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  • Scott Thorson is a troubled guy. The former lover of Liberace was recently portrayed by Matt Damon in the Behind the Candelabra film and more recently was sprung from jail. So what was Scott’s first priority upon his release? Plastic surgery, of course. According to TMZ, 54-year old Scott Thorson was in jail for burglary [...]

    It’s been almost 30 year since Thriller debuted, but Ola Ray, Michael Jackson’s love interest in the music video, still looks like she could kick some zombie ass. Could plastic surgery be at work? 52-year released some photos of herself ahead of her planned tribute to the late Michael Jackson. In them, she wears body [...]

    Star Wars creator George Lucas and businesswoman Mellody Hobson recently tied the knot at the director’s Skywalker Ranch in Northern California. It looks like plastic surgery and not special effects, helped Mellody fill out her stunning wedding gown. 44-year old Mellody Hobson and 69-year old George Lucas announced their engagement back in January, after a [...]

    Those Kardashians can never keep anything secret for long, whether it’s the name of their long-awaited offspring or plastic surgery. A few years back, before Kim was even connected to her baby’s daddy, Kanye West, she told the press that she would definitely have plastic surgery after having a baby. Only time will tell if [...]

    Apparently Jonah Hill isn’t just willing to experiment with roles, he’s willing to try anything—including the recently popular ball ironing plastic surgery, as introduced by George Clooney. 52-year old George Clooney evidently started a new trend when, in 2008 an interview with Esquire magazine, Clooney joked that he’s had some work done, saying, “I did [...]

    British actress Chloe Sims, star of TOWIE spoke of wanting a buttocks augmentation back in 2011 and now it seems she is ready to show off the results after buttock augmentation recovery. 31-year old Chloe Sims recently sported a teeny tiny print bikini on her Spanish vacation, showing off the results of her multiple plastic [...]

    When will celebrities learn that getting their partner’s name tattooed on their body is not a good idea? Heidi Klum is the latest celebrity to need tattoo removal in order to remove the final traces of her ex in her life. 40-year old Heidi Klum is rumored to have breast implants and nose surgery  at [...]

    Alicia Douvall has been under the knife hundreds of time and even sought treatment for her plastic surgery addiction. Not all of her cosmetic enhancements have been successful and some have caused serious problems. One such problem was with her facial implants, which Alicia recently removed. 34-year old Alicia Douvall recently stepped out without makeup, [...]

    Before Kim Kardashian had the baby, there were rumors that Kanye West had stepped out on the reality star with model Leyla Ghobadi. Whether or not the allegations are true remains to be seen, but what does look to be fake is the model’s breasts. 24-year old Canadian model Leyla Ghobadi claims to have had [...]

    So how do stars like Kellie Pickler and Ellie Kemper keep their skin clear and fresh, despite wearing pore-clogging makeup on a regular basis? Apparently both stars like the Clarisonic line of products. American Idol star Kellie Pickler is pretty well known for her love of plastic surgery, as the 26-year old is thought to [...]

    Jackie Stallone’s plastic surgery gets talked about almost as much as her son, Sylvester’s, biceps. But it seems that Jackie is well aware that she went overboard with the plastic surgery. 91-year old Jackie Stallone has probably had numerous facelifts and fillers, as well as other procedures in order to look like a self-described “chipmunk”(See [...]

    Amanda Bynes has been on a whirlwind binge of plastic surgery these days. The trouble star is “in between” nose surgery procedures and apparently recently removed her breast implants as well. It is unclear when she had them placed, but in her series of disturbing Tweets and rants, 27-year old Amanda Bynes sported some lingerie [...]

    It’s never to late in life for a perfect smile and grown-up stars like Anna Kendrick and Khloe Kardashian have proved it, by being fit for Invisalign. According to UsWeekly, Khloe Kardashian was fitted for an Invisalign dental device earlier this year and it seems that Anna Kendrick has also jumped on the bandwagon, despite [...]

    How does the Christina Milian prepare for a photo shoot? With plastic surgery laser treatments. 31-year old Christina Milian may be a mom now, but her body is as smooth and sleek as ever. To prepare for photo shoots, Christina tightens up with Body Wrap L.A.’s or VelaShape’s infared light therapy sessions to get rid [...]

    When Adrienne Bailon attended the 40/40 Club 10-year anniversary party in New York City, no one noticed what she wore, as all eyes were on her very full face. Could plastic surgery have attended the party? 29-year old Adrienne Bailon has a lot of exes on her resume as a former Disney Cheetah Girl and [...]

    Have you ever wondered why stars like Maria Menounos, Giuliana Rancic  & Kellie Pickler never seem to have a dull skin moment? The secret to their perfect skin is apparently the DDF Revolve 400x exfoliating device. And a little plastic surgery, of course. American Idol star Kellie Pickler is pretty well known for her love [...]

    Mariann Gavelo has a rear end that just won’t quit. But what fans can’t figure out if it is natural or the result of some sort of buttocks augmentation. 30-year old Mariann Gavelo has a rear end that is making her famous, a la Kim Kardashian. And like the reality star, Mariann faces rumors that [...]

    Apparently the anti-plastic surgery actress movement has gone global, as Nollywood Star Omotola Jolade Ekeinde has said she won’t go under the knife anytime soon. 35-year old Nigerian actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is Africa’s best known actress and recently made her US television debut on the Vh-1 series Hit the Floor. In addition to acting, Omotola [...]

    Have you ever wondered how Extra cohosts Maria Menounos and Mario Lopez keep their smiles white and bright for the cameras? Apparently the secret lies in good dental hygiene, and the use of the Philips Sonicare’s DiamondClean brush. Although Makemeheal.com suspects that teeth whitening plays a part in the duo’s smiles, Maria Menounos and Mario [...]

    Helen Flanagan was recently named the Sexiest Woman in the UK by FHM magazine, but apparently didn’t agree with the title as she was. Instead, she chose to go under the knife to make her feel better about her looks. 22-year old Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan recently had nose surgery to battle an insecurity [...]

    Ryan Gosling is definitely one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, starring in seemingly every other movie that is released and finding a lot of love from the ladies. It seems that one fan wants in on that notoriety because he actually had plastic surgery in order to resemble The Notebook star. Nicholas Ryan is an aspiring [...]

    Actress Thandie Newton has flawless skin that rivals that of women half her age. So what is the secret to her skincare if not plastic surgery? 40-year old Thandie Newton always looks amazing and has gorgeously glowing skin. Her skincare secrets? Nothing much and definitely not plastic surgery. In an interview with HELLO! Thandie Newton [...]

    Farrah Abraham just bought herself a new birthday present (possibly with her porn earnings?): a brand new set of silicone implants. 22-year old Farrah Abraham was 22 for just three days, the minimum age requirement for silicone breast implants, when she went under the knife for the fourth time in three years, according to UsWeekly. [...]

    In one of life’s little ironies it seems that while Courtney Stodden may not have had breast implants in the past as was commonly rumored, the child bride has them now. 18-year-old Courtney Stodden married 52-year old actor Doug Hutchinson, making her an instant star and source of endless speculation on plastic surgery as the [...]

    Formerly living La Vida Loca in Ricky Martin’s music video, it seems that Croation model Nina Moric now has some plastic surgery regrets. 32-year old model Nina Moric began undergoing plastic surgery at the age of 18 and now says that she regrets starting so young. The problem for Nina may not be starting young, [...]

    Actor George Clooney is a notorious practical joker, even joking about plastic surgery. While he eventually confessed that he never actually had an eyelift, it seems that another cosmetic surgery procedure he joked about may now be a real thing. 52-year old George Clooney created quite a stir a few years back when he claimed [...]

    The highly anticipated return of Arrested Development brought a lot of hype and then a lot of disappointment. It also brought a lot of suspicion from fans that noticed that Portia de Rossi looks like she spent the years between seasons undergoing plastic surgery. 40-year old Portia de Rossi plays self-obsessed Lindsay Funke on the [...]

    Hip hop soul artist K. Michelle has redone her albums and it seems that she has also redone her physical appearance, thanks to plastic surgery. 32-year old K. Michelle, born Kimberly Michelle Pate, has worked with Usher and Missy Elliot and is finally starting to become known on her own. One of the things she [...]

    Have you wondered where Amanda Bynes is getting her off kilter style from these days? Apparently her role model in the looks department is from stripper Blac Chyna, best known for possible plastic surgery enhancements. 25-year old Blac Cyna was formerly only well-known in the hip hop world, where she appeared in magazines and music [...]

    Apparently Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada never made it to her own prom, thanks to a teenage pregnancy. So when fan Anthony Nelson invited Evelyn to his prom, she was willing and able to attend. She even set the younger prom attendees to shame, thanks to plastic surgery. 37-year old Evelyn Lozada was 19-year old [...]

    Stripper turned singer turned actress Eve looks to be a making a comeback these days. As she looks just as good as when she left the game, plastic surgery could be at play. 34-year-old Eve is about to release Lip Lock, her first album in over a decade. As she starts making the rounds to [...]

    Child actress turned movie star Pia Zadora probably gets more attention for her wild behavior these days than for her singing. Still, a new make-up free mugshot shows that Pia is likely playing with some plastic surgery. 59-year old Pia Zadora has been living outside of Las Vegas for the past several years, since her [...]

    Singer/model/actress Cassie recently posed for Esquire magazine and the Diddy prodigy is looking good. So good, that many wonder if plastic surgery could be at play. 26-year old Cassie has kind of had a slow start in show biz, despite getting off to several starts. Maybe this time around she will finally make it. As [...]

    If the secret to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, then it must be love for newlyweds Chef Curtis Stone and actress Lindsay Price. The couple recently tied the knot in a destination wedding celebration and Makemeheal.com can’t help wondering if plastic surgery went down the aisle with Lindsay. 36-year old actress Lindsay Price [...]

    Although Bristol Palin and Joan Rivers seem to be odd choices for an upcoming Celebrity Wife Swap (neither is currently married and they have very different political views), they do have one thing in common: plastic surgery. 80-year old Joan Rivers isn’t currently a wife and her child has been all grown up for decades, [...]

    Although most often women complain about stretch marks, men are not immune. Rob Kardashian found this out when his sisters sat him down to criticize his body. 25-year old Rob Kardashian has been through a very public breakup and weight gain. As he struggles with his body, he has apparently developed stretch marks. Stretch marks [...]

    Catherine Bach seems to be one of those actresses that only gets better with age. At 59, she still looks like she could easily slip on a pair of cutoff shorts. 59-year old actress Catherine Bach is best known for her role as Daisy Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard television series. The 70′s sex [...]

    It seems that nearly every country has it’s own incarnation of Top Model and with top models comes top-notch plastic surgery and Australia’s Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson is no exception. 47-year old former model Charlotte Dawson has openly admitted to plastic surgery in the past, including breast implants, liposuction, fat injections, dermal fillers, [...]

    Basketball player Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne is nearly a celebrity in her own right, thanks to her stunningly curvy body. But how much of the former model’s assets are her own, and how much the result of plastic surgery. Adrienne Bosh, wife of NBA Miami Heat star Chris Bosh used to be a model for [...]

    Fashion designers seem to be competing with models for perfect looks these days and Poland’s Eva (or Ewa) Minge, looks to be no different. 46-year old Eva Minge ranks amongst Poland’s most prominent designers. With unusually smooth skin and architectural cheekbones, it is no wonder. Eva seems to be joining the ranks of other international [...]

    Remember Rachel from Boy Meets World, aka Maitland Ward. It seems like Maitland fell off the planet when the series ended, but it turns out that she may have been just playing with plastic surgery. 36-year old Maitland Ward has tried to be a blonde and tried to be a redhead. It looks like when [...]

    Amanda Bynes has been promising a new nose since her arrest at the end of May and it seems that the troubled young star has gone under the knife. 27-year old Amanda Bynes recently Tweeted photos along with the caption that she had nose surgery to “remove webbing between her eyes” and requesting that tabloids [...]

    Actress Joyce Giraud is shaping up to be the new housewife on the block when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills without cast members Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof. As a former beauty pageant title holder and actress, Joyce is no stranger to LaLa Land and it’s copious amounts of plastic surgery. 38-year old Joyce [...]

    Apparently American models aren’t the only ones that fight rumors of plastic surgery. Australian model, etc Megan Gale says that new rumors of plastic surgery are hurting her image. 37-year-old David Jones brand ambassador is fighting rumors spread by Sydney cosmetic physician Dr Mariusz Gajewski, who placed her on a list of celebrities that have [...]

    You may not be listening to Nayer yet, but with a musical connection to Pitbull and a sexy red carpet appearance at the recent Billboard awards, you probably will be soon. But where would a pop star be without plastic surgery? 24-year old Nayer certainly isn’t afraid to flaunt what she’s got. Most likely the [...]

    Rosanna Beckett is one half of the strongest couple in the world. The competitive bodybuilder is making headlines all over the world, thanks to her muscular body and perfect plastic surgery. 33-year old Rosanna Beckett is the female half of the competitive body building couple that has been crowned champion time and time again. The [...]

    Once dubbed the “British Bardot,” actress Susan Penhaligon is not amongst fans of Botox. 60-year old Susan Penhaligon hadn’t really thought about Botox before, feeling as an actress that she needs must move her face. However, after hearing about it, she eventually succumbed to the drug, to reportedly disastrous results, as she tells the Daily [...]

    Nickelodeon star run amok Amanda Bynes seems very preoccupied with ugly people and lawsuits these days. However, that doesn’t mean the troubled actress and wannabe rapper isn’t taking time out of her daily shenanigans to plan a little plastic surgery. 27-year old Amanda Bynes has been wearing wigs to court and denying being places she’s [...]

    Since first debuting her breast implants, Hayden Panettiere has received some heat for their appearance. Rather large for her small frame, they frequently appeared to be caving in on the Nashville’s actress chest. However, it looks like the actress may have undergone a revision procedure. 23-year old Hayden Panettiere is currently on summer hiatus from [...]

    Jewel is looking hotter than ever these days, which she says is the result of following a new (old) diet plan, not plastic surgery. However, the singer/actress hasn’t ruled out plastic surgery in the future. 39-year old Jewel is looking slimmer and better than ever. She tells her secret to RadarOnline.com “I do the Biblical [...]