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  • Entertainment Tonight correspondent Samantha Harris is battling breast cancer and tweeted that she has made it through a “grueling” double mastectomy and is now recovering from the major procedure. Earlier this week, 40 year old Samantha Harris tweeted after her surgery, as well as a before photo, writing “Made it thru grueling double mastectomy #surgery. [...]

    The much anticipated Kim Kardashian/Kanye West nuptials are set for this weekend, although much of the details are still unknown. The wedding party is currently in Paris, but UsWeekly reports that before heading to the City of Lights, Kim found time to squeeze in a luxurious pre wedding facial with a hefty price tag. 33-year [...]

    Mom-to-be Lil Kim has shared her baby gift list with her fans and it’s as over the top as her plastic surgery. 39-year old rapper Lil Kim is pregnant with her first child and she was thoughtful enough to share her baby gift list with fans, ahead of her baby shower last weekend. The father [...]

    At a recent red carpet event, Khloe and Kim Kardashian walked the red carpet together. Aside from showing sisterly love, Khloe also revealed that her rear end might be even bigger than big sister Kim’s famously full derriere. At the NBC Upfronts last week in NYC, both Kim and Khloe Kardashian appeared on the red [...]

    Nicole Kidman is at the world famous Cannes Film Festival to promote her much talked about biopic about Grace Kelly. While the royal family of Monaco usually attends the festival, this year they opted not to grace the elite festival with their presence due to their negative reaction to the film about their loved one. [...]

    Madonna is just as famous for changing her look as she is for her role as an entertainer. Always wanting to be the new thing, Madonna has embraced social media and regularly shares selfies of herself with fans. In one shot, Madonna showed off not only her rockin bod in a bathtub, but she may [...]

    On a recent episode of Giuliana Rancic’s reality show, Giuliana contemplates plastic surgery after her makeup artist notices a few wrinkles on the busy entertainment show host’s face. The rest of the episode shows Giuliana as she asks for opinions about whether or not to head under the knife from everyone from coworkers to her [...]

    Aubrey O’Day, the former Danity Kane member is busy posting selfies of herself. While the photos are nothing new, her new angle seems to focus on her backside, which has led to rumors of a new plastic surgery procedure for the star: buttocks augmentation. Several gossip blogs have been suspicious that Aubrey has once again [...]

    After a fiery scene and public family drama between Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z and her sister Solange, speculation has been running wild as to the famous duo’s marital status. On the heels of announcing a joint tour between the music icons, comes rumors of troubles in paradise and the possibility that Beyonce is removing Jay-Z’s name [...]

    After a recent performance sparked rumors that Alexa Ray Joel has once again gone under the knife, Alexa is fighting back, saying that since the nose job she admitted to, she has not had any further surgery. 28-year old Alexa Ray Joel is an aspiring musician, following in her father, Billy Joel’s, footsteps. She recently [...]

    Country legend Kenny Rogers is the latest star to reveal his war wounds after a successful battle with skin cancer. Kenny used Instagram as a platform to remind fans about the importance of sunscreen. Earlier in the week, 75-year old Kenny Rogers posted a photo of himself wearing bandages and the humorous caption, “… but [...]

    Sarah Silverman may  perpetually dress like a sexy schoolgirl, but in a new interview with Glamour magazine, it turns out that the dirty-minded comedian is all grown up. Like really grown up, like 43 years old, although she doesn’t look or act much over 17. However, Sarah did manage to simmer down long enough to [...]

    After suffering a massive heart attack in 2012, actress Rosie O’Donnell knew that she had to make a big change in her life. Which is why she turned to a new weight loss to help her get rid of her excess weight. 52-year old Rosie O’Donnell tells UsWeekly that she has dropped 50 pounds and [...]

    Many identical twins grow up enjoying the same activities from piano lessons to dance classes and even wear the same clothes. But often as they grow up, they develop different personalities and may even age differently, according to their lifestyle choices. But the Daily Mail reports that identical twins Jo and Kerry Burton enjoy being [...]

    Sisters With Voices, best known as the abbreviated SWV was one of the most popular R&B groups of the 90s. After making a comeback in 2005, the group has once again regained some of it’s former popularity, thanks in part to plastic surgery. Coko Taj and Lelee recently starred in a reality show chronicling their [...]

    Ken and Barbie are one of history’s famous couples, up there with Romeo and Juliet or Anthony and Cleopatra. However, it seems that Human Ken and Human Barbie aren’t a perfect match in real life, despite a common interest in plastic surgery. Human Ken Doll, the moniker that plastic surgery enthusiast Justin Jedlica has aquired [...]

    Priscilla Presley is the ex child bride of Rock N Roll legend Elvis Presley. However, these days she’s more recognized for her bad plastic surgery than for her former beauty. At a recent event, Priscilla stepped out with yet another new look and more plastic surgery is probably to blame. 68-year old Priscilla Presley appeared [...]

    Karl Lagerfeld has strong opinions on pretty much everything. Over the years the former heavyweight has commented on everything from Diet Coke to pop stars and even plastic surgery. Although the head of Chanel and Fendi has a fear of ugliness, he doesn’t find cosmetic procedures to be the solution. In fact, like tattoos, plastic [...]

    She’s not even 30, but already Lady Gaga has found a way to fake having a tighter, younger face. Rather than plastic surgery, Lady Gaga says that she routinely uses facelift tape as way to tighten up and look younger. Lady Gaga is just as famous for stepping out looking like a circus performer as [...]

    When it was announced that Carrie Fisher would be returning to her role as Princess Leia in the highly anticipated Star Wars movies, many fans wondered how she would ever fit back into the metal bikini. Now her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, has revealed that while Carrie may not want to be a slave to [...]

    At the recent Met Ball gala, the stars took the opportunity to wear outrageous couture and show off their stunning figures. Amongst the hoi polloi was Donatella Versace, whose thin frame and plastic surgery sparked a Twitter storm. Sporting a mermaid shaped gown of her own design, Donatella showcased her tiny cinched in waist and [...]

    Petite British actress Felicity Kendal has always been low key about how she manages to maintain her youthful look after 40 years in the biz. Now, she has opened up that while she has used Botox and fillers in the past, she now wants her face and body to match and so has switched to [...]

    Hollywood is often thought of as the land of perfectly-sculpted stars and starlets who are as famous for their beauty and physiques as they are for their acting chops.  But even the most perfect A-List actors and actresses have their physical imperfections — including unsightly scars.  While some stars discreetly hide their scars behind makeup [...]

    As the weather warms up and more people head outside, actor Hugh Jackman is once again using his own personal battle with skin cancer to remind people to wear sunscreen. Hugh Jackman has once again successfully had a cancerous growth removed from his nose, after having another cancer spot removed late last year. Just as [...]

    Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian is set to wed rapper Kanye West in an elaborate ceremony somewhere in France this month. Apparently to make sure that their nuptials are legal in the States, they will also be getting married in their native country as well. When Kim and Kany were wandering the streets of [...]

    Top 3 Scar Removal Solutions

    May 8, 2014 in Skin Care by Makemeheal.com Staff | Leave a Comment

    With summer on its way, most of us feel the need to diet and work out at the gym in hopes of achieving that perfectly sculpted beach body.  Everybody, it seems, wants to look good in that bikini or those swim trunks.  There are those who aside from shedding pounds and bulky winter clothes have [...]

    Actress Desi Lydic may look like a frowsy hippie in her star making role as the ditzy guidance counselor Val on the hit MTV series Awkward. But her red carpet looks show that Desi is anything but ditzy when it comes to looking good. The comedic actress looks seriously great on the red carpet, which [...]

    Amy Childs, one of the stars on the popular British reality show The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) has been open about going under the knife in the past. But in a new interview, the star says that she overdid her plastic surgery and now looks like a “freak,” according to a report by Mirror [...]

    Plastic surgery addict Alicia Douvall has dated celebrities such as Simon Cowell and Mickey Rourke. Yet in a new interview she shares her personal struggles and recent suicide attempt. 34-year old Alicia Douvall has had over 350 cosmetic surgery operations and numerous glamorous relationships. Yet the model and mother reveals that she was so unhappy [...]

    Kylie Jenner may be tired of plastic surgery rumors, saying that at 16 she hasn’t had anything done. But that doesn’t mean that the Internet believes her—given her family’s historic love of plastic surgery. Although breast augmentation rumors continue to plague Kylie, recently fans have also begun wondering about her lips. Like other members of [...]

    68-year old Diane Keaton is still a style star, remaining true to her pants-loving self that wowed audiences back in her Annie Hall days. Diane has always marched to her own beat and that includes never marrying and never going under the knife. Now she says, she is too old for plastic surgery. As one [...]

    Janice Dickinson can smile a little easier now, RadarOnline is reporting that the original supermodel’s $1 million in debt, much of it related to plastic surgery bills, has been erased in California courts. In 2013, 59-year old Janice Dickinson shocked fans by filing for bankruptcy, telling RadarOnline at the time that, “I am upset and [...]

    Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones isn’t the first person you’d think of joining a celebrity themed reality show. But the writer has become better known for her personal scandals than for her interviews, so it makes sense. Especially as she has had enough plastic surgery for all the celebrities in the house. 55-year old Liz [...]

    The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren Pope has had a few transformations over the years, bouncing from careers as a sexy glamour model to a television presenter and reality star. The only thing that Lauren has maintained is a love of plastic surgery. 31-year-old Lauren Pope has been open about her use of plastic [...]

    Jennifer Lopez is one of those multi-hyphenate entertainers that changes her look as often as she changes her designer outfit. This year alone, she is getting set to release a new single followed by a new album and a lead role on a television show. So what won’t the Fly Girl be doing? Plastic surgery, [...]

    Jeff Lewis is known for being one of the country’s most successful real estate flippers before the market turned and he began working more in the interior design arena. But his unusual appearance on his popular reality show Flipping Out indicates that he doesn’t just alter the look of houses, he also works on his [...]

    Courtney Stodden earned her fame card by becoming a child bride at the age of 17 to actor Doug Hutchinson. Many believed that the platinum blonde was lying about her age, given her very mature appearance and love of sexy lingerie. Now 19, Courtney has split from Doug and after denying plastic surgery reports, opted [...]

    CoCo spends a lot of time taking care of her appearance and now she says that her famously enormous backside has gotten even bigger. CoCo is selling a fitness app and says that her newly increased butt size is proof that it works. She tweeted the proof, saying: “My booty got bigger!My hips was a [...]

    In 2008, People magazine named Kate Hudson amongst the Beautiful People in the World on their annual list. And with her California girl good looks and stunning figure, it’s easy to see why the rom-com actress would have the accolade. However, their recent retrospective of winners showcased that Kate wasn’t always such a beauty. Could [...]