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  • Top Chef Viagra online buy albuterol online treatment with Cialis Host Padma Lakshmi is tall, beautiful and well-spoken and knowledgeable about food, everything you could want from a television host for a cooking competition. She does have one visible flaw though: the large scar on her upper arm that occasionally catches the lights in the studios and distracts viewers. There is good new for Padma, should she choose to, there are a wide variety of scar reduction and elimination products that could help minimize the flaw.

    The Emmy winning host of the favorite television show was recently interviewed for Vogue India and talked about the scar that is nearly is as famous as some of her past love interests. Although she was initially self-conscious about her scar and worried that it would hamper her modeling career, she chooses not to hide or cover it these days, although she did try some painful lightening treatments after it first occurred.

    “I love my scar. It is so much a part of me. I’m not sure I would remove it even if a doctor could wave a magic wand and delete it from my arm. The scar has singled me out and made me who I am.”

    The scar occurred when the now 41-year old was only 14, as the result of a car crash in Malibu that left her with a seven-inch-long scar on her arm. If Padma did want to try to help to reduce the appearance of the scar so that it doesn’t distract viewers, she could try several different types of scar reduction supplies, including silicone scar sheets, scar reduction creams and gels and Kelo-cote products.

    Silicone scar sheets can help to reduce the appearance, size, depth, height, thickness, and color of scars that are both old and new, whether the result of an injury like Padma’s, or the result of a surgery like a breast augmentation.

    Scar reduction creams and gels can help to improve the appearance of scars as well as help any discomfort they may cause by making them smoother and softer.

    Kelo-cote products are made of light, fast drying silicone gels and were developed to help minimize the itching and discomfort caused by various types of scars, including keloid scars, hypertrophic scars and atrophic scars.

    Topical products designed for scar reduction may take longer than their in-office laser treatment counterparts, but they tend to be less painful and much more affordable.






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