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  • The details remain fuzzy about who said what to whom. But the biggest gossip in celebritydom is that Orlando Bloom took a swing at Justin Bieber. However, given the notoriously weeny nature of the fighters in question, it is unlikely that plastic surgery will be required to patch things up after the brawl.

    Apparently Bloom v Biebs has some history, with Justin possibly attempting to get close to Orlando’s ex, supermodel Miranda Kerr. The incident took place at favorite celebrity vacation spot, Ibiza’s Cipriani  nightclub. Justin apparently made a remark about Miranda which set things off.

    In a fuzzy clip making the rounds, Orlando is seen taking a swing at Justin, but missing his mark. If Orlando had made contact, it is possible that by wearing a ring or hitting the youngster, he could have broken something, necessitating reconstructive plastic surgery.


    However, Orlando didn’t cause much damage, except to Justin’s ego. The pop tot responded to the incident by taunting Orlando with images on Twitter.


    In the meanwhile, the entire world of celebrity has visited Twitter to offer their support and outlook on the situation, according to UsWeekly:


    Former child star Drake Bell addressed the Beliebers, writing: “Can you kids start looking up to a good person?!”


    Ray Donovan star Kerris Dorsey added some perspective: “Let’s be honest- the real crime here is the fact that Justin Bieber has taken up wearing a fedora.”


    Jimmy Fallon riffed on The Tonight Show: “Orlando Bloom apparently threw a punch at Justin Bieber last night during an argument at a nightclub. Orlando’s hand was pretty sore today. You know, from all the high fives he got.”


    Arrow actor Stephen Amell wrote: “Orlando Bloom didn’t try to punch Bieber. It looks like he tried to flick him in the head. That’s way, WAY better.”


    Former child actress and writer Mara Wilson marveled: “Orlando Bloom punched Justin Bieber? My teenage crush punched this generation’s teenage crush!”


    Given the situation and Justin Bieber’s recent antics, it isn’t surprising that so many people would weigh in on Orlando’s side. However, other celebrity brawls have resulted in injuries that have required plastic surgery.


    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and X-Men actor Vinnie Jones had plastic surgery, which required 48 stitches, after being in a stateside bar-fight. After the glass-strewn brawl, Jones went to Sanford USD Medical Centre where he was treated for cuts to the face and received 48 stitches for all of his wounds.


    Although Justin may still have fans with a very select set, it is hard to believe that anyone would still admire him. Yet Toby Sheldon is still pouring money into plastic surgery procedures that will help him look like a young floppy haired Justin.


    Toby has undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures chin reduction and eyelid surgery, multiple hair transplants and face filler procedures. He recently appeared on the new Botched! reality show in order to further his efforts.


    In the meantime, more and more details are coming out about what really happened that night in Ibizia.