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  • Jacqueline Bisset was so stunned by her Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series for Dancing on the Edge that she became nearly incoherent. Luckily, Jacqueline managed to pull her thoughts together enough to give her opinion on plastic surgery on a segment on The Today [...]

    As more and more stars try to keep in touch with their fans, not only are they opening up about plastic surgery procedures, they are even telling fans about it before it happens. Ex-TOWIE star Maria Fowler is known to be big on plastic surgery, but she recently informed fans that she was about to [...]

    As the head of the Kardashian clan and a member of the family’s popular reality television series, Kris Jenner doesn’t seem to keep much of her personal life secret. For Kris, this includes her various plastic surgery procedures from facelifts to breast implants, all of which she has openly discussed in the press and on [...]

    Gabby Douglas may be a world champ, but life hasn’t always been easy for the Olympic Gold medalist. Before becoming a gymnastic phenomenon, Gabby had her share of her bullying. In a 2012 interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Gabby opened up about the hard times before finding national glory, including being pressured to go under [...]

    Despite many thinking that her 15 minutes of fame would be long over by now, former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has managed to get her name in the news more times than you’d think. After getting plastic surgery on and off as well as sharing  a sex tape or two with a well known [...]

    It seems that the children’s toy Barbie is a frequent source of inspiration for women looking to go under the knife. Many women with oversized breast implants and obvious plastic surgery have been called Barbie, thanks to their uncanny resemblance to the classic doll. While women get plastic surgery and wear copious amounts of makeup [...]

    Kim Kardashian remains adamant that she has never had plastic surgery. Despite fans pleading with her to stay away from cosmetic procedures and return to the natural girl that first found fame via a sex tape, Kim Kardashian found herself in a plastic surgeon’s office for a recent episode of the family reality show, Keeping [...]

    Former ESPN reported has a new gig as cohost of Dancing with the Stars as the reality dance competition has reportedly given the axe to Brooke Burke-Charvet, along with some other regulars that have been with the show for years. The news came as quite the surprise as Brooke had just recently given an interview [...]

    Veteran journalist Bree Walker has worked as a radio talk show host and TV news anchor for stations in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego. After establishing her career at ABC affiliate KGTV Channel 10 in San Diego, Bree revealed that she suffered from ectrodactyly, a rare genetic condition which fuses her fingers and [...]

    Ariana Grande has gotten a lot of criticism about her looks—especially her hairstyle that never seems to change. However, she recently poked fun at recent rumors of breast augmentation in a new Instagram video, saying that Victoria’s Secret push up bras were behind her recent boost, not plastic surgery. 20-year old Ariana Grande gave fans [...]

    Order Kamagra MasterChef Valtrex cheap Order Furosemide judge Graham Elliot revealed last year that he underwent weight loss surgery in an effort to live healthier. After weight loss surgery, once a goal weight is safely reached, many people opt for plastic surgery in order to tighten up any loose skin. At 36-year old, the 6’2″ [...]

    Kim Kardashian may deny going under the knife, but apparently she isn’t convincing fans. RadarOnline reports that fans of Kim’s have launched a veritable campaign to get Kim Kardashian to stop having plastic surgery and return to her natural beauty. Right now there seems to be a lot of backlash against the Kardashians, with people [...]

    While breaking up is hard to do, one good thing that seems to be coming from Bruce Jenner’s separation from wife Kris is that the former Olympian is busy reconnecting with his kids from former relationships. In between catching up with his grown up kids, Bruce seems to be busy having more plastic surgery and [...]

    The world has been seemingly obsessed with Kim Kardashian’s figure since her rise to fame courtesy of linked sex tape. Since then, Kim has flaunted her full figure in super tight clothing and faced rumors of plastic surgery enhancements. While Kim has consistently denied having plastic surgery, the rumors persist, even after her pregnancy. Kim [...]

    Love or hate her music, pop star Rihanna does know how to get tongues wagging thanks to her bold style. In a new interview with Vogue magazine (on which Rihanna is also the cover model), Rihanna dishes on her style and gives tips, including her personal philosophy on wearing bras. No wonder she has started [...]

    For a while, Victoria Beckham was better known for her bolted-on looking breast implants than for her former career as a Spice Girl or the wife of soccer star David Beckham, before she became a designer in her own right. However, while she might have showcased her overly obvious breast implants, she rarely referred to [...]

    Despite rocking out for her entire adult life, Stevie Nicks is looking better than ever and apparently plastic surgery doesn’t play a role. At 65, Stevie Nicks is stilling touring the world. And despite facing addiction problems, Stevie is looking better than ever. After years being addicted to cocaine, (fellow bandmate Mick Fleetwood reportedly spent [...]

    Rosie O’Donnell is once again changing things up. Recently, the former talk show host that after suffering a heart attack a couple of years back she has decided to take better care of herself by undergoing weight loss surgery. For many patients, after weight loss surgery, plastic surgery is not far behind. At a recent [...]

    Lea Michele has said in the past she is proud to be plastic surgery free, but her love of selfies has sparked new rumors that the Glee star may have changed her mind on the subject. In a selfie that Lea Michele shared, Lea poses with friends and although only seen from the mid chest [...]

    Brideshead Revisted actress Diana Quick  may have years of experience acting and plenty of long term relationships with leading men like Bill Nighy and Alfred Finney, but that doesn’t mean that she is immune to the pressures of looking good. In an interview the actress, who most recently portrayed Queen Elizabeth II in a documentary [...]

    While reality television has been known to break up many celebrity couples, Bill Rancic and his wife Giuliana are still reality TV’s favorite sweethearts. In addition to giving viewers a look at their hectic daily lives, the duo also shares their struggles with viewers about overcoming major issues, including fertility and Giuliana’s breast cancer. In [...]

    Ashlee Holmes, Real Housewife of New Jersey Jacqueline Laurita’s, daughter, reportedly underwent some Botox injections, shocking viewers because she was under 25. But another reality television mother/daughter duo topped them all when Big Rich Texas star DeAynni Hatley took daughter Shaye to her plastic surgeon for Botox treatments—at the tender age of 15. In an [...]

    Destiny’s Child, the former girl group famous for setting Beyonce Knowles on the path to stardom also had other members, including  LaToya Luckett. LaToya has also managed to launch a successful career for herself, if more under the radar than her fellow singers and some suspect that plastic surgery has helped. Since her days with [...]

    Star of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset reality series, Lilly Ghalichi, wasn’t always the “Persian Barbie” of Hollywood. It seems that prior to her glamorous appearance on the show, she was once a little girl growing up in Texas and relied on plastic surgery to transform herself into the beauty she is today. In a photo [...]

    Robin Wright is back on Netflix when the second season of House of Cards becomes available this Valentine’s Day. In a promotional interview with The Telegraph, Robin Wright opened up on everything from her love life since divorcing Sean Penn to Botox. Apparently Robin is a big fan, and according to her, everyone else is [...]

    Courtney Stodden has been making lots of changes since her split from Doug Hutchinson. Rumor has it that she’s even dating guys her own age! But some things don’t change, and that includes Courtney’s fascination with changing her looks. After recently dying her hair, it seems that Courtney has also plumped her pout with plastic [...]

    Bruce Jenner has finally been stepping out with the results of his much speculated about laryngeal shave plastic surgery procedure. Along with a smoother neck, Bruce has rumors swirling about why he decided to go under the knife. Particularly fierce are rumors that the masculine former Olympian is in transition. Not helping the matter are [...]

    It seems that money really can buy you anything, including hair. Brendan Fitzpatrick, boyfriend and costar of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star and blogger Morgan Stewart recently revealed his intention to undergo hair restoration after suffering from premature hair loss. Despite having a busy work schedule as luxury real estate agent 25-year old Brendan [...]

    A former pro wrestler, Chyna has gone on to change her looks as often as her career, from wrestler to actress to bodybuilder to porn star. These days Chyna is back in the spotlight as one of the celebrities looking to get acquitted killer George Zimmerman in the ring. While Chyna looks to be in [...]

    Leslie Mann takes on plenty of funny faced roles in her husband’s, Judd Apatow, films, but despite riffs about aging, she still manages to hold her own with younger costars. While Leslie hasn’t admitted to going under the knife, she says she has thought about it and may consider plastic surgery in the future. 41-year [...]

    Despite spending a lot of time in the sunny Hamptons for her starring role on the hit TV show revenge, Emily Van Camp doesn’t look like she’s suffering from any premature aging. And while some actresses her age already using preventative measures like Botox injections to avoid signs of aging, Emily said in an interview [...]

    After plenty of speculation as to his motives, it looks like Bruce Jenner is finally ready to show off the results of his Adam’s apple surgery. Earlier in the week, Bruce was out and about, with his neck free of turtlenecks and scarves. TMZ initially broke the news that Bruce was investigating having his Adam’s [...]

    Many reality stars begin having plastic surgery in an effort to keep up with their costars on reality television shows. Wanting to stay forever glam, reality stars openly share their beauty and cosmetic surgery treatments. But Lauren Goodger is a little different. Despite the fact that she has now left The Only Way is Essex, [...]

    English actress Jorgie Porter is a platinum blonde but her hair color may be as fake as she gets. The Hollyoaks soap star became popular on her season of Britain’s popular reality show Dancing on Ice. While some stars go under the knife to fit into the skimpy costumes, Jorgie seems to be a natural [...]

    Oftentimes when stars are accused of too much plastic surgery, you have to wonder if they think so too. A while back, Jackie admitted to having excessive amounts of work done, but she recently revealed that she is still going under the needle for Juvederm injections. 92-year old Jackie Stallone is the mother of Italian [...]

    Glamour model turned reality star Maria Fowler is planning some big changes in the near future. The tanned TOWIE star has recently Tweeted news that she is planning to change her life by giving up alcohol and going under the knife. 27-year old Maria Fowler is well known for her appearance on The Only Way [...]

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills being over the top and impressing their friends and enemies, but apparently even they can overdo it now and then. According to Brandi Glanville, plastic surgery is great, but she did recently overdo the Botox. During her recent PodcastOne show, Brandi Glanville went on an F-bomb filled tirade about going [...]

    Chelsee Healey became notorious after suffering a wardrobe malfunction when one of her oversized breasts escaped from her costume while she was on the British reality show Strictly Come Dancing. Since then, Chelsee feels that she has suffered from having supersized breast implants and has decided to downsize. 25-year-old Chelsee Healey appeared on the show [...]

    British actress Chloe Sims, star of TOWIE isn’t shy about much of anything, including plastic surgery. So it was something of a shock to hear the reality star deny rumors of a facelift, after openly admitting to other procedures. After touching down in Las Vegas, photos of Chloe looking less than her best appeared. Most [...]

    Jane Seymour may still look great at a bikini at the age of 62, but her great body doesn’t come easily. In a recent interview, Jane shared that along with a little plastic surgery, her body is also the result of really hard work. Franklin and Bash star Jane Seymour has openly admitted to undergoing [...]

    It’s not that British supermodel Twiggy is against plastic surgery, she just doesn’t like the look of Botox, according to a new interview with the 60s superstar. 63 year old Twiggy rose to fame as a model back in the 60s and these days she is a model for British brand Marks & Spencer and [...]

    For a while, British Glamour Model Katie Price and her ex-husband, singer Peter Andre, were seemingly inseparable, doing everything from clubbing to getting beauty treatments. Now that the romance is over, the couple has gone their separate ways. Katie is currently single but Peter recently announced his engagement to his new baby mama. Shortly after [...]

    Teen Mom reality star Jenelle Evans may finally be turning her life around. Jenelle has been arrested 10 times in the past three years for drug abuse and problems with relationships and her mother currently has custody of her four year old son. However, Jenelle is now pregnant with her second son and the first [...]

    As Jacki Weaver’s career continues to rise, the Australian actress was thinking of getting some plastic surgery as she gains attention in the international spotlight. However, her agent quickly put the kibosh on that. 66-year old Jacki Weaver drew acclaim when she earned a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her work in Animal Kingdom [...]

    A few months ago, Khloe Kardashian apparently displeased momager Kris Jenner when she revealed that her mother had wanted her to have a nose job as young as the tender age of nine. Now it looks like Kris’ dreams of having a young daughter go under the knife for nose surgery have come true as [...]

    Kim Kardashian is an avid poster on Throwback Thursday, apparently trying to prove to people that the girl has always had curves. While there can be little doubt in anyone’s mind that Kim developed well, and early, what the TBT photos actually are doing are stirring up more rumors of plastic surgery—those that the future [...]

    Dancing with the Stars co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet has never admitted to plastic surgery. But maybe she doesn’t need to. In a new interview, the stunning mother of four says that the secret to good plastic surgery is not knowing if a woman has been under the knife or not. Brooke Burke-Charvet most likely has undergone [...]

    Justin Bieber seems to be on an international spree of mayhem and mischief and one person who doesn’t think its funny is Chantel Jeffries, the super hot model who managed to be along for the ride when Justin jet setted from Miami to Panama. However, Chantel isn’t shy about setting the record straight and she [...]

    In a recent interview on The View alongside her husband, reality TV villain Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag opens up about why she decided to have so many plastic surgery procedures at once, over three years ago. According to Heidi, she didn’t go into the doctor’s office planning to have so much plastic surgery, but went [...]

    Kristin Scott Thomas is one of the best British actresses, transforming from beautiful drab, according to the role. However, Kristin doesn’t always feel beautiful and says that she may be considering plastic surgery. At 53, Kristin Scott Thomas is still stunning and has appeared in recent high profile films such as Only God Forgives. Still, [...]

    Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has become a celebrity in her own right and the pretty blonde fashionista recently welcomed her second child. While many were wowed at how she managed to stay stylish and fit throughout her pregnancy, Rachel did manage to reveal that there was a point in her life when she was a [...]

    Every nose job has a story. Recently, talk show host Wendy Williams spoke to reality star Michel’le of R&B Divas about the reason behind hers. Talk show host Wendy Williams is not one to beat around the bush when it comes to any topic, including plastic surgery. Honest about her own considerable time spent under [...]