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  • Remember Patricia Krentcil, the woman dubbed Tanning Mom by the media because she was thought to have brought her young daughter along with her for a session? Based on recent photos, Patricia may have overdone more than just her fake bake, she may have also had some prior plastic surgery. 44-year old Patricia Krentcil became [...]

    Somehow Hollywood dynasties always have the secret to eternal youth and more often than not the secret is plastic surgery. Such may be the case with Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of rock n’ roll legend Elvis Presley. 45-year old Lisa Marie Presley has a fresh faced complexion that belies her age. Makemeheal.com thinks she may [...]

    Boy George is the latest star to successfully battle the bulge. The Culture Club  singer looks to be significantly slimmer than he did in the past, which could indicate some plastic surgery coupled with his weight loss. 51-year old Boy George is an 80s icon. With his flamboyant sense of style and heavy makeup, the [...]

    Christmas Abbott is about to be the first woman on a NASCAR pit crew. With a history of bodybuilding behind her, she’s certainly the woman for the job. But often female bodybuilders have a little plastic surgery to show off their feminine side, could Christmas be one of them? 31-year old Christmas Abbott is drawing [...]

    When Chaz Bono made his transition official, his mother Cher was accepting, but rumored to be worried about his weight, not his gender.  Now that Chaz is dropping the pounds, plastic surgery could be the next order of business. 43-year-old Chaz Bono weighed over 250 pounds last year and has lost 40 pounds since promising [...]

    Storage Wars is A&E’s most popular reality show and the secret to the success could be plastic surgery, according to a new lawsuit filed by former show star Dave Hester. Apparently bidding on storage lockers in search of a big prize isn’t really that sexy. So show producers paid for female star Branid Passante to [...]

    The Oscars have come and gone and with them a glimpse at the stars’ plastic surgery. Here’s all the latest plastic surgery at the biggest awards show of the season: Host Seth McFarlane kicked off the Oscars with some spectacular plastic surgery. The controversial funnyman has probably had several procedures in the past including: Botox [...]

    Plastic surgery is no surprise at the Oscars and female stars, winners, attendees and presenters brought plastic surgery in full force. Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville wasn’t a nominee, but she did win the unofficial award for tackiest dress. A plunging neckline showed off Brandi’s breast implants. She probably also touched up her [...]

    When Sara Jean Underwood first appeared in Playboy, many thought that the Oregon native was an unusual pick because her breasts appeared to be natural or the result of small breast implants. Now it looks like Sara may have upgraded her implants. 28-year old Sara Jean Underwood has become a favorite Playmate thanks to her [...]

    Ozzy Osbourne is looking better than ever these days, and it could be because of a plastic surgery refresher. 64-year old Ozzy Osbourne showed up to a recent event looking fresh-faced and clear eyed, a drastic change from his usual self. Although his wife, Sharon, has sworn off plastic surgery since undergoing a double mastectomy, [...]

    Mere weeks after giving birth to son Milan, Shakira is already looking slim. Could plastic surgery be helping the singer to get her groove back? 36-year old Shakira was spotted out and about in sweats just 3 weeks after having baby Milan. Many stars undergo a mommy makeover, including tummy tuck and breast lift to [...]

    LeAnn Rimes has gone through a lot of physical changes since getting together with actor Eddie Cibrian, thanks to plastic surgery. But the one thing that she wishes she could do over? Cosmetic dentistry. 30-year old LeAnn Rimes has become as famous for her plastic surgery as her amazing singing voice. Over the past few [...]

    Alexa Ray Joel recently shot down rumors of breast augmentation and Momma Bear Christie Brinkley was also busy defending her daughter’s honor. 59-year old Christie Brinkley told Anderson Cooper on his television show how the rumors of her daughter Alexa Ray Joel hurt the family (See Make Me Heal’s story on Alexa Ray Joel’s breast [...]

    FLOTUS Michelle rocked the country when she changed her hairstyle just in time for her 49th birthday. In a recent interview with television show host Rachel Ray, the First Lady explained the decision to change up her look, calling it a “mid-life crisis.” Some people bungee jump and others turn to plastic surgery, so Mrs. [...]

    Back in 2010, everyone was shocked when the usually small busted Kate Hudson began showing off some cleavage. Makemeheal.com and others assumed that Kate had gotten breast implants, but we could have been wrong. 33-year old Kate Hudson began looking a little bustier than usual after giving birth to her second child. While they could [...]

    Supermodel Gisele Bunchen gave birth just two months ago, but you’d never know it to see her in a bikini. Could plastic surgery be behind the beauty’s slimdown? 32-year old Gisele Bunchen has been spotted on vacation in Hawaii with her husband Tom Brady and their kids, Benjamin, 3, and daughter Vivian Lake, 2 months, [...]

    With the high tax rate for the rich, some of them have headed to more tax friendly climates. A few years back socialite Denise Rich was amongst the more famous names to leave the States, but not before having some plastic surgery. 69-year old Denise Rich is a songwriter, but she is more recently best [...]

    Lee Majors is heading to Dallas for a new role on the new incarnation of the iconic series. But before he started filming, he apparently underwent around $60,000 of plastic surgery. Not bad for getting the Six Million Dollar Man camera ready. 73-year-old Lee Majors is suspected of having spent for a drastic plastic surgery [...]

    She’s certainly not the iconic fat lady of opera stereotype, but Katherine Jenkins is making an impression just the same. Could the young classical singer be performing with plastic surgery? 32-year old Katherine Jenkins is a classical/opera singer, who recently came in second on a season of Dancing with the Stars. The Wales native is [...]

    Ashlee Simpson was front and center at New York Fashion Week, but many fans didn’t recognize the singer and are blaming her altered appearance on plastic surgery. 28-year old Ashlee Simpson was notoriously coy when she had nose surgery a few years back (Read Make Me Heal’s story on Ashlee Simpson’s nose job). Since then, [...]

    When a video surfaced of a buttocks augmentation gone wrong first surfaced, many were horrified, then thought it was a joke. But the woman featured in the video, with inside out buttocks implants, says that the botched plastic surgery was no joke. “This woman is revealing how a controversial butt implant surgery went horribly wrong,” [...]

    Dania Ramirez is one of those faces that you always know, but can’t put a name to. Makemeheal.com suspects that with the help of plastic surgery, Dania has landed some top roles, from Entourage to X-Men and has more to come. 33-year old Dania Ramirez played Alex on Entourage, the hottie love interest of Turtle. [...]

    This year’s Grammy Awards didn’t have some of the amazing moments of past years, but Makemeheal.com still managed to spot some plastic surgery. LL Cool J once again played host at the Grammy ceremony and despite being one year older, hasn’t changed a bit and neither has his potential for plastic surgery. His rock hard [...]

    Beyonce fans are keeping a close eye on the diva for signs of cosmetic surgery. Although she famously likes to change up her appearance, Beyonce has never admitted to plastic surgery. 31-year old Beyonce is constantly changing her makeup and hairstyle, which could just be part of her job as a pop star, or it [...]

    Alexa Ray Joel has followed in much of Hollywood tradition and gone in for plastic surgery. However, just because she had a nose job doesn’t mean that she has gotten breast implants placed, according to the daughter of Billy Joel. 27-year old Alexa Ray Joel had nose surgery (See Make Me Heal’s story on Alexa [...]

    Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer are set to be Hollywood’s newest hot young stars, thanks to the popularity of their new Zombie rom-com, Warm Bodies. 23-year old Nicholas Hoult has been acting since he was a kid, which probably makes him familiar with tricks of the trade, like using a ProSonic Face & Body Professional [...]

    Melissa McCarthy isn’t your typical Hollywood obsession, but fans have responded positively to the funny fat lady since she made it big in Bridesmaids. With numerous movies now in the works, Melissa is a full fledged member of the Hollywood elite, so could plastic surgery be a new part of her starring roles? 42-year old [...]

    The Grammys are a great time for spotting the latest celebrity plastic surgery. But this year, CBS has issued a “wardrobe advisory,” which may make it hard to spot signs of plastic surgery, such as breast implants. Thanks to viewers complaining about stars onstage costumes and various wardrobe malfunctions over the years, CBS has given [...]

    Known for her unhealthy cooking habits and pride in her numerous chins, it comes as something of a surprise to learn that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Mama June has lost 100 pounds. If Hollywood has affected her weight, could plastic surgery be next for the popular reality show fixture? 33-year old Mama June [...]

    Despite having a flawless face and a forehead that looks smoother than glass, Nicole Kidman says she hasn’t used Botox in years. 45-year old Nicole Kidman is a great actress, but the last decade has seen her smooth complexion take over some of her fame. For many years, Nicole denied using plastic surgery or even [...]

    Makemeheal.com has suspected that Melrose Place actress Courtney Thorne-Smith has become amongst Hollywood’s fans of Botox. And it seems that we were right. 45-year old Courtney Thorne-Smith has made a return to the small screen with guest appearances on Two and a Half Men and it seems that she prepped for the role with the [...]

    Tom Cruise looks to be at the top of his game, despite growing older and getting divorced. Whatever the secret is to his success, the actor isn’t saying, but he it isn’t plastic surgery. In an interview with Playboy magazine before his surprise divorce last year, 50-year old Tom Cruise was asked about everything from [...]

    Since entering into royalty, Kate Middleton has inspired everything from hairstyles to knockoffs of her fashion sense. Now it seems she is even inspiring plastic surgery. 31-year old Kate Middleton has been under scrutiny for various plastic surgery procedures, including “breast augmentation, a more full and shapely derriere, hip liposuction, lip fillers, Botox shots, delicate [...]

    Anjelica Huston is gearing up to promote the second season of her television show Smash and it looks like she may have had a little plastic surgery before showtime. 61-year old Anjelica Huston has admitted to trying Botox and collagen as wrinkle reducers in the past, according to the Daily Mail. She explained: ‘I went [...]

    Talk show host Ellen Degeneres looks effortlessly flawless at all times. But some suspect that the blond’s secret to success may come courtesy of plastic surgery. 55-year old Ellen Degeneres looks to have no-nonsense approach to beauty, endorsing Cover Girl cosmetics and wearing sneakers on a regular basis. Yet behind the no-nonsense approach may lurk [...]

    Lil Kim recently had an outing in West Hollywood, where observers noticed that she looked more like LaToya Jackson than herself, thanks to some over zealous plastic surgery. 38-year old Lil Kim looks different every time she steps out. But in her most recent incarnation, the rapper seems to be channeling LaToya Jackson. Lil Kim [...]

    Despite a hectic schedule of modeling and making appearances on various reality shows, including The Real Housewives of Miami and Dancing with the Stars, Joanna Krupa doesn’t look to have aged a bit. 33-year old Joanna Krupa doesn’t look like a plastic surgery fiend like many of her reality show costars, but that doesn’t mean [...]

    Self proclaimed plastic surgery addict Sharon Osbourne is said to be on a plastic surgery “ban”—and is actually looking all the better for it. 60-year old Sharon Osbourne is famous for her multiple stints under the knife, undergoing a facelift, necklift, neck liposuction, arm liposuction, a tummy tuck and breast lift and augmentation (See Make [...]

    Lara Flynn Boyle doesn’t look like the beautiful brunette that appeared in many of the most popular movies and television shows of the 90s. These days the actress is so overfilled with plastic surgery that she is nearly unrecognizable. 42-year old Lara Flynn Boyle hasn’t been on screen much, but it looks like she is [...]

    New mother Kristin Cavallari has apparently given up breast feeding, but with her busy workout schedule she could probably use breast support bras until the swelling of being a new mom diminishes. 26-year-old Kristin Cavallari has lost her baby weight, which she attributed to breast feeding, but now she says she is done with it. [...]