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  • Sometimes it seems like the drama surrounding Lindsay Lohan and her family will never end. A while back it was revealed that Lindsay’s dad had fathered a secret lovechild back when he and Lindsay’s mom were still together. Since the big revelation, Lindsay has said that she wants nothing to do with her secret half [...]

    “It’s A Man’s World” singer Anastacia has become the latest star to undergo a double mastectomy. The singer has been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in a decade and she shared the details of her procedure with fans on her Facebook page, just in time for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. “I [...]

    Snooki’s life has changed dramatically since her days on the Jersey Shore. Now the petite reality star has settled down some and lost a lot of weight, which she attributes to a lifestyle overhaul, rather than plastic surgery. At just 4’9″, Snooki doesn’t have a lot of room for weight gain. Despite peaking at 148 [...]

    Jennifer Garner rose to fame as one tough lady, appearing in action roles on the small and big screen. Now that she is a mom, her priorities have changed and although she plans to continue a career in Hollywood, there a few things she won’t be doing, including Botox. When 41-year old Jennifer Garner first [...]

    Ellen DeGeneres is always fun and peppy and looks like she feels great. And although she’s not exactly known for her classic beauty, she looks great for a woman over 50. Over the years, it has been rumored that Ellen stays looking good with plastic surgery, especially before any big events. With her upcoming gig [...]

    Friends star Lisa Kudrow has long been suspected of having had a nose job before hitting the big time. But nobody could prove it because there don’t seem to be a lot of childhood photos of Lisa lurking online. 50-year old Lisa Kudrow recently opened up to The Saturday Evening Post about her life-changing rhinoplasty, [...]

    Despite her recent health scare and decision to undergo a drastic elective double mastectomy, actress and activist Angelina Jolie is looking healthier and more glowing than ever. While her beautiful youthful skin could be the result of a happy life, rumor has it that the real secret behind her perpetual youth is laser treatments. Lots [...]

    Despite being a world-class athlete, Bruce Jenner has lately become best known for his ongoing struggle with having a natural appearance after plastic surgery. In fact, Bruce has become so well known for his plastic surgery that every time he appears in public with a band-aid, it is assumed that it is covering a scar [...]

    Many teenagers go through phases where they try out new looks—dying their hair in colors not found in nature, wearing bizarre clothing and even getting piercings. But Teen Mom Farrah Abraham appears to be taking the whole “finding herself” to a whole new level, getting one plastic surgery procedure after another, and then reversing them. [...]

    The big news in Kardashian land is that Kanye West finally popped the question to his baby mama, Kim Kardashian. But just last month it was revealed that Kanye may have popped something else first—courtesy of a penile implant. WetPaint via  Media TakeOut reports that a groupie has revealed that Kanye’s signature swagger may come [...]