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  • Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice  is headed for prison, but she isn’t letting spending time behind bars interrupt her usual beauty routine—or her Botox injections. Since her sentencing in September, Teresa Giudice is apparently still getting minor plastic surgery procedures like Botox injections on a regular basis, according to a RadarOnline.com source. [...]

    Like mother like daughter. Or vice versa for former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham. RadarOnline.com is reporting that Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielsen looks like she may have had some plastic surgery recently, if new Facebook photos on her account are any indication. Now that Farrah Abraham is trying a new career as an adult film [...]

    “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Lynne Curtin’s daughters are all grown up since mom left the show. Now it seems that the family is no longer the tight unit on the show, with Lynne estranged from her husband and younger daughter, 21-year old Alexa making adult films. Apparently the former reality star child thought [...]

    The past few years Taylor Swift has blossomed from teen sensation into stylish young woman. But beyond nixing her long curls for a more grown up bob, Taylor Swift looks like as she goes from country to pop, she has also gone in for some other Hollywood traditions as well—like plastic surgery. Although it has [...]

    The American Music Awards aired last weekend, bring out plenty of sparkle and shine. From the red carpet to the stage, the stars brought out their best assets, giving Makemeheal.com plenty of time to recap the plastic surgery rumors that swirl around the attendees and recipients of the AMA’s. Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea performed [...]

    Oscar winner Frances McDormand tells the New York Times that she doesn’t have time for vanity. The actress was busy promoting her mini-series for HBO, Olive Kitteridge and like the title character, Frances is also something like a rebel. Like her rebellion against Hollywood’s emphasis on youth and beauty, which many actresses attempt to achieve [...]

    At age 80, Italian actress Sophia Loren remains one of the world’s great beauties. And early in her career she was one of the most sought after faces in Hollywood. Yet the actress tells the Hollywood Reporter in a new interview that early in her career the studios were not so enamored of her looks [...]

    It seems that while the world was focused on her lips, Kylie Jenner may have had another plastic surgery—below the neck. Frequently stars will get a drastic haircut to draw attention away from another dramatic change in their appearance, such as a plastic surgery procedure. If the new rumors are true, then Kylie Jenner may [...]

    Since Kylie Jenner first began posting photos of herself on social media with larger than life lips, people were up in arms that the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner had undergone a plastic surgery lip augmentation at the age of 17. Shortly after her big lips became all anyone was talking about, beauty bloggers began [...]

    Despite making controversial remarks about what constitutes a necessity and brandishing her lavish lifestyle as though it is easy to achieve without wealth or famous parents, Gwyneth Paltrow continues to hold herself up as an example for all. Including her current philosophy on aging, which doesn’t include plastic surgery. In an interview with Stylist’s Joanna [...]

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck has taken almost a month off from her Fox & Friends television show after announcing that she was leaving to have an undisclosed surgery and needed time for recovery. Then she revealed that she would be back to work via Twitter, “Full of #gratitude to be back TOMORROW 6am EST on @foxandfriends ! [...]

    42-year old Today Show host Savannah Guthrie recently admitted to her fellow co-stars that she tried Botox back in 2009. Like other stars that have dabbled in plastic surgery to fight signs of aging, Savannah says that she wasn’t pleased with her appearance immediately after the procedure—but that doesn’t mean that she won’t try the [...]

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have always had a remarkable resemblance to one another, despite the fact that they are not identical twins. Now rumors are churning that as the child stars are all grown up and ready to get married, Mary-Kate has undergone plastic surgery to look even less like her fashion designer partner. 28-year [...]

    Latin crooner Marc Anthony just got married for the third time, this time to younger model Shannon De Lima. After two years of dating on and off and giving tabloids plenty of time to speculate are they or aren’t they, the pair announced last week that they have been engaged since March of this year [...]

    In an interview with renowned makeup guru Bobbi Brown, supermodel Helena Christensen reveals her beauty secrets. So far, her success at remaining forever gorgeous doesn’t include plastic surgery, but the 45-year old former Victoria’s Secret Angel says that could still change. Now a photographer herself and a one time fashion magazine editor, Helena has had [...]

    Fans of the cult classic television show Twin Peaks are ecstatic because although the show enjoyed only two seasons on the small screen, it is making a triumphant return. And apparently original cast member Lara Flynn Boyle is “desperate” to make a comeback—despite looking very different than when she first appeared on the show, due [...]

    Since surprising the world by marrying billionaire husband Wissam Al Mana, Janet Jackson hasn’t been getting out much. In fact, her recent appearance at the Gala Event during the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, marked the star’s first public outing in over a year. And when she did appear, the world [...]

    Katie Price is getting ready to have her seventh breast augmentation. Always charitably minded, the glamour model turned author has said that she plans to auction off her implants to raise money for a breast cancer charity. In an interview with The Sun, Katie said, “We should sell these implants for charity. I’ve got more [...]

    Talk show host Wendy Williams has something to say about everything and everyone on her self-titled television program. However, this time she made remarks that are bordering on offensive when she called out Bruce Jenner’s latest plastic surgery results. During the “Hot Topics” segment of her show, Wendy talked about Bruce Jenner’s new appearance and [...]

    The scrutiny over whether or not Renee Zellweger has changed her look with plastic surgery has led other actresses to sympathize with the pressure on women in Hollywood to look perpetually youthful. Although she has one of the biggest and longest careers in Hollywood, Julia Roberts says that she is still subject to the same [...]

    Tameka “Tiny” Harris is once again making the rounds to promote her new VH1 reality show and fans noticed that her eyes look a lot different. Apparently Tiny isn’t just wearing colored contacts, she had her eye color permanently changed with surgery. And although Tiny has played coy about plastic surgery in the past, only [...]