. 54-year old music mogul Russell Simmons has dated everyone from [...]

    Bristol Palin has the dubious honor of being the only Dancing with the Stars contestant to actually gain weight while on the show. When the daughter of Sarah Palin returns for the All-Stars season at the end of September, it looks like she has slimmed down and gotten used to her plastic surgery. 21-year old [...]