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  • Katrina Bowden may be a rare thing in the land of Hollywood: plastic surgery free. But just because she hasn’t been under the knife (yet), doesn’t mean that Katrina doesn’t have an opinion on the matter. 24-year old Katrina Bowden was voted Esquire magazine’s sexiest woman alive back in 2011. Many of her competitors, including [...]

    Tom Cruise is continually looking better than ever, drawing comparisons to the film character Benjamin Button. So how does the star do it? Hard work and a little plastic surgery. 50-year old Tom Cruise is thought to have at least one nose surgery and more recently, anti-aging procedures rejuvenation procedures like fillers and also laser [...]

    Real Housewife of Orange County Vicki Gunvalson has finally debuted her new plastic surgery. While many fans think she went a little overboard, Vicki says she has no regrets about her decision to go under the knife yet again. 51-year old Vicki Gunvalson got breast implants when she first moved to Orange County, and has [...]

    Whitney Port gets asked her opinion a lot, as a former reality television star and somewhat of a fashion star. In an interview, Whitney was asked her opinion on plastic surgery and here is what she said. 28-year old Whitney Port is rumored to have undergone nose surgery as a teen, well before she was [...]

    Snooki may be amongst the notorious cast members of the now cancelled reality series Jersey Shore. Whether she’ poufing her hair or running her mouth, the diminutive star has something to say about everything. So what is on the new mother’s mind these days? Plastic surgery. 25-year old Snooki recently gave birth to her son [...]

    Sandra Bernhard was never one to be known for her good looks. But recently her face has changed and it looks like she may have gone the way of other female comedians such as Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin and opted for some funny plastic surgery. 57-year old Sandra Bernhard still looks as unpleasant as [...]

    English Actress Vicki Michelle turned up for the Stitch Me, Lift Me, Tuck Me wrap party, revealing that she may have some plans for plastic surgery in the future. 62-year old English Actress Vicki Michelle is best known across the pond for her role on ‘Allo, ‘Allo. Although she hasn’t admitted to being under the [...]

    Ashley Tisdale has been featured on many magazines recently and on the cover of Maniac, it seems that former Disney diva may have gone the way of many of her contemporaries and gotten plastic surgery duck lips, via lip augmentation. 27-year old Ashley Tisdale has been moving further and further away from her high school [...]

    You may not have heard of Holotka yet, but you will probably find a link to her music videos in your inbox in the near future. Described as the “Rebecca Black for the menopausal set,” by DListed Blogger Michael K, Holotka is looking more than a little plasticized. With no mention of her age to [...]

    Ivanka Trump recently announced her pregnancy with her second child, but at recent events many were focused on her changing face, not her growing baby bump. 31-year old Ivanka Trump is one of those amazing multi-hyphenate women that manage to do it all: businesswoman, fashion, model and writer, not to mention being a socialite heiress [...]

    British model Alicia Douvall is a known plastic surgery addict, getting work done on literally just about everything from her toes to her nose. But now Alicia is saying that her addiction is not to blame, it is the doctors that allow her to go under the knife. According to the Daily Mail, 34-year old [...]

    Lea Thompson first shot to fame back in the 80s and 90s, with roles in Back to the Future and the television sitcom Caroline in the City. These days, the vibrant redhead doesn’t look much different than she did when she first shot to stardom, could it be that she has found a real time [...]

    Tori Spelling recently gave birth to baby #4, but has already bounced back and is showing off her post-baby bikini body in UsWeekly. So did losing weight come naturally or was it part of a plastic surgery mommy makeover? 39-year old Tori Spelling was surprised by becoming pregnant for a fourth time and actually suffered [...]

    Fans of Real Housewives have come to expect plastic surgery from the stars of the show, but may still be surprised when it turns up. The latest housewife to go under the knife? Kim Zolciak of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. 34-year old Kim Zolciak of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has always been controversial [...]

    Kyle Richards is looking a little more svelte these days, which has been confirmed that it can be attributed to liposuction. 43-year old Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards frequently appears unhappy with her body after having multiple kids. On her reality show, she is frequently shown working out, whether it is running or [...]

    Cameron Diaz is looking less and less like her old self these days, which may be a consequence of plastic surgery, rather than age. Cameron Diaz will turn the big 4-0 in August, and it looks like she is already getting a head start on some common anti-aging procedures, including Botox injections. “There’s something about [...]

    Brittany Snow was once a ubiquitous actress in the teenie-bopper flicks of the early 00′s. Now that she is all grown up, Brittany is looking just a little different, which could be reaching maturity, or the result of plastic surgery. 27-year old Brittany Snow has adorable girl-next-door looks. However, her nose looks a little thinner [...]

    Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo seems to have picked up that Hollywood trick of never getting older, no matter how long her television show is on the air. Still, Ellen’s face looks a little fuller than when she first started getting into people’s living rooms, which could be weight gain or plastic surgery. 43-year old [...]

    Alison Brie is one of those few actresses who appears on multiple shows, to the delight of her fans. Whether she is getting laughs on Community or going back in time on Mad Men, Alison gets all the looks, thanks to her rocking body which begs the question: real or fake? 30-year old Alison Brie [...]

    Gwyneth Paltrow is opening up about her fabulously privileged life, giving fans advice on tips on how to be as lovely as she is. Amongst the things that Gwyneth recommends is trying new beauty trends, however she isn’t a fan of Botox. 40-year old Gwyneth Paltrow is Hollywood royalty, with a director father and an [...]

    Brandi Glanville may be open about her plastic surgery, but even she has her limits. In an interview, Brandi shared her secrets to looking good at all times, including her thoughts on plastic surgery. 40-year old Brandi Glanville may have the best body of any current Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. However, staying in shape [...]

    There was plenty of music, movies, and plastic surgery at the MTV Film Awards this past Sunday. Everything from boob jobs, shapelier noses, lip injections, and botox graced the faces and bodies of Hollywood’s hottest stars. Selena Gomez stole the show with her short fringed gold dress on the red carpet and followed it up [...]

    All Hollywood stars seem to have some secret to looking good, whether it’s eating a raw foods diet or plastic surgery. For Jennifer Aniston, the secret to her looking better with every birthday is apparently laser treatments. 44-year old Jennifer Aniston still hangs out with her old friend Courteney Cox, but she seems to have [...]

    Courteney Cox isn’t one to rest on her laurels, and apparently she isn’t going to rest on undergoing plastic surgery either. 48-year old Courteney Cox could have retired from acting after the success of Friends, but instead she’s been trying out new projects to showcase her plastic surgery. Apparently Courteney is very afraid of aging [...]

    Whether you love her or hate her, Gwyneth Paltrow certainly knows how to get a reaction. Lately, she’s been opening up about her thoughts on living well, but admits to back tracking now and then in a new interview on everything from her weekly cigarette to her thoughts on plastic surgery. 40-year old Gwyneth Paltrow [...]

    Brynne Edelsten is an American model who headed to the land down under to become the wife of an Australian entrepreneur and medical practioner. What Brynne does now is a little unclear, but one of her hobbies seems to be plastic surgery. 30-year old Brynne Edelsten was a contender for an Australian Logie award, thanks [...]

    With the new GI Joe installment opening, Make Me Heal decided to take a look at the stars and their possible red carpet plastic surgery. An obvious one is Adrianne Palicki. 29-year old Adrianne Palicki may change her hair color, but one thing she hasn’t changed are her obvious breast implants (See Make Me Heal’s [...]

    Whether she’s talking about herself or others, Brandi Glanville knows how to get attention. Her latest reveal? Her raw face after laser treatments. 40-year old Brandi Glanville is very frank about her plastic surgery; openly discussing how breast implants and Botox have helped her looks (See Make Me Heal’s story on Brandi Glanville’s plastic surgery). [...]

    Brandi Glanville has been shockingly open about having plastic surgery, on everything from her nose to her lady parts. But apparently she objects to rumors of plastic surgery when she doesn’t have anything new to report. 40-year old Brandi Glanville is pretty proud of her plastic surgery; openly discussing how breast implants and Botox have [...]

    When Nashville actress Hayden Panettiere first debuted her breast augmentation, bloggers had a “did she or didn’t she?” response to her plastic surgery? Since then, Hayden has more clearly revealed her new implants, which seem to be suffering from some sort of malfunction. 23-year old Hayden Panettiere was amongst several Hollywood elite members who spent [...]

    The plastic surgery makeover show “The Swan” is set to return to television and notorious White House intern Monica Lewinsky is set to be a part of the show as part of her image makeover. Also in the works for Monica? A possible plastic surgery makeover of her own. 39-year old Monica Lewinsky is said [...]

    The original real housewives are no strangers to plastic surgery, but some take their roles more seriously than others. Original housewife Vicki Gunvalson has once again gone under the knife, debuting a new look on Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. 51-year old Vicki Gunvalson is no stranger to plastic surgery. After [...]

    The American Country Music awards were held over the weekend, but all the attention wasn’t on the stars of country, but their red carpet costars, the wives of the Duck Dynasty cast, Jessica and Korie Robertson. Known for their striking good looks, their husbands have often commented on camera that they enjoy showing off their [...]

    Chinese superstar Wilber Pan, better known as Will Pan, has definitely changed over the years. The reason for his internationally appealing appearance? Plastic surgery. 32-year old Will Pan is a popular Chinese entertainer who has expanded his reach into fashion design and software. In between all his business activities, Will managed to find time to [...]

    Talk show host Wendy Williams loves to stir up trouble, which is exactly what she did when she talked about Lil Kim’s latest look. 48-year old Wendy Williams has proclaimed herself the queen of plastic surgery, after liposuction and after breast augmentation and a few other things like Botox and fillers (See Make Me Heal’s [...]

    As a former Playmate and the ex wife of Lorenzo Lamas, Shauna Sand seems to love things that sparkle. When she’s not tripping around town in towering Lucite heels, Shauna is undergoing some form of plastic surgery, including dental procedures. 41-year old Shauna Sand has had a lot of plastic surgery for someone her age, [...]

    Best friends don’t always share common hobbies. For instance, just because Nicole Kidman is a huge fan of Botox doesn’t mean her bestie Naomi Watts is attending Botox parties with her. In fact, Naomi probably hasn’t had Botox injections, which isn’t to say that she’s against plastic surgery. 44-year old Naomi Watts recently spoke out [...]

    Matchmaker Patti Stranger has become more famous than many of her millionaire clients and now she is starting to look the part of a celebrity, undergoing plastic surgery. 51-year old Patti Stranger looks better on every season of her Bravo reality series, and the outspoken brunette credits plastic surgery for her success. After breast reduction [...]

    When it comes to plastic surgery, Lisa Rinna has no regrets. Despite getting hassled for her oversized pout for years, Lisa says it was worth it. 49-year old Lisa Rinna recently talked about her famously large lips in her co-hosting duties on The View. Lisa explained how her lips got so big as a result [...]

    Holly Madison recently gave birth to a little girl, riling up some folks with the colorful moniker she gave her, Rainbow. In between giving birth and making red carpet appearances, could Holly have squeezed in some weight loss plastic surgery to restore her body to its former state. 33-year old Holly Madison is no stranger [...]

    Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes was busy frolicking on the beach with her family, sporting a tiny little bikini and showing no sign of ever having given birth. Could she be using plastic surgery to return to walking the runway? 28-year old Doutzen Kroes has a very natural look and doesn’t seem to have undergone [...]

    Before being surprised with a new pregnancy, Jessica Simpson had signed a deal with a weight loss company to endorse a weight loss regimen designed to help her drop the baby weight. Before announcing her new pregnancy to the world, Jessica reportedly underwent some weight loss plastic surgery procedures to help her look better than [...]

    Dayna Devon thrilled audiences with her story on Plastic Wives and has previous television experience as the host of Extra, pre-Mario Lopez. Her next venture onto the small screen is a rumored role as a new Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. With her penchant for 42-year old Dayna Devon is practically a television veteran, with [...]