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  • Certain fields seem to lend themselves more readily to plastic surgery than others and women’s bodybuilding and wrestling are at the top of those fields. So it seems like no surprise that the stars of the reality show WWE Divas frequently contemplate plastic surgery.

    Breast implants are common in the world of women’s wrestling because many of the women are so muscular that they have very little fat and thus don’t have much breast tissue. The Divas frequently opt for breast implants in order to have a more feminine appearance, while some stick to using push up bras and chicken cutlets for fear of surgery or breaking an implant during a fight.

    WWE Diva and Total Divas reality star Cameron recently spoke about Total Divas and her decision not to have breast augmentation after consulting a doctor about getting breast implants.


    “Definitely, I mean I think no matter if you are a woman of if you are male, we all have something about us that we would like to change, you know, and I just feel like this is how we were made and I feel like you should embrace that. I feel that, especially being a role model, that there are a lot of girls out there that feel like the image of what a women should look like should be this crazy, flawless person and we all have imperfections. None of us are perfect, we’re not super human, so whatever way, even if I would have decided to do it, I mean it would have been for my own personal reason not to say oh this is what you should change about yourself. But I do feel like I wanted to send a positive message to young girls saying, you know what I’m a role model; not to knock anyone who has ever changed anything about themselves because that’s just their own personal thing and to make them feel comfortable. But in my situation, I just wanted to show young girls that I love myself and I love everything about me but I also want to show thing that I don’t like about myself and say that I have these imperfections but be happy with how you are.”


    Other stars on the show have also considered plastic surgery.  Ariane went to a plastic surgeon when she considered having breast augmentation and was given a pair to insert into her bra to see if she liked the look.


    On another episode, Nattie tries to decide if and when to undergo nose surgery after suffering an injury and her nose turns into jelly.


    Most notoriously, former pro wrestler Chyna underwent breast augmentation, although she eventually had to have her implants replaced when one was ruptured during a match. Chyna has probably had other plastic surgery procedures as well since her days as a pro wrestler.

    Chyna’s cheeks and lips are unnaturally large and puffy looking, possibly the result of fillers. In addition, Chyna may also have had a nose job and chin reduction since her days as a pro-wrestler. When compared with photos before Chyna was a recognizable name both in and out of the ring, her face was much broader looking, with a square, typically masculine jaw. Chyna may have had a chin reduction procedure and also be using fillers to help soften the appearance of a big jaw. In addition, she looks to have had a nose job. Chyna’s old nose was very short and wide. Her new nose is more even, with a wider bridge and a much thinner nasal tip, indicating that her doctor built up her bridge and narrowed her nose so that it would fit better with a more narrowed face.