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  • Calista Flockhart doesn’t spend much time off the small screen. But a recent candid of the actress caught the Primetime television star without makeup, revealing her natural beauty and perhaps the potential to look even better with a little plastic surgery. 48-year old Calista Flockhart rose to fame as Ally McBeal and was most recently [...]

    With more and more people turning to plastic surgery to fight against the clock, there are still some holdouts. Despite many in the entertainment industry beginning plastic surgery at a young age, Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams says she doesn’t see it being in her future. 24-year old lead singer of the hit band Paramore [...]

    Gwyneth Paltrow has just released another book about living the life of luxury and is busy making the rounds. In a recent interview the supermom and actress talked about everything from a miscarriage to plastic surgery. 40-year old Gwyneth Paltrow recently spoke with the Daily Mail about how she deals with everything from suffering a [...]

    Despite a hectic schedule of modeling and making appearances on various reality shows, including The Real Housewives of Miami and Dancing with the Stars, Joanna Krupa looks like she has been able to find time for plastic surgery. 33-year old Joanna Krupa was looking like she’d just had a few touch ups including possible reast [...]

    Kate Upton looked great on the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, even if the edition did stir up controversy. But with the recent release of untouched photos from the shoot, some are wondering if Kate got Photoshopped or plastic surgery. 20-year old Kate Upton braved the cold weather of Antarctica to play [...]

    Remember a while back when Lil Kim stepped out looking a little different than usual? Everyone just assumed plastic surgery must be the reason for the diminutive rapper’s change in appearance. But apparently Lil Kim’s camp is taking exception to the rumors. 38-year old Lil Kim looked a little like LaToya Jackson when she stepped [...]

    Best known for her role on the sitcom Men Behaving Badly, Leslie Ash may have had a moment of bad behavior as well, going under the knife for some unnecessary plastic surgery. 53-year old Leslie Ash looks great for her age, if a little unnatural. It looks like she uses some sort of filler, such [...]

    Despite looking natural and casually thrown together for all kinds of events, Kristen Stewart may have a little plastic surgery in her past. 22-year old Kristen Stewart may be young, but she’s already something of a Hollywood veteran. So it wouldn’t be too surprising if she’s already been under the knife for nose surgery, which [...]

    Kim Kardashian has never admitted to plastic surgery, although she does go in for minor procedures that give viewers of her families’ various reality television shows a look at what it takes to make her beautiful. 32-year old Kim Kardashian shocked fans on the Sunday, March 11 episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami when [...]

    Bonnie Tyler just released a new album and is currently promoting it with music videos and interviews. Longtime fans have noticed that Bonnie just gets tighter and less wrinkly with each passing year, which can only be indications of plastic surgery. 61-year old Bonnie Tyler may have had a “Total Eclipse of the Heart” back [...]

    Actress and comedian Janeane Garafolo usually mocks her own appearance, but it doesn’t mean that she’s immune to the attention of Hollywood. Janeane reportedly underwent breast reduction plastic surgery a while back. 48-year old Janeane Garafolo is no longer the ubiquitous sidekick with wit that she played in the 90s films, but she still pops [...]

    Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is one of China’s most beautiful and successful actresses. But how far would the star have come without a little help from plastic surgery? 31-year old Fan Bingbing first became popular for her role as Jin Suo in the Chinese television drama Princess Pearl. Since then she has gone on to [...]

    Nikki Cox used to be a stunning up and coming actress. But since she’s starting getting plastic surgery lip augmentation, Nikki just isn’t the same pretty face. 34-year old Nikki Cox seems to be spending more time at a plastic surgeon’s office than she does onscreen. On a recent grocery shopping trip with husband Jay [...]

    Demi Lovato has had some trouble in the past, but she still seems pretty young for Botox. Yet her smooth face has gotten the plastic surgery rumor mill churning. 20-year old Demi Lovato was once a child star on children’s show like Barney and then went on to become a star on Disney. Since her [...]

    Crooner Connie Francis was a pop icon during the 50s and 60s. Her vocals can still be heard in many Italian restaurants across the country. Diehard fans of Connie’s have noticed that with each new record, comes a new nose. 74-year old Connie Francis is still recording and performing, and is best known for her [...]

    Fans of Duran Duran have noticed that Roger Taylor just doesn’t look the same as he used to. Is it the natural course of aging, or is plastic surgery to blame? 52-year old Roger Taylor from Duran Duran is still rocking it although he may not be as Hungry as the Wolf as he used [...]

    In addition to being Teen Moms, Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans have something else in common: plastic surgery. 21-year old Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham got breast implants and then also underwent nose surgery and a chin implant later in the year (See Make Me Heal’s story on Farrah Abraham’s plastic surgery). 21-year-old single mom [...]

    Queen Noor of Jordan has been through a few changes through the years, likely the result of some careful plastic surgery. 61-year old Queen Noor looks fantastic for her age. This is most likely the result of judicious plastic surgery over the years to stay looking young and fresh. Queen Noor looks like she probably [...]

      Alyson Michalka first found fame on the Disney Channel’s Phil of the Future series. Now that she’s all grown up, Aly is getting attention as a singer as well. Given her bodacious bikini bod, it’s easy to see why. Could Aly be shedding her Disney image with plastic surgery? 23-year old Aly Michalka is [...]

    Vivica A Fox has been appearing on lists of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong lists for years. But unlike some of her peers on those lists, Vivica has admitted to plastic surgery. 48-year old Vivica A Fox looks great for her age (or any age for that matter), but through her rise to fame, she’s [...]

    Actor Ethan Hawke is sporting a wild new look for a new role in a hit NYC play. But in between the eyeliner and bleached blond fringe, it looks Ethan Hawke could benefit from a little plastic surgery. At 42, Ethan Hawke is looking a little worse for the wear. His very gaunt face is [...]

    Kim Fields is best known for her role as Tootie on the classic 80s television show The Facts of Life. In between her acting and music careers, Kim reportedly underwent a plastic surgery breast reduction. 43-year old Kim Fields reportedly underwent breast reduction recovery because her large breasts were causing health problems, however details are [...]

    Fans of Cold Case have noticed a slight change in star Kathryn Morris’ appearance since she first started on the show, leading to suspicions of plastic surgery. Makemeheal.com attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery. 44-year old Kathryn Morris is on the younger side to have a facelift, but many actresses start early [...]

    Ah, the perks of being a reality star. You get to go on decadent vacations, eat at famous restaurants, walk the red carpet at special events. Apparently, even plastic surgery can be covered by the network your show is on, as evidenced by Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards’ nose job, which was [...]

    Couples frequently have something in common, from interests to hobbies. Makemeheal.com wonders if Al Pacino’s girlfriend, actress Lucila Sola shares an interest in plastic surgery with her famous beau? 33-year old Lucila Sola has appeared in many films in her native Argentina, although she is less well-known to English speaking audiences. Her much older boyfriend, [...]

    Whoopi Goldberg is known for some of her outrageous comments, but not so much for her devotion to looking good. Whatever she wears, it usually covers up much of her body, but despite that, it seems that the comedian has had a breast reduction procedure in the past. 57-year old Whoopi Goldberg knows how to [...]

    Despite losing weight over the years, former porn star turned adult film industry entrepreneur Jenna Jameson seems to have gained some assets. Could plastic surgery be responsible for Jenna’s bigger butt? 39-year old Jenna Jameson has been open about her breast implants and vaginoplasty as well as undergoing breast augmentation and removal (See Make Me [...]

    Rumor has it that Britney Spears’ New Years Resolution was some brand new plastic surgery. When she debuted a new hair in place of a new look, Makemeheal.com couldn’t help but wonder if Britney’s eye-catching new color was really a clever disguise for plastic surgery. 31-year old Britney Spears is apparently planning to spend in [...]

    Have you ever wondered how Katie Couric manages to look so fresh-faced and wide-awake, no matter what time of day she is reporting? Plastic surgery likely plays a role. 56-year old Katie Couric has worked the morning shift and the late shift in her news anchor career. Whether she’s working day or night, she always [...]

    British singer Jessie J is gaining fans in America, thanks to having written hits for big names and performing on SNL. But is she a naturally pretty star or is she benefiting from plastic surgery like other singers? 24-year old Jessie J, born Jessica Ellen Cornish, is probably too young to engage in inectables like [...]

    Nicki Minaj is a chameleon in her appearance, with her ever growing collection of wigs and wardrobe. However, Nicki says her physical changes are due to clever makeup techniques, not plastic surgery as the world suspects. 30-year old Nicki Minaj is thought to have had nose surgery as well as cheek augmentation using fillers or [...]

    Jason Mewes, better known as the talking half of the comedic duo Jay & Silent Bob has had a rough few years. Between acting gigs, Jason has battled hard with addiction. Now it looks like Jason may have won his fight, as he is looking better, thanks to a little plastic surgery. 38-year old Jason [...]

    Snooki has had the baby and ditched the baby weight and then some. Will her dramatic weight loss require plastic surgery? 25-year old Jersey Shore star Snooki was on a fight to lose weight when she found herself pregnant, now after the birth of her baby, Snooki has lost 42 pounds and now weighs in [...]

    Kourtney Kardashian is back in a bikini after her second child and looking better than ever. Given the Kardashian family’s love of plastic surgery, it seems that a mommy makeover could be behind her fantastic physique. 33-year old Kourtney Kardashian has breast implants and expressed regret in the past for getting them (See Make Me [...]

    Jennifer Connelly was a child actress so her appearance has changed a lot over the years, blossoming and coming into her own. Over the years rumors have sparked that plastic surgery is also responsible for Jennifer’s streamlined appearance, not just growing up. 42-year old Jennifer Connelly has been rumored to have had nose surgery in [...]

    Elba Esther Gordillo, the leader of Mexico’s teacher’s union has been arrested for embezzling millions of dollars and spending the funds on personal expenses, including plastic surgery. 68-year old Elba Esther Gordillo, known as The Teacher has expensive tastes, spending money on luxury homes, artwork and private jets. In between her travels, Elba looks like [...]

    Side boob is gaining popularity these days, but for girls like JWoww with massive breast implants and scars from multiple plastic surgery procedures, they may want to skip the trend. 27-year old JWoww has been very open about her plastic surgery, including various breast implants (See Make Me Heal’s story on JWoww’s plastic surgery), although [...]

    Once considered one of Hollywood’s most handsome men, time has not been kind to actor/director/activist/etc Robert Redford. Although he once decried plastic surgery, some suspect that he may have had some surgical interference at some point over the years. 76-year old Robert Redford has expanded from his acting roots into building foundations and companies and [...]

    Breast implants are practically a requirement for being a reality television star. However, according to an item on Blind Gossip, via The People, one reality star got a supersized breast augmentation and didn’t tell her boyfriend about it before she left him. Many guesses are for Sami from Jersey Shore, as she has had breast [...]

    On a recent night out, Joanne Beckham, sister of soccer star David Beckham, revealed a little more than she probably wanted to. Maybe plastic surgery could help tighten things up and make them presentable for her next outing? The 30-something younger sister of David Beckham, Joanne Beckham recent went out and was caught in some [...]

    Kate Gosselin has openly admitted to plastic surgery after her multiple birth pregnancy. But the reality star hasn’t said anything about trying anti-aging procedures on her face, although many plastic surgeons suspect that she has undergone more than one. 37-year old Kate Gosselin remains in the spotlight, even without her own her show. Kate proudly [...]

    The Real Housewives of Orange County, the original setting for the popular reality franchise is all set to come back in April. The cast is said to be comprised of old favorites and a newcomer to the show, Lydia McLaughlin. 31-year old Lydia McLaughlin is an heiress with connections to other housewives and is editor [...]