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  • Everything gets bigger with pregnancy, as anyone on a celebrity bump watch knows. But Kim Kardashian’s experience of “pregnancy” lips may go outside general weight gain and into plastic surgery territory. 32-year old Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her first child, but that hasn’t stopped the plastic surgery rumors from breaking all around her. Kim [...]

    Kelly Rowland is opening up about her life and loves, including her feelings about Beyonce, once her bandmate in Destiny’s Child. Kelly has always been open about her breast implants, which are looking very nice and natural these days. 32-year old Kelly Rowland is finally finding solo success on her own and her new song [...]

    Apparently things haven’t been going so great for Jesse James since his very public breakup with actress Sandra Bullock. He’s lost several loves and now it seems he has also lost his pinky finger. 44-year old custom bike builder Jesse James recently won the heart of an heiress, but he lost the fight with a [...]

    Melissa Gorga of Real Housewives of New Jersey is one of those rare women who has actually lost weight since getting married and having kids. While Melissa loves to show off her body, there is one area that she’d like a little bigger: her backside. Could buttocks augmentation help? 34-year old Melissa Gorga spends a [...]

    Remember back when the O.J. Simpson murder trial ruled the airwaves? His lawyers were constantly on camera, being showcased up close and personal. Apparently attorney Robert Shapiro was less than impressed with his appearance because he went for plastic surgery once the trial was over. Now 70 years old, Robert Shapiro is said to have [...]

    British Made in Chelsea television star Natalie Joels is very petite. Except for one prominent feature: her breasts. Could Natalie be getting some help in the bust department from plastic surgery? 29-year old Natalie Joel is part of the popular Made in Chelsea cast. Her diminutive stature and amazing body help her stand out from [...]

    When NBA star Jason Collins recently came out as the first openly gay professional athlete, some were shocked and some could care less. But it did draw attention to Carolyn Moos, Collins’ one time fiancée and whether or not she was rebounding with plastic surgery. 34-year old Carolyn Moos has a very athletic body, with [...]

    While it has become customary for celebrities to flaunt their post-baby bodies in bikinis on the covers of magazines mere weeks after giving birth, you won’t see actress Malin Ackerman doing so anytime soon. Despite looking fit as a fiddle, Malin says she now has cellulite on her stomach and buttocks and is happy to [...]

    It seems that for some actresses, a nose job is a medical necessity, not just an obstacle on the road to fame. Apparently Dianna Agron is one of those actresses who has had nose jobs as a result of breaking her nose multiple times. 27-year old Glee actress Dianna Agron has admitted to having nose [...]

    Real Housewives everywhere love having plastic surgery and Real Housewife of New Jersey Jacqueline Laurita is no exception. 41-year old Real Housewife of New Jersey Jacqueline Laurita apparently followed in other Real Housewives’ footsteps, going under the knife between filming seasons of the popular reality franchise. On an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Jacqueline [...]

    Lindsay Lohan may not want to go to rehab, but she may have no problem visiting a plastic surgeon’s office. As part of her plan to get her career back on track, Lindsay seems to have begun dabbling in plastic surgery in recent years and a chin implant may have been her latest attempt at [...]

    Despite a shaky history with plastic surgery, Mob Wives’ Big Ang is apparently going for another round in preparation for her Broadway debut. 52-year-old Big Ang, real name Angela Raiola recently made an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, where she showed off more plastic surgery and big fat diamond ring. Big Ang is reportedly [...]

    Despite being considered one of the most attractive women in Hollywood, Amanda Seyfried is apparently susceptible to moments of doubts. In an interview from a few years ago, Amanda admitted to considering plastic surgery to boost her looks. 27-year old Amanda Seyfried has gone from a Mean Girl to a true Hollywood star in just [...]

    Winona Ryder looks much the same as she always has, but apparently her beauty secrets don’t include plastic surgery. At least, if the actress is being truthful. 41-year old Winona Ryder recently opened up to Interview magazine about her thoughts on aging and plastic surgery. “It’s funny, because I went straight from the Interview shoot to this [...]

    Mo’Nique may be a funny lady, but there’s nothing funny about her serious weight loss. The Precious actress has lost some serious poundage, but she probably won’t be going under the knife for plastic surgery. 45-year old Mo’Nique has been gradually losing weight for some time, telling New York’s Hot 97 FM that her husband, [...]

    Phoebe Price can be best described as a professional poser. Wherever there is a camera, there is Phoebe, posing away. At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Phoebe struck a pose and Makemeheal.com noticed that Phoebe seems to have more than a twinkle in her eye, she may have had a plastic surgery eyelift as well. [...]

    Mike Jeffries, the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, hasn’t been on Makemeheal.com’s radar for a while. But with his new inflammatory remarks about people of a larger size, we’ve decided to investigate his plastic surgery once again. 68-year old Mike Jeffries is no spring chicken. Nor is he exactly emaciated. And in no way does [...]

    Blink-182 Drummer Travis Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler is nothing if not outspoken. Recently she spoke out against breastfeeding, stirring up controversy. Could Shanna be against breastfeeding because of her own experience with plastic surgery? 38-year old Shanna Moakler is a former pageant queen, show has been under the knife more than once since her pageant [...]

    Despite being one of the most famous faces in the world, Angelina Jolie managed to disappear for long enough to undergo a double mastectomy after discovering she carries the BRCA1 gene, which increases her risk of breast cancer. In an OpEd piece for the New York Times, Angelina revealed her decision and her journey from [...]

    Jocelyn Wildenstein, better known as “Catwoman,” due to her extreme plastic surgery, has been looking less feline these days. It seems that she may be continuing to reverse her numerous procedures and is starting to look slightly more human, but by no means purr-fectly (sorry, we couldn’t resist) restored to her former self. 72-year old [...]

    It’s been two months since the arrival of her daughter, Rainbow Aurora, and already Holly Madison is back to posing in a string bikini. Could plastic surgery be behind her stunning transformation? 33-year old Holly Madison is an open admirer of plastic surgery, having both nose surgery and breast implants (See Make Me Heal’s story [...]

    Bar Paly is the latest supermodel turned actress to hit the big screen, showing off her assets. So is the secret to silver screen success plastic surgery? 31-year old Bar Paly has just finished starring in Pain and Gain, alongside The Rock and Mark Wahlberg and she has more film roles yet to come. With [...]

    Best known for role on British television’s Coronation Street, Helen Flanagan was recently voted the Sexiest Woman in the UK, thanks to plastic surgery, of course. 22-year old Helen Flanagan looks quite worldly for her age, thanks to an ample boost in the bust department, most likely courtesy of plastic surgery. Helen’s bust is quite [...]

    In Hollywood, plastic surgery is rampant and especially with new-ish actresses looking to standout and make their mark. So was Jaimie Alexander’s new haircut just a coverup for surgery? 29-year old Jaimie Alexander joined other stylish actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Nicole Richie when she lobbed offer her long locks into a stylish bob earlier [...]

    In between walking the streets of New York with various apparatus over her face and making bizarre comments on Twitter, Amanda Bynes has also been engaging in a series of self portrait photos, revealing more than the child star has in the past, including possible plastic surgery. 27-year old Amanda Bynes recently Tweeted photos along [...]

    Heather Locklear has been boosting her blonde beauty with Botox and other forms of plastic surgery for a while now. With rumors that the Melrose Place star is now dating a plastic surgeon, it looks like Heather is keeping her secret to looking good close to her heart. 51-year old Heather Locklear seems to have [...]

    It’s still unclear whether or not New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is planning to make a run for president in 2016. But what has been recently revealed is that the big guy had weight loss surgery back in February. Could plastic surgery be next? 50-year old Chris Christie tells that New York Post that he [...]

    Michael Jordan recently wed model Yvette Prieto in a multi-million dollar extravaganza. Given her occupational background, could Yvette Prieto be a plastic surgery bride? 34-year old Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto wed 50-year old basketball legend Michael Jordan in a ceremony at Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, followed by a huge reception in a large tent at [...]

    British actress Samia Ghadie was thought to have undergone a secret breast augmentation and it turns out that the rumors are true. The plastic surgery was so successful that the Coronation Street actress claims her depression has been cured. 30-year old Samia Ghadie went from an A cup to a C cup, courtesy of breast [...]

    Outspoken talk show host Wendy Williams recently dropped 20 pounds, transforming her figure. As a fan of plastic surgery, Makemeheal.com can’t help but speculate whether or not Wendy will have some plastic surgery to go with her new body. 48-year old Wendy Williams has proclaimed herself the queen of plastic surgery, after liposuction and after [...]

    WWE Vice President Stephanie McMahon is one busy lady, running a wrestling empire and chasing after three kids. But this lady has a body that rivals many other female body builders, leading Makemeheal.com to wonder whether or not plastic surgery is at play, as it commonly is with women in this field. 36-year old WWE [...]

    Despite going bankrupt and owing plastic surgeons money, supermodel Janice Dickinson isn’t done with the knife yet. However, she says there is one procedure she won’t have. 58-year old Janice Dickinson has been getting plastic surgery for years, including procedures such as breast implants, tummy tuck, and extensive Botox treatments (See Make Me Heal’s story [...]

    Sandra Lee made an appearance at the recent Met Gala and Makemeheal.com couldn’t help but wonder if the queen of cook-free cooking had spent some time on plastic surgery. 46-year old Sandra Lee has made a career for herself by mixing together odds and ends and encouraging home cooks to do the same in order [...]

    According to recent reports, The First Lady of the United States isn’t just inspiring women to take a look at their wardrobes, she may also be inspiring a new trend in plastic surgery as more and more women are reportedly seeking “Michelle Obama arms.” Several blogs and news outlets have reported increased interest in patients [...]

    Every so often a Kardashian steps out looking a little fuller in the face than is natural, leading to suspicions of plastic surgery. The latest victim of tabloid interest is Khloe Kardashian. 28-year-old reality TV star Khloe Kardashian is generally thought to be the most level-headed of the family, but even she occasionally has a [...]

    For reasons unknown, Amanda Bynes has been exhibiting some truly bizarre behavior. In between wild haircuts and nonsensical Tweets, Amanda has been taking self photos of herself and threatening to sue publications that don’t use them. Why? According to Amanda, her photos show her “new nose,” courtesy of plastic surgery. 27-year old Amanda Bynes was [...]

    Roma Downey doesn’t look any different than she did when she appeared weekly on the popular television show Touched by Angel. Roma’s inability to age could be divine intervention, or it could be the result of plastic surgery intervention. 53-year old Roma Downey was at the awards ceremony for Time’s Most Influential People of 2013. [...]

    Reality television star Lauren Conrad has managed to parlay her personal life into a successful fashion empire, helping her to stay relevant, despite no longer being a regular on TV. Living in LA and surrounded by plastic surgery both on and off screen, Lauren has managed to stay natural, as far as we know. But [...]

    Rebecca Mader’s most important roles don’t always feature the actress looking herself, or sometimes even at all. The actress admits to sometimes being so insecure about her looks that she has considered plastic surgery. 36-year old Rebecca Mader is a striking-looking woman, but her diverse roles mean that she is constantly changing her appearance, whether [...]

    Some of the cast of Wayne’s World had a reunion in honor of the funny film being honored at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills and the most notable thing about the gathering was how much everyone has changed over the years, despite trying to hold back the tides of [...]

    Model turned musclewoman Jodie Marsh is a famous example of the prevalence of plastic surgery in striving to look ever better and stand out more. However, the outspoken Brit is now saying that too much plastic surgery is the fault of doctors, not patients seeking the procedures. After a report by Great Britain’s Department of [...]

    Reba McEntire never really talks about how she stays so good looking, year after year in the spotlight. Yet somehow she manages to look better and better, without ever looking like a case of too much plastic surgery. 58-year old Reba McEntire has never officially copped to plastic surgery, unlike some of her fellow country [...]

    Nina Garcia has definite opinions, as any fan of the reality competition show Project Runway well knows. So what does the judge have to say about plastic surgery? She tells Ok Magazine. 47-year old Nina Garcia has definite opinions about what looks good and what doesn’t and isn’t afraid to say it. The fashion magazine [...]

    Little House on the Prairie actress Melissa Gilbert didn’t wear white for her third wedding, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t do what many brides do and get some plastic surgery for the big event. 48-year old Melissa Gilbert recently wed thirtysomething and West Wing actor Timothy Busfield, who is also on his third marriage. [...]

    Dallas star Jordana Brewster’s star is on the rise, but not with plastic surgery. At least, not yet. 32-year old Jordana Brewster told a magazine that although she has yet to go under the knife, it doesn’t mean that she adverse to plastic surgery. “I haven’t started yet, but I’m definitely not against it,” the [...]

    Jewel’s teeth have been subjects of controversy since the singer/songwriter first hit it big. So now that she is also an actress, why won’t Jewel fix her teeth. 38-year old Jewel temporarily had her teeth fixed for her role as June Carter Cash in the upcoming Lifetime movie, Ring of Fire. However, the dental veneers [...]

    Kirstie Alley made news when she gained so much weight that she no longer resembled “that actress from Cheers.” When she finally dropped the weight after a stint on Dancing with the Stars, many thought that she would follow up her weight loss with plastic surgery, but apparently that isn’t the case. 62-year old Kirstie [...]

    Sandra Vergara is actress Sophia Vergara’s younger adopted sister/cousin. Good looks seem to run in the family, although Sandra has a plastic surgery secret helping her look svelte. 24-year old Sandra Vergara is a budding actress, and she has found a new secret to keeping her body looking good at all times, “Airbrush Lipo,” an [...]

    Plastic surgeons frequently have patients bring in photos of celebrities for inspiration. While it is impossible to look entirely like another person (and why would you want to?), some celebrities make photo appearances more than others, even men. Apparently Jon Hamm, Michael Fassbender and Daniel Craig are the types of guys that men want to [...]

    JWoww certainly isn’t shy. The reality television show star has plenty of cleavage, thanks to breast augmentation and she likes to show off her results, for better or worse. 27-year old JWoww has been very open about her plastic surgery, including various breast implants Levitra online (See Make Me Heal’s story on cheap Propranolol JWoww’s [...]

    Cher and Demi Moore were at the same event this past week and posed for a photo together. The two plastic surgery queens looked much the same as they did when the posed for a similar photo over 15 years ago, when Demi was freshly shorn on the heels of GI Jane. At the AFI [...]

    Apparently there is more than one negative effect of too much plastic surgery. If you can’t afford the procedures, you can go bankrupt. Apparently Janice Dickinson found this out the hard way, to the tune of nearly $1 million. 58-year old Janice Dickinson has been getting plastic surgery for years, including procedures such as breast [...]