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  • Last year, Jennifer Aniston shocked fans when she chopped off her long locks in favor of a short bob. While the look is all the rage, apparently Jennifer felt compelled to make the drastic haircut after her hair responded badly to a hair treatment. Now it seems that Jennifer has had more hair woes and [...]

    For months now, rumors have been circulating that Glee star Naya Rivera has been clashing on set with diva Lea Michele. Now, in the wake of the tension UsWeekly is reporting that Naya Rivera has been fired from the hit show and won’t be returning for the next season. However, The Daily Mail reports that [...]

    Debbie Gibson is best known for her ’80s songs such as “Only in My Dreams” and “Shake Your Love,” but lately fans have become concerned about her looks more than her music. On a recent blog entry, Debbie detailed that her sudden weight loss and changes in her appearance are the result of battling Lyme [...]

    It looks like Real Housewife of New Jersey Melissa Gorga has more than a few secrets in her past, and some of them are plastic surgery. But even in the light of nose job rumors, it looks like Melissa is keeping quiet. 35-year old Melissa Gorga knows how to stir up controversy, whether she’s battling [...]

    For years now it seems that Meg Ryan has largely faded out of the spotlight, getting more attention for her obvious plastic surgery rather than her roles. Now it seems that Meg has found the perfect project to return to stardom in a role that doesn’t require her to appear on camera. It seems that [...]

    Remember how Nicki Minaj shocked everyone at the MTV Movie Awards by ditching her usual crazy attire for a more subtle and sophisticated look? It turns out that the new look may be here to stay as Nicki is said to be trading her candy colored wigs for her natural hair. Maybe she’s also laying [...]

    The ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta aren’t afraid to get dirty. After NeNe Leakes referred to Marlo Hampton as a “man-ho,” Marlo responded with an insult of her own, suggesting that NeNe get more plastic surgery. When NeNe called Marlo a “man-ho” on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Marlo responded by [...]

    Just days after giving birth to twins, Kim Zolciak was out and about showing off her post baby body. Now, just months later, the reality star is back in plunging necklines and slinky dresses. So how did she do it? With plastic surgery? Former Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak says that the secret to [...]

    Kim Kardashian is a definite fan of Throwback Thursday, nearly weekly taking the opportunity to post photos of herself from the past and comparing them with recent photos. It’s an odd phenomenon because many people who have had plastic surgery, especially a nose job, don’t enjoy looking at photos of themselves from the past and [...]

    Apparently Teen Mom turned porn star Farrah Abraham believes that bigger is better. While it may be the case for some of her illicit hobbies, it doesn’t necessarily hold true for plastic surgery. It looks like Farrah Abraham has once again plumped her pout with lip augmentation. Farrah Abraham has undergone a lot of plastic [...]

    Since unveiling her Body Book, Cameron Diaz has been promoting her thoughts on living and continues to dish on everything under the sun, including Botox. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, 41-year old Cameron Diaz revealed her thoughts on aging. purchase Zithromax buy Clonidine Online purchase Lasix Lasix online Strattera without prescription purchase cheap [...]

    Kim Novak went public last week with how devastated she was after the Oscars, when everyone felt free to criticize her appearance. After presenting an award with Matthew McConaughey, it seemed that all of Twitter felt free to make comments about her face. Last week, in time for an appearance with Turner Classic Movies, 81-year [...]

    Kim Kardashian seems to be trying to get on Beyonce’s good side and apparently she believes that imitation is the best form of flattery. When the ladies accidentally ran into each other at a Beverly Hills dermatology center, apparently Kim wanted whatever procedures Beyonce was having. Much to Beyonce’s dismay. When Kim ran into Beyonce [...]

    People Magazine unleashed their new 2014 list of the world’s most beautiful people. In anticipation of their new list, the magazine did a retrospective of their past winners. Using the magic of Photoshop, People put together a fascinating photo pairing of past winners and their younger selves. While it was impressive how much some people [...]

    Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas have hit a rocky patch in their marriage in recent years. Yet they may be headed for some sort of reconciliation if recent events are any indication. The couple recently attended the opening night of the off-Broadway play The Library together. Although both have had health issues in the [...]

    Gorgeous model and UFC ring girl Arianny Cealeste is probably just as well known for her fights outside the ring as she is for her stunning good looks. Like many women in professional wrestling, it looks like Arianny has gotten breast implants placed at some time in her career. 28-year old Arianny Celeste made headlines [...]

    Bryan Singer is a director best known for his superhero films. But looking at him, it looks as though Bryan is a big fan of looking perfect himself and has had a few too many trips to the plastic surgeon in recent years. Now, in the midst of a major controversy, the director looks to [...]

    Certain fields seem to lend themselves more readily to plastic surgery than others and women’s bodybuilding and wrestling are at the top of those fields. So it seems like no surprise that the stars of the reality show WWE Divas frequently contemplate plastic surgery. Breast implants are common in the world of women’s wrestling because [...]

    Tom Cruise just had his first major public appearance at the Jameson Empire Awards and people are still talking about his puffy appearance. While he may have had an allergic reaction, experts seem to think a recent visit to a plastic surgeon’s office is more likely responsible. “Tom’s face looked like a puffy pillow,” an [...]

    It seems that even celebrities have regrets. As Pamela Anderson gets older, she has begun to change her image from sexy blonde bombshell. And apparently that includes getting rid of the barbed wire tattoo on her arm that she was once so proud of. 46 year old Pamela Anderson is currently undergoing laser tattoo removal [...]

    New Nose for Ben Savage?

    April 20, 2014 in Male Plastic Surgery by Dana Jackson | Leave a Comment

    Boy Meets World star Ben Savage is returning to the small screen to reprise his fame character as the family saga continues for a new generation when Girl Meets World makes its television debut. While some things remain the same, one thing that may have changed is Ben’s nose. Looking much more refined these days, [...]

    Kylie Jenner is the hot model younger sister of the Kardashians. As a result of being part of the family’s reality television show franchise, Kylie has had a lot of attention on her lately. Including getting some attention for her possible plastic surgery. According to Kylie, the rumors aren’t true and she finds them hurtful. [...]

    Sons of Anarchy star Katey Sagal turned 60 this year but looks none the worse for the wear. It seems that along with her onscreen character, Gemma, Katey has some secrets of her own. Secrets to staying young that is. Katey looks so much like the way she did as Peggy Bundy on the hit [...]

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is no stranger to plastic surgery and it seems that she is considering a permanent lip augmentation next. To find out more about the procedure, she went to former costar Taylor Armstrong, known for her tragic past and her permanent trout pout. In a clip from the [...]

    You may not know Judy Greer by name, but you surely recognize her face. As one of Hollywood’s most notable character actors, Judy usually plays a quirky castmate on television shows like Two and a Half Men and Arrested Development and has backed up famous stars as the loyal bestie on the big screen, including [...]

    Former Friends stars are friends in real life—or at least they were until a recent dispute about anti aging philosophies. While Jennifer Aniston has become a poster child for the benefits of drinking water and using skincare products to help fight sun damage and signs of aging, Courteney Cox has opted to go for the [...]

    Beyonce and Kim Kardashian seem like an unlikely duo but the ladies are attached to men who are BFFs so more and more often they are spotted together at everything from special events and fashion shows to dinners out with their partners. Recently, the ladies met up at a dermatology clinic, probably for some luxury [...]

    Amanda Seyfried has such luminous clear skin that it seems to radiate through the screen. And while Amanda is jumping on the Botox bandwagon any time soon, it seems that she is against plastic surgery, just isn’t planning on having any right now. Instead she has a slew of beauty secrets that she recently shared [...]

    Everyone seems to love Kate Upton’s 34D breasts. Everyone except Kate Upton that is. In a recent interview, Kate reveals that she wouldn’t mind having smaller breasts and has considered breast reduction plastic surgery. The sexy supermodel is known for rolling around in swimwear and frolicking in lingerie, but says that she wouldn’t mind having [...]

    British model turned celebrity reality show host Abbey Clancy wants to set the record straight. Despite persistent rumors, Abbey denies ever going under the knife for plastic surgery. 28-year old Abbey Clancy was recently at the heart of rumors that she has undergone a breast reduction procedure, which the model laughs off as “rubbish.” Abbey [...]

    Every year the MTV Movie Awards reveal the unexpected from the stars. This year, Zac Efron went shirtless while Nicki Minaj went with a tame red carpet look. Still, the stars didn’t disappoint when it came to showing some skin and some plastic surgery. Plan B online Hosted by late show host Conan O’Brien, the [...]

    Kate Gosselin hasn’t been a reality television staple for some years now. Still the mother of eight kids has still garnered attention thanks to her odd jobs over the intervening years, her parenting skills and her less than civil divorce from husband and former costar Jon Gosselin. Yet it seems that even as Kate’s life [...]

    Kylie Minogue is currently judging Britain’s version of The Voice reality competition and viewers are openly admiring her lush locks. But apparently Kylie’s hair isn’t all hers as her stylist has revealed that small hair extensions are at work. Lucinda Ellery, Kylie’s stylist revealed that Kylie’s full bouncy hair is the result of tiny specialized [...]

    Taylor Swift is still popular with a certain set, but many seem to be growing weary of her breakup ballads. While Taylor shops around for a new crew and new inspiration, some suspect that she is trying to change her appeal with plastic surgery. 24-year old Taylor Swift may be best known for her songs [...]

    Former Dancing with the Stars Host Samantha Harris has revealed that later this month she plans to undergo a double mastectomy to treat breast cancer. The 40 year old host and model detected a lump in her breast during a routine self examination last fall and eventually sought the advice of a breast cancer specialist [...]

    Tiny is busy promoting her family reality show, Vh1′s “The Family Hustle,” which she stars in with her rapper husband T.I. all by herself. Between answering questions about the state of her marriage, Tiny also opened up about something else that has been worrying fans: plastic surgery. Tameka Cottle may be Tiny’s given name, but [...]

    Kim Kardashian has revealed that her wedding to Kanye West will be at the end of May. With only months to go before the big day, Kim has been getting ready, hitting the gym and spending hours and thousands of dollars getting spa treatments while the family vacations in Thailand. While filming the Kardashian family [...]

    The Human Barbie Internet sensation seemed too strange to be real, so GQ sent a reporter to investigate and interview the blonde that says she hasn’t done anything surgical to look so otherworldly other than get breast implants. But it turns out that plastic surgery weighs heavily on her mind. “Human Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova caught [...]

    Israeli model and plastic surgery queen Orit Fox, sometimes known as the Israeli Barbie or the “Pamela Anderson of Israel,” gained international fame when a snake bit her breast implant during a photo shoot. However, the incident has stopped Orit’s fixation with using plastic surgery to be a real life Barbie. 34-year old Orit Fox [...]

    Irish actor Jimmy Nesbitt has publicly battled hair loss for years. But he recently showed off a full head of hair and has revealed that he has opted for a couple of hair replacement procedures over the past couple of years to restore his locks. 49-year old Jimmy Nesbitt may currently be best known for [...]

    Hermione Norris is well known to British audiences for her roles in various television series, including Cold Feet. Now about to begin a new drama, The Crimson Field, Hermione confesses that she would love to have a complete plastic surgery makeover. 47-year old Hermione Norris started her acting career at the age of 19 and [...]

    It’s been decades since Kenny Loggins wrote some of his biggest hits for now classic films like Footloose and Top Gun. But on a recent guest star appearance on Raising Hope, Kenny was hardly recognizable and it wasn’t just because he ditched the bushy beard. It looks like Kenny has taken some time off from [...]

    Lately, Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Stewart has come under scrutiny for a breast augmentation and she may have indirectly confirmed that the rumors are true during a radio interview. Porsha Stewart tends to spend a lot of time in the public eye, whether it’s for plastic surgery rumors, or the fights and feuds that [...]

    Lady Gaga has faced her share of plastic surgery rumors in the past. But her new beauty routine seems to be all true as the quixotically dressed performer stepped out for some luxury skincare treatments twice in one week, in honor of her birthday. In the past, Lady Gaga has said that she hasn’t had [...]

    Apparently there is more than one negative effect of too much plastic surgery. If you can’t afford the procedures, you can go bankrupt. Apparently Janice Dickinson found this out the hard way, to the tune of nearly $1 million. Luckily, Janice has found a solution to the financial problems that going under the knife on [...]

    British actress Anna Friel has admitted to being interested in plastic surgery in the past, but seems to have reached the point when she has begun to dabble in some non invasive procedures, like the vampire facial popularized by reality star Kim Kardashian. Back when she was 31, Pushing Daisies star Anna Friel revealed in [...]

    For a while Amanda Bynes was a fixture on Twitter, revealing her thoughts on everything from other celebrities to her own plastic surgery. After taking time off from social media to take care of her own mental health issues and enroll in fashion school, Amanda has returned to social media, even taking down some of [...]

    The daughter of Billy Joel and Christine Brinkley unveiled her decision to have a nose job over a year ago. Since then, she has continued to fight off rumors of more plastic surgery, but now it seems that she may have gone undergone more plastic surgery. Alexa Ray Joel may be the offspring of some [...]

    Kaley Cuoco has been in the entertainment business for years, starring on one hot sitcom after another. But it wasn’t until she was spotted dating Henry Cavill, the latest Superman, that the tabloids really took notice of Kaley. Enough notice that Kaley recently covered Cosmopolitan Magazine and dished on everything from her recent marriage to [...]

    Many women have cited the plastic children’s toy Barbie as their influence for plastic surgery. But one man has become notorious for his quest to look like Barbie’s longtime love interest, Ken. Justin Jedlica first came to public attention after appearing on The Doctors television and revealing that since turning 18 he had had numerous [...]

    Singer Lorde is proud to be who she is—flaws and all. In fact, she actually pointed out that she isn’t at all flawless but suffers from acne, despite the attempts of paparazzi to make her appear perfect. New Zealand born 17-year old singing sensation knows she will never be royal, but that hasn’t stopped her [...]

    Actress Gail O’Grady has been acting for years but got the public’s attention with her Emmy-winning role on NYPD Blue. Since then Gail has had various starring roles on everything from Lifetime original movies to primetime dramas. Currently she’s starring on Revenge as Conrad Grayson’s first wife on the ABC primetime soap opera, Revenge. In [...]

    Courteney Cox is dating a younger man and it seems that the real life cougar can’t look young enough for her new beau. Already obsessed with Botox and plastic surgery as a way to fight signs of aging, Courteney shows no signs of easing up on the Botox any time soon. 49-year-old “Cougar Town” star [...]

    Jennifer Lawrence appears to be the latest inspiration for women going under the knife to look like their favorite celebrities. Although Jennifer herself appears to be all natural at this stage of her life, women are seeking plastic surgery to help them more closely resemble their favorite celebrities. ABC New reports that 30-year-old dog trainer, [...]

    Swiss model and showgirl Nomi Fernandes is of mixed heritage, Venezuelan-Portugese-Swiss-South African, but she looks as though plastic surgery is mainly responsible for her flamboyant figure and oversized body parts. 28-year old Nomi Fernandes was born and raised in Sweden and began her modeling career in 2006 after her first photo shoot for an American [...]