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  • Penny Brown loves Jessica Rabbit. So much so that the pinup model has had two breast augmentation procedures in as many years in order to be the real deal Jessica Rabbit cartoon come to life. 25-year old Penny Brown is an Australian military wife currently residing in Okinawa, Japan. She tells The Mirror that she [...]

    Former child star turned college sophomore Justine Bateman isn’t interested in reliving her glory days as the hot sister on television’s family friendly sitcom Family Ties. Instead, she’s happy to have a wrinkle or two and doesn’t plan on going under the knife. 47-year old Justine Bateman has a pretty simple skincare routine when it [...]

    Fashion designer Tom Ford recently admitted to being off Botox since welcoming his first child back in 2012. However, many bloggers think that the style star’s smooth forehead says differently. Tom Ford is 52 years old, although you wouldn’t know it to look at him. The designer tells WWD in an interview, that since welcoming [...]

    Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas appear to amongst the latest Hollywood couples to call it quits. Shortly after announcing their pending divorce, Melanie hit the red carpet with a makeup smudge to cover up her famous Antonio tattoo, which features the actor’s name in a heart. 56-year-old Working Girl actress Melanie Griffith split from husband [...]

    Lindsay Lohan has never admitted to having any plastic surgery, although she sure looks like she’s had a few tweaks since her Freaky Friday film. Now it seems that the former Disney diva isn’t just eschewing her signature red hair for a different shade of blonde, she is also looking to get rid of her [...]

    Reality TV star and mother of multiples Kate Gosselin is once again inviting cameras into her private life as her most recent special airs. The multiple births that propelled her to fame have now turned 10 and so the network that originally aired her family reality show, TLC is now airing the special Kate Plus [...]

    Kate Hudson looks to be a typical California beauty, the product of gorgeous actress Goldie Hawn and actor Bill Hudson. However, many suspect that at least some of Kate’s good looks aren’t great genes, but great plastic surgery. In an new interview, Kate opens up about her thoughts on plastic surgery, but conveniently enough, leaves [...]

    Jessica Simpson has been touting her weight loss as the result of Weight Watchers. But it looks like Jessica has dropped all her baby weight and then some and is now confident enough to show the results in a bathing suit. While working out and using the Weight Watchers plan obviously helped, a little plastic [...]

    German model Beshine is the proud owner of the biggest breast implants in the world. Her implants are so large that they are visible from both front and back and the topless star isn’t afraid to show them off. 31-year old Beshine, born Mayra Hills, was once a dimunitive A-cup, according to RadarOnline, but now [...]

    Selfies are taking over the Internet these days, with everyone from celebrities to your old pals from high school sharing what they look like at every given moment. Apparently so much focus on one’s self has led at least one woman to head to the plastic surgeon’s office for some plastic surgery so that she [...]

    No matter what city they hail from, The Real Housewives of Bravo have spent time under the knife, getting camera ready. Some have even had the chutzpah to undergo cosmetic surgery while on camera. Yet despite most housewives candidly admitting to plastic surgery, some have remained oddly mum and won’t tell whether or not they [...]

    Once upon a time, 30 years ago, superstar Cher and Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner were a romantic item for a hot minute. Now it seems that as Bruce is once again leaving a wife and is turning to Cher. The National Enquirer reports that the unlikely pair may be bonding over a mutual penchant for [...]

    Singer Patti LaBelle has had a career that spans the decades, but despite her huge success, it seems that the soul singer does have some regrets. Patti has only been under the knife once, but she still regrets her decision. 70-year old Patti LaBelle has had an amazing career, but she is still best known [...]

    She may not be a household name, but you probably know actress Laura Bell Bundy. After all, the prolific star has been around since she was a kid, appearing in everything from Jumanjii to her current gig on Charlie Sheen’s sitcom, Anger Management. And sometime, she looks to have undergone a nose job. 33-year old [...]

    Philip Glenister is best known for his role as DCI Gene Hunt on the British television series Life on Mars and its sequel Ashes to Ashes. While many stars seem to have a lengthy career because of their seeming ability to never age, Philip is frequently cast based on his craggy appearance. Which is why [...]

    Toby Sheldon gained notoriety after revealing that he has spent $100,000 on plastic surgery to look just like Justin Bieber. Now it seems that he has teamed up with other people who have spent major dough on plastic surgery to look like their Hollywood heroes to form “The Plastics” complete with YouTube music video. In [...]

    While some stars are ragging on magazines for making them appear “too perfect” for fans by using PhotoShop magic, Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario tweeted in defense of the technology after the stars of the hit show appeared in a GQ magazine appearing even more flawless than usual. It seems that the pretty young [...]

    The Smurfs.  Avatar.  Blue Man Group.  The idea of blue skin seems exotic or like something out of a legend or a children’s cartoon. But did you know that there are real life humans that suffer from blue skin? A rural Appalachian family in Kentucky actually started turning blue because of a rare medical condition [...]

    Singer Toni Braxton’s life has been filled with ups and downs, all of which she details in her new memoir, “Unbreak My Heart.” From detailing her own personal heartbreaks, struggling through professional bankruptcy and going through other major difficulties, Toni lays it all out. She also detailed her plastic surgery procedures and the one she [...]

    Actress Robin Wright has no plans to undergo major plastic surgery, despite huge pressure in the industry to look perfect at all times. As the cover star for Town & Country, Robin talks about her current role on House of Cards. 48-year old Robin Wright says that her role as political spouse Claire Underwood on [...]

    K Michelle used to be behind the scenes, working with luminaries like Usher and Missy Elliott. But since stepping into the spotlight as a performer in her own right, all people want to know is whether or not her generous rear end is real or fake? As one of the stars on Love & Hip [...]

    Do you ever wonder how Hollywood starlets always look so thin and sexy on the runway?  As they walk down the red carpet and pose in front of the cameras, these stars don’t show off a single ounce of flab, roll or extra pound on their bodies.  While plastic surgery may be the obvious answer [...]

    This year’s Billboard Music Awards were filled with crazy moments and plenty of fuel for celebrity plastic surgery rumors. For reasons unknown, Kendall Jenner was a presenter and she flubbed her big moment in front of the mike—introducing boy band 5 Seconds of Summer with a John Travolta style mistake, “And now we welcome…ONE….” Before [...]

    Teen idols seem to have it all.  Fame, screaming fans, and more money than any teenager could ever dream of.  What teenager wouldn’t want to sing to sold-out concert stadiums or sign autographs that sell for thousands of dollars?  But while these teen dreams may seem to live a charmed life, there is one common [...]

    Jennifer Aniston has a  stunning figure for women of any age, yet the Daily Mail reports that the former Friends actress still struggles with insecurities about her looks—from her hair to her arms. Is plastic surgery in the plans? Despite regularly being named as one of the world’s sexiest women and posing in bikinis and [...]