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  • Draya Michele first caught public notice back in 2011 when she appeared in some music videos. Prior to that, she modeled in men’s magazines. Now that she’s a reality star staple on Basketball Wives LA, it’s easy to see how Draya has transformed over the years with plastic surgery, and what her future plans for her looks include.

    29-year old Draya Michele is almost as well known as for her plastic surgery as she is for being arm candy to some major sports figures, complete with scandalous relationships. And while Draya readily admits to some plastic surgery procedures, she adamantly denies others, making it hard to decipher what is natural and what is augmented.

    Draya has enviably smooth skin. As a trained aesthetician, Draya has told USWeekly that, “I was always fascinated with skin.” And indeed, she likely has plenty of beauty secrets that may or may not include Botox and fillers to keep her skin perfectly smooth and camera ready. Or maybe she performs professional facial procedures on herself, complete with tools like the ProSonic exfoliation device.


    How she takes care of her skin isn’t the only secret that Draya is keeping. It’s also uncertain if the reality star has undergone some sort of whitening and straightening procedure on her teeth, which may have been paid for by an ex-boyfriend or whether she has gone the Hollywood route and had veneers placed. Since earlier seasons of Basketball Wives, watchers of the show have noted that Draya’s smile has gotten better and brighter over the years, indicating that some type of cosmetic dentistry has taken place.


    One of the more prevalent rumors is that since the early days of Basketball Wives, Draya has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure to narrow her nose. However Draya shot down those rumors via Twitter, writing, “Media Takeout said I got a nose job….I didn’t get a nose job, same schnozz, better makeup/”


    While many stars claim that makeup is how they contour their features, helping to minimize their nose, in Draya’s case it does look to be true. Photos of the star makeup free and in early days of the show (pre-contouring) show that Draya’s nose looks to be the same size and shape. These days Draya’s makeup is a little more glam and heavy and her nose looks more narrow but overall the same shape.


    One procedure that Draya has admitted to is breast augmentation. Draya likely got implants placed during her men’s magazine modeling days in order to book more gigs. Now she feels that her breast implants are too large for her frame and may actually be inhibiting her career as an entrepreneur.


    In a series of Tweets, Draya has indicated that she plans to remove or downsize her breast implants later this year.


    “I’m tired of these boobs making everything look all skanky all the time,” she reportedly tweeted according to S2Smagazine.com.”Saying bye bye to my ‘girls’ in September.”


    Dray also indicated that she wants her clothes to look better and feels her large bust may not help, “Flat a*s and chested makes clothes look better girls. And take it from me, this fake tidday phase is outta style.”


    The tweets were later removed from Draya’s account, so they could have been planted. Only time will tell Draya’s future plastic surgery plans.