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  • Despite the fact that Kate Winslet has admantantly denied having had plastic surgery and has even said that she is against it, taking part in the self-proclaimed British Anti Plastic Surgery League alongside fellow stars Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz, it seems that her fans haven’t quite gotten the message. Despite Kate’s disapproval it seems [...]

    Despite being a world-class athlete, Bruce Jenner has lately become best known for his ongoing struggle with having a natural appearance after plastic surgery. In fact, Bruce has become so well known for his plastic surgery that every time he appears in public with a band-aid, it is assumed that it is covering a scar [...]

    Mike Tyson turned heads even more than usual at a recent event when he turned up sporting not only his usual tattoos, but also some serious neckgear. Apparently, he’s had some surgery that resulted in a pretty serious-looking scar. 46-year old Mike Tyson apparently underwent some form of neck surgery that is common amongst athletes, [...]

    American television personality, comedian, game show host, producer, and talk show host Marc Summers was recently in a car accident, leaving him fine, but with a need for reconstructive plastic surgery. 60-year old Marc Summers was riding in a cab in Philadelphia after returning from shooting an episode of Restaurant Impossible when the cab lost [...]

    Anne Hathaway is very busy getting skinny—even for a Hollywood type. Despite her devotion to getting in character, there is one thing that Anne won’t do for a role, at least, not yet: plastic surgery. In an interview with Allure magazine, 29-year old Anne Hathaway talks about the dangers of Hollywood, from losing weight to [...]

    Rumer Willis may not have inherited her mother, Demi Moore’s good looks, but she does seem to have inherited the name of her plastic surgeon. 22-year old Rumer Willis is the product of movie stars Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, but unfortunately doesn’t look to have inherited the good parts of their collective gene pool. [...]

    Brooke Shields has been in front of a camera most of her life. Now in her forties, the famous mother reveals that she has tried Botox but didn’t like the results and has sworn off more plastic surgery. 44-year old Brooke Shields looks great for age and the Latisse spokesperson likely owes it to plastic [...]

    Nadia Comaneci is practically single-handedly responsible for the popularity of gymnastics as a sport, thanks to sweeping the Olympics for gold medals in her youth. Now she’s all grown up and Makemeheal.com thinks she has been enhancing her body with plastic surgery, not floor exercises. 48-year old Nadia Comaneci is a gymnastics legend, stunning the [...]

    65-year old Gary Busey’s personal life has made him nearly as famous as his on-screen antics. From arrests to motorcycle accidents, Gary’s active lifestyle has taken a toll on his face that plastic surgery did very little to correct. While some have speculated that Gary’s uneven eyes are the result of a botched facelift or [...]

    By Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS In today’s plastic surgery practice, it is impossible to avoid running into an ad or an article about the newest and greatest doctor using the newest and greatest Laser for facial rejuvenation, melting fat, acne, hyperpigmentation, or some other imperfection!  It is no secret that the word “Laser” is a [...]

    By David M. Amron, M.D. As a physician and surgeon, one of my main responsibilities is to honestly guide, educate, advise and protect my patients. As liposuction surgery is the only major cosmetic surgery I perform and I have done this procedure for 14 years for thousands of patients, I have a lot of opinions [...]

    If you’ve ever wondered what a celebrity dermatologist has to offer, meeting Beverly Hills-based Dr. Stuart Kaplan makes you understand. In this intimate interview, Dr. Kaplan tells Make Me Heal about some of the treatments, beauty secrets, and skin care tips that have made him the go-to cosmetic dermatologist for film, music, and television stars. [...]

    Vanessa Williams, the former beauty queen currently starring on ABC’s hit TV show Ugly Betty has proudly declared herself to be a Botox user. But Make Me Heal suspects that Vanessa’s use of plastic surgery to maintain her looks goes a little further than a couple of injections. 45- year old Vanessa Williams told Barbara [...]