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  • Comedian Carrot Top rose to fame in the mid 1990s. But once he stopped appearing on every show ever made, he began to draw more and more notice for his looks than for his sense of humor. And we don’t mean because of the flock of orange curls on his head that gives him his nickname. We mean because he started regularly appearing on lists of celebrities with botched plastic surgery, Makemeheal.com’s included. Lately, though all the jokes about his appearance seem to be getting to the funnyman.

    Carrot Top, born Scott Thompson, is now 48 years old but he’s still rummaging through trunks as a prop comic and making self-deprecating remarks. Other comics are making remarks too, although maybe not as many lately. After becoming famous for his crazy red curls, Carrot Top started working out. A lot. And getting plenty of attention for his totally ripped, super beefed-up bod. While the comic never admitted to steroids, many suspected that they are how he became so ripped and maybe how he got enough energy to sustain him through one of his high-impact zany shows.

    Throughout all the comments and stares, Carrot Top has remained adamant that he has never had plastic surgery or steroids. Even though he has been in Las Vegas since the mid 2000s, Carrot Top says that he hasn’t had any plastic surgery, although everyone in Sin City from Wayne Newtown to the cabaret showgirls look to have spent more time under the knife than in the casino.

    And although he is very aware of his looks, as they tend to be a focal point of his show—not to mention the butt of other comedian’s jokes, Carrot Top says that all it takes to make him look good is plenty of makeup.

    On Oprah: Where Are They Now?, Carrot Top says, “People think I’ve had plastic surgery — no, it just takes a lot of makeup to make me look good…. I’m sorry that I look good. I don’t think I look anything different than I did when I started [in comedy].”

    When a 48-year old comedian looks as good as when he started in comedy 20 years ago, on the college circuit, while still in college, it is hard to believe that no nips or tucks have taken place. Not too many people are lucky enough to look that good after a couple of decades of late nights.

    Over the years, Carrot Top has been suspected of having everything from Botox to a browlift and probably laser treatments and chemical peels as well. If Carrot Top hasn’t had any work, then he may have waxed off his eyebrows entirely and draws them back in with eyebrow pencil so that they have a very unnatural evil villain arch. He may also use an airbrush makeup system to help cover up some of his famous freckles.

    But with such heavy makeup use on a regular basis, Carrot Top would also a very careful skincare routine to help him stay youthful.