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  • Between time in rehab and time in the ER, many fans suspect that Leann Rimes may actually be covering up some plastic surgery. Earlier this month, 30-year old Leann Rimes exited a rehab facility only to enter an emergency room for dental problems. Leann Tweeted that she had a “massive infection” and felt as if [...]

    It looks like Stephanie Pratt may be taking a page from her sister-in-law, Heidi Montag’s, book and undergoing a few plastic surgery procedures. At a recent public appearance, 26-year old Stephanie Pratt posed with her old buddies from The Hills and showcased not only her great style, but possibly some new plastic surgery as well. [...]

    JWoww is the latest member of the Jersey Shore to grow up and get engaged. So with her upcoming wedding on the horizon, is more plastic surgery also in her future? 26-year old JWoww has spoken openly about her supersized breast implants but has always maintained that she has never had plastic surgery on her [...]

    The Spanish Duchess of Alba is not only the face of finding love at any age, but also the face of bad plastic surgery. 86-year old Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, better known as the 18th Duchess of Alba is constantly making international headlines, most recently when she appeared in a bikini on the arm of her [...]

    Kate Gosselin isn’t the same since her reality television days. Although she was open about her tummy tuck that she underwent on her family’s original show, she’s been rather coy about any subsequent procedures. 37-year old single mom Kate Gosselin is the mother of eight and although she manages to stay in the media spotlight, [...]

    Actor Mickey Rourke has become as well known for his plastic surgery as he is for his career, which isn’t really a good thing. A recent public appearance has brought forth they myriad scars that line Mickey’s face, sure signs of plastic surgery. 60-year old Mickey Rourke doesn’t really look his age, but he doesn’t [...]

    Kenny Rogers is known as The Gambler and it seems he did a little gambling on what the public wants to know when he wrote his newly released memoir. Apparently in the creation of the book, he took out a chapter on his plastic surgery and instead replaced it with stories about his sexual exploits. [...]

    Jennifer Lopez is one of those entertainers that is constantly reinventing herself. As an actress or perfume maker or anything else. But whatever her current title, one thing that seems to be a constant in Jennifer’s life are rumors of plastic surgery. 43-year old Jennifer has been rumored to have had nose surgery, cheek implants [...]

    Since divorcing his long time wife Linda Hogan, Hulk Hogan has been seen with various women that resemble his ex, or his daughter, depending on your perspective. Apparently the one thing in common that Hulk likes in women is plastic surgery. 59-year old Hulk Hogan grossed out the blogosphere when his sex tape arrived on [...]

    Hip Hop song Gangam Style has become an international sensation, thanks to the wonder of the worldwide web. “Gangnam Style” hitmaker PSY is famous for being him, but before he rose to the top of the UK music charts, apparently his label wanted him to undergo a major plastic surgery makeover. According to the South [...]

    Ann and Nancy Wilson of the rock band Heart recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the only thing that could have made the occasion better would have been a touch of Botox. 58-year old Nancy Wilson looks amazing. She’s managed to avoid many of the deep wrinkles and pitfalls that [...]

    Reality star Kristin Cavallari just had her first child with fiancé Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and already the new mom is hitting the red carpet in tight cocktail dresses. Could a plastic surgery mommy makeover be at play? 25-year old Kristin Cavallari is best known for her controversy-stirring role on The Hills. And although [...]

    Julie Bowen just won an Emmy for her role on the hit television show Modern Family and she looked stunning accepting her award on stage. It turns out that plastic surgery may the reason for Julie’s golden glow. 42-year old Julie Bowen told Health Magazine that she’s used laser treatments on her skin, giving her [...]

    Elsa Patakay may be married to Hollywood heartthrob Chris Helmsworth, but the Spanish model is packing plenty of her own hotness. The only question is, does Elsa come by her looks naturally, or with the help of plastic surgery? At 36 years old, Elsa Patakay still looks stunning, even after a hard week of attending [...]

    Cameron Diaz has been getting some heat for overindulging in plastic surgery as she gets older, but apparently she’s feeling better than ever, according to an interview in a magazine. However, her outlook may have nothing to do with plastic surgery. 40-year old Cameron Diaz is often accused of having plastic surgery, everything from Botox [...]

    Although Jimmy Fallon has gotten used to asking celebrities questions, the tables were recently turned on the late night show host when he was a guest on David Letterman’s show. The talk show hosts talked shop, especially how they handled awkward situations when they run into after mocking celebrities for undergoing plastic surgery. Apparently Jimmy [...]

    True Blood actress Anna Paquin recently gave birth to twins and is already stepping out. She is already looking good, leading to suspicion that a plastic surgery mommy makeover could be at play. 30-year old Anna Paquin and her husband and True Blood costar Stephen Moyer recently had twins, although the couple has not revealed [...]

    Since marrying 52-year old actor Doug Hutchinson, now 18-year old Courtney Stodden has been creating controversy on the internet, with the has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery watchers. With a new look, Courtney is again stirring up new rumors of plastic surgery. Child bride Courtney Stodden recently Tweeted a new photo of herself, [...]

    It has recently been announced that Seth MacFarlane will be hosting the Oscars for the upcoming awards show. Along with plenty of his own singing and dancing, Seth will probably also showcase some plastic surgery. Emmy-winning TV animation mogul 38-year old Seth MacFarlane recently hit the big screen with Ted and is now taking over [...]

    Like her role on the sitcom Modern Family, it seems that Sofia Vergara’s opinion on plastic surgery is ever evolving. Makemeheal.com decided to take a look at some of the lovely Latina’s latest thoughts on cosmetic surgery. 40-year old Sofia Vergara seems to be on the fence about plastic surgery, admitting that she considered a [...]

    Swimsuit and lingerie model Joanna Krupa is undeniably sexy. But is the Polish transplant a natural wonder? Or is she modeling with plastic surgery? 33-year old Joanna Krupa has posed for every men’s magazine from Playboy to Maxim and everything in between.  She’s even earned the title of Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World by [...]

    Following the news that Jennifer Aniston is engaged to Justin Theroux, comes rumors that the rom-com actress is demanding her fiancé have plastic surgery before they tie the knot. In the past, 43-year old has openly admitted to having nose surgery to correct a deviated septum (See Make Me Heal’s story on Jennifer Aniston’s nose [...]