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    As a blogger / site owner, you can generate more money from your traffic. MakeMeHeal, one of the largest online plastic surgery recovery, and health and beauty store featuring over 100,000 beauty enhancement products, has a unique opportunity for beauty bloggers to effortlessly boost income – in just minutes. From products that aid in post-cosmetic procedure recovery to clinically-tested skin care regimens, Make Me Heal carries an array of product lines related to the various segments of the beauty industry.

    Now we have created an industry Partner Program, a first-of-its kind network of affiliates specially designed to increase passive revenue for its members. It is free to join and requires no time investment. To become a partner, simply set up a mini e-store on your website. The mini e-store is a single page that features some products in the Make Me Heal website format. When a product is clicked, it is re-routed to the main MakeMeHeal site. If a product is purchased as a result of your traffic, you get a financial reward.

    Earnings are just a click away. Joining our network is easy and earning is even easier. Here’s how it works:

    • Create a mini E-store: This step is simple; in fact, we have already done the work for you. All you have to do is paste a line of code on the page that you want to be the entry to the store and the e-store will be live. With no page to build or additional software to install, setting up the e-store is straightforward and fast.
    • Enjoy the benefits: When a visitor is re-routed to the Makemeheal.com website from your site, your account will be credited for 20% of the net profit from every purchase that your visitor makes. You can even can track your sales in real-time. Best of all, we process all the orders and handle all shipping, so you do not have to worry about customer care or inventory. Once a month, we send you a check for 20% of the net profit from your customer referrals.

    The Partner Program is an excellent way for you to potentially earn money. Some highlights of becoming an affiliate:

    • Free and easy to join
    • A potential source of passive income
    • Earn 20% of net profits from purchases made by your customer referrals
    • Benefit from the large inventory of products offered on Makemeheal.com
    • No inventory control required
    • No customer care, order processing or shipping responsibilities
    • Receive a monthly payment of your earnings
    • Cha-ching! With our Partner Program, you can increase your monthly income without any site maintenance or heavy lifting.

    Become an affiliate today!